Doorman duties resume

doorman duties resume

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Candidate Info 6, associate Usher greeter Ministry director In this position, i am responsible for conducting an annual or bi-annual training at a weekend conference for the ushers and greeters of Alabama, kentucky, tennessee, mississippi and the panhandle of Florida. I also continue to publish written works for the use of several organizations. Manage churches throughout five states develop manuals on proper ushering etiquette Instruct usher training and development workshops/seminars Created and conducted promotions for sport events Managed all aspects of promotions during sport events Solicited donations/gifts for promotions at sport events Candidate Info 7 Usher Scanned and. Located and led patrons to specific seats within the theater. Guarded aisles in the theater in order to prevent overcrowding. Controlled the crowd within aisles.

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Examined tickets or passes to verify authenticity, using criteria such as color and date issued. Guided guests to exits or provided other instructions or assistance in case of emergency. Maintained order and ensure adherence to safety rules. Provided assistance with guests' special short needs, such as helping those with wheelchairs. Candidate Info 5, usher, server, helped Christians to be seated and assist them when they were uncomfortable. Promoted my choir by wearing graphic t- shirts and passed out flyers. Distributed food to the homeless and people who needed extra food. Used Microsoft excel to do Inventory. Exercise high customer service, and informing customers about the store. Helped organize products in store, constructed tags for new items.

Reliable: Assigned responsibilities for opening and closing theater for the day, complying with and maintaining all Department of health and company policies. Candidate Info 3, usher/concession/cashier, compute sales, total purchases and receive and process cash or credit payment. Restocked foods and other materials throughout the building. Prepared and served concession items for guests, clean the concession area and assist with other theatre functions. Greeted guest and provided them with information based yardage on their movie, also informing the guest on special offers, rewards and directions. Candidate Info 4, usher/ticket taker, sold and collected admission tickets and passes from guests at entertainment events. Greeted guests attending entertainment events.

doorman duties resume

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Maintained a clean and sanitary workspace and facility. Coordinated with others to accomplish efficiency and organization. Candidate Info 2, ticket and Concession Sales/usher/janitor/food Handler/security/maintenance, served customers with minimal to no wait, collected payment for tickets and food. Explained weekly/monthly promotions, cleaned the complex from food areas to theaters ensuring sanitary conditions. Consistently upsold concessions to customers and served customer food orders. Ensured public safety of customers ushering to seats and escorting unruly guests out of the facility. Performed essays minor maintenance on facility and equipment. Expertise led to appointment as a trainer for ticket/concession personnel.

Ushers work in various establishments or at events and are responsible for greeting guests and helping them find their seats. Other duties described in most Usher sample resumes are making sure patrons feel comfortable and are seated in an orderly fashion, checking tickets, offering information, answering to guest questions, maintaining the entrance area clean and ejecting patrons who are causing trouble. A well-written resume for this position should emphasize good communication and interpersonal skills, the ability to deal with bothersome guests, organization, teamwork, and customer service skills. No formal education is required to work as an Usher. Looking for job listings? 1, barista/concessionist/box Office/usher, worked proficiently and managed multiple tasks in an active setting. Prepared and served various food items to customers. Welcomed patrons with a pleasant and hospitable disposition. Provided customer service in ticket sales.

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doorman duties resume

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This has nothing to do with Bravo. This is a fired contractor throwing a fit because she fiu doesnt get to pick up dog poop anymore. We all know that Ramona has no compunction about making off with a dress or two that doesnt belong design to her. Bethenny brought that up more than once. But this is the stupidest lawsuit ive never read.

Someone send me the full motion. Because this is just a waste of a filing fee. And from my perspective, shes opened herself up to a lawsuit from Ramona. You dont want to mess with the singer Stinger, honey. You just burned your only reference for the past two years.

Bravo does not reimburse for clothing. I dont doubt Ramona has bought a dress or two to film in and returned it the next day. And since taubes appears to be her girl Friday, she might have been tasked with picking up or returning a dress, but thats none of her business nor is it related to her pay in any way. She did this job for two years and was paid for two years. This is just petty. She also claims that Singer told her to submit fake receipts for reimbursement on clothes that she already owned and demanded Plaintiff carry out these tasks.

Singer demanded that taubes sign an nda after she was fired. And when she refused, singer pushed her and dumped the contents of her handbag onto the floor. On what planet does an employer ask for an nda after they fire someone? Not even on Planet Ramona does that happen. This has nothing to do with the cause of action and seems to be included as some sort of public libel. Both stories on this subject have titles like ramona accused of scamming Bravo, as if Bravo is suing her.

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If you work as a personal assistant and dog walker for salon two years then that is your job description. Thus ends the relative merits of lack thereof of this case. Then she starts what appears to me to be slander with intent to defame. I get the feeling she has some first year law student who is the child of one of her friends file this suit. At any rate she makes the following claims. Singer would routinely request that she purchase designer clothes for the filming. Singers show, and instructed Plaintiff to submit receipts to Bravo cable network for reimbursement and then asked. Taubes to return the clothes for refund.

doorman duties resume

That requires no management. The company that produces the merch handles everything for a cut of the profit. There are not promotions or partnerships. So basically she ran her social media. Sonja has interns lined up out the door to do that for free. Taubes is suddenly, after two years filing suit as against Ramona with no clear cause of action because she has been bookkeeping, dog walking, payment of personal bills, searching for furniture and apartment decor, and other personal errands. That is"d from the original article on this subject posted. Again, sonja morgan has people willing shopping to do those things as free interns, i imagine ramona could do the same thing.

New York, or New Jersey. . Lisa taubes resume lists her title as Director of Marketing and Branding for Ramona singer. She has worked for Ramona since january of 2016. She lists her duties as, work directly with Ramona singer on a daily basis. Control her social media, bookings, business development, promotions, and partnerships. Create new ideas in branding. Ramona fired her in December of 2017. Ramona has someone who does her bookings, that would be her agent. Shes not developing any businesses, she doesnt sell anything currently other than the online merch like coffee cups and t-shirts with"s on them.

Bravo does not reimburse housewives for wardrobe. On Friday, lisa taubes, dba t360 Inc., filed a civil lawsuit for breach of contract is assignment she is asking for damages in excess of 150,000. Taubes is claiming that she was not compensated in accordance with the contract for her hours worked as well as on commissions. Page six says that taubes claims she was to be paid 4,000 a month for up to 20 hours of assistant time, in addition to other fees. So she is a 200 an hour dog walker who makes the occasional social media post. Seems like a good gig if you can get. I have no idea what this woman thinks she sold in order to earn a commission.

Ramona singer sued by former Branding marketing

The first site i was sent reporting this story made absolutely no sense and they did not credit their source. So i have been poking around trying to find out what is going. First, let me give you a little bit of prior knowledge. If you remember this Blind Item, about dresses, i will now let you know in case i didnt before that it was about the rhony. . I posted that blind in January of 2017. At that time, i had been shown a group email sent to some of the housewives from one of the housewives. The sender was not ramona. The women were furious that they had to buy four dresses one long red, one short red, one long black and one short black to tape the season intro legs and they would not be reimbursed. They complained about having to purchase their wardrobes all season and then buy dresses on top of that they would not buy on their own.

Doorman duties resume
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  6. Find the best, usher resume samples to help you improve your own resume. Each resume is hand-picked from our large database of real resumes. The news that Israel and Turkey are systematically violating international law is hardly news at all. After all, we all know that Turkey has been regularly bombing the kurds in Iraq and Syria, that Turkey still illegally occupies northern Cyprus just like the Israelis have been bombing Syria. Research Assistant to the manager of Child and youth Services. Posted: Jun 28, 2018.

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