Annual report design

annual report design

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Through the site are fun, simple animations that really help the numbers shine in each of the infographics. This really is the way to compile a lot of information in a digestible format. Microsoft, whats nice about the microsoft report is that it really plays up the design scheme it became famous for this year, with a combination of flat and metro styling. The report is highly visual and includes an almost hidden navigation menu (top right corner). Inside the navigation is everything you would expect to get from a major corporate report, organized neatly and in a somewhat traditional format. For the past few years, mailChimp has been one of the leaders in the year in review website. This company gets it in terms of visual style and organization. The parallax scrolling techniques here are spot on as is the simple language and images used to show off the years work.

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Whats great about so many of the reports featured here is that the showcase some of the biggest design trends of the year. Iconfinder uses a simple flat design scheme with big numbers and bold plan color. Mailchimp employs a fun parallax scrolling technique with bold type and color. Vimeo showcases plenty of neat animations in a graphic-style design. Kickstarter even shows of a successful project in video format. 2013s Top 10, while there are a lot of great annual reports floating around out there (and some not-so-great ones as well we will highlight 10 of the years best reports and what makes each really stand out. Make sure to visit the site of each to get the full scope of the different types of reports. Here they are in no particular order: Iconfinder, theres no doubt that flat was the it trend of 2013 and Iconfinder does a great job of playing up bold color and type with a flat annual report outline. The simple design is visually pleasing and with every scrolled page, you get a better feel for what the company has done, who they are and where they are going. Shopify, the minimalistic style of the Shopify report is one of the cleanest ways to distribute a massive amount of information. From numbers to partners, this report is jam-packed with information but is designed to create a light and easy read.

A great report does a few distinct things. For the company, it outlines what happened in the past year and is a good way to review accomplishments and challenges. It can help you set goals for the upcoming year as well. For investors and clients, it is a way to connect with someone you do business with. What worked in the business relationship, what did not, whats coming up in the next year? The report should showcase those highlights in a digestible format. While more annual reports are filled with numbers, these need to be broken down into bits of information that make sense to the general public, especially for reports that are publically available for viewing list or download. Finally, to get users to engage with the report it needs to be visually appealing.

annual report design

10 Best Intranets of 2018: nielsen Norman Group

In a recent survey by, savage Brands, most companies reported using a combination of both printed and digital formats for their annual reports. Only 7 percent of companies surveyed used reviews a print-only report. In addition to flexibility, online reports also provide another bonus, tracking tools; a feature that has increased more than 60 percent in the last five years. Design trends are also very visible in this years reports. Most notably, flat design and bold color choices are hard to miss and create a quite impactful report. Infographics are also replacing some of the text-only reports we have seen in the past as well. Characteristics of a great Report.

So how do you make the most of that information? Good design, of course. Whether you opt for a paper report or digital report or both, a stellar look will make your numbers and company profile that much more appealing. Today, we will look at a few nicely done reports and what you can take away from them when creating documentation of your own. 2013 Trends, the annual report, a staple of the corporate world, has really undergone a transformation of sorts in recent years. Most notably, reports are going paperless. From website reports to pdf-only reports, fewer companies are printing. This makes creating a report less pricey, easier to distribute and allows for a little more creativity in design. Video, animated effects and parallax scrolling techniques, for example, are popular options for some of this years best examples.

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annual report design

Home depot Annual Report 2017

Imf annual report, available from 1996 to 2007, download the complete pdf versions from the website. A complete huide for annual reports, visit the website m for additional information. StepInside, a design related website with top 100 companys and annual reporting, see the website for additional information. Make the internet easy, please spread the word via digg. Client: raiffeisen bank russian bank, member of first-rate international banking group, founded in Austria. Task: develop annual report design for 2008.

Annual report was to reflect and to present Russian banks success on the board meeting of Austrian group. Thanks to correctly chosen strategy, russian bank is the most successful subsidiary in reiffeisen International group comments president of reiffeisen International herbert Stepic. This statement gave us an idea for the annual report of the bank. Now that 2013 is in the books, many companies are releasing annual data reports. From annual reports to year in review documentation, company reports are likely an important resource for your biography company, investors and clients.

Visit the website from SamataMason for more information. Agency sibley/Peteet Design Austin For Tropical Sportswear Sibley/Peteet Design Austin created a beautiful crafted annual report, titled The perfect pair, the front cover communicates the title on a hang tag on the back pocket of a pair of khakis. See the website for more information and examples. Bnp paribas Annual Report bnp paribas Assurance develops and markets savings, protection and property casualty insurance products in 42 countries under two brands, those brand are financially reported in this nice designed annual report. Visit the website bnp paribas for a full pdf version of the Annual Report 2017.

The Equality authority An attractive and innovative document that reaches out and communicates very effectively with the very diverse audience we strive to serve. Annual Report Transparency International 2006 Transparency Internationals Annual Report 2006 showcases last years successes for the anti-corruption movement, as well as innovation in measurement tools, targeted advocacy work and sector-specific projects from ti chapters. Overall design tips for Annual Report Design A well-written and designed annual report is a must to reinforce a hard won reputation. Stakeholders need to be assured the organisation is not in the business of cutting corners or taking the easy way out Visit the website for more tips about annual reporting design. Delta Lloyd jaarverslag, the complete annual report viewable as a website or to download from the website. Unilever jaarverslag, download the complete pdf version from the website. 22.Koninklijke ahold jaarverslag, download the complete pdf version from the Ahold website. annual reporting, available from 1994 to 2007, download the complete pdf versions from the website.

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This serious subject is presented in a great designed annual report. Stedelijk museum jaarverslag, the design Agency deel Drie designed the annual report for. Het Stedelijk museum Amsterdam, with large black/white headlines combined with colorful photos this is great work. Visit the website margaret and download the complete annual report for Het Stedelijk musuem. Geest Annual Report, designed by navyblue, the geest annual report has won the ProShare Award for Best Annual Report for Private Investors (ftse 500) for an unprecedented five years in succession. Agency hirshorn Zuckerman Design Group. Legacys campaigns are designed to engage, and this report had to do the same. That strong cover statement—The Story of the year—leads the reader into a variety of campaign voices and intimate portraits backed by strong colors. Agency samataMason For Strategic Hotels and Resorts SamataMason designed a wonderful paper sculptor and the typography.

annual report design

The photos and"s included in this annual report are great designed. Our clients will no doubt have a clearer understanding of the diversity of our business and specialist areas and we would have no hesitation in recommending Lemonade to other customers due to their professional service, follow through and innovative creative design. Visit the website, lemonade Agency for more information about this fabulous annual report. Agency methodologie, univar nv is one of the worlds leading independent distributors of industrial chemicals and providers of related specialty services, operating throughout North America and Europe. Designed biography by methodologie, an award winning design agency with a creative view on annual reporting. Methodologie for more information and their portfolio. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Annual Report. This annual design is designed with many photos and good typography usage.

report that has to be cooked first. Croatian creative agency Bruketa zinić have designed an annual report for food company podravka that has to be baked in an oven before it can be read. Agency: Migreyes, unique annual report that highlights Konamis goal to target beyond Japan. A unique layout and information presenting annual report from Feltron. Just beautiful annual report design with great color usage, typography and photo use. British council Annual Report, navig8 won in a bid against the British councils prestigious list of suppliers to design and print manage their annual report. Airtricity Annual Report, great design, creative view on getting numbers to look attractive.

They constantly have to deal with stock exhanges information and its ever changing highs and lows. In the annual report, this information is translated in a unique way by showing in 24 pages the 24 hours of a trading day. Which stock exhange opens reviews and which one closes; what information is relevant. By using the green (increase) and red (decline) filters, the data of a hectic trading day are pushed to the background, so that only imcs active fields (the stock markets and the arrows) remain visible. A final detail: based on gmt the stock exchanges trading at night are displayed in blue, while the ones trading during the day are displayed in yellow. Visit the design company, fitzroy for more information. The following design examples are great inspiration for out of the box thinking.

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An annual report design for a bank, a banks annual report design, the goal: to design an annual report in severe style, according to design of previous years (a tender). Order an annual report deign or have a look at an insurance company write annual report design (concept). Annual Reports are usually boring printed numbers to show where a company stands. In this series we take a closer look at good designed annual reports, which can improve a professional approach and staying ahead of your competition. An annual report is a document a company presents at Annual General meeting for approval by its shareholders, or a charitable organization presents its trustees. Featured showcase: imc annual Report. For imc, fitzroy designed a unique annual report. Imc a renowned derivative trading house with over 500 employees worldwide is an active trader in almost every stock market in the world.

Annual report design
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  4. Annual, report, design, trends. Now that 2013 is in the books, many companies are releasing annual data reports. Evidence-based User Experience research, Training, and Consulting. Get an inside look at the 10 best intranet designs of 2016. Nielsen norman group intranet design annual report.

  5. Annual, report, design for Mining Corporation kazax minerals. We designed dunnhumby s annual report and delivered it with a mobile app version downloaded by employees worldwide. Annual report for neftyanoi allians Order an annual report deign or have a look at an insurance company annual report design (concept). Simply beautiful, annual, report, design. British council, annual, report. Visit the navig8 website for more information.

  6. Over the past five decades, we have evolved beyond our core capability— annual report design and production—to meet the challenges of a continually changing environment. Annual report design and print. Index Production Service About Portfolio clients Contacts Articles. To call back to you? Task: develop annual report design for 2008. Annual, report, design, template.

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