Environmental health and safety manager resume

environmental health and safety manager resume

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I also directed significant changes in the curricula for Entry level and journeyman msha inspector training. I was responsible for development and implementation of support programs for services at the Academy for staff, faculty, and students. Support programs include administrative services, ancillary staff services support, student housing, recreation, internal safety, health services, and physical plant services. I managed the implementation of a capital improvement program to modernize classrooms, residence halls and computer capabilities. I maintained liaison with key officials in msha, academia, industry and other organizations concerned with improved education techniques and methodologies related to safety and health issues. I developed and maintained relationships with universities, colleges, vocational schools, and secondary school to promote training and educational courses in the mineral industries, and to further the recognized stature of the Academy as a leading educational institution in mine health and safety. I participated in cooperative agreements with several colleges and universities and the Appalachian Consortium.

Environmental, health, and, safety, manager, resume, example (iac springfield)

As superintendent of the forbes Academy, i provided leadership and exercised overall planning and management control, direction and coordination of resources, activities, programs, and facilities thesis of the Academy, including the development, establishment and implementation of policies and procedures; the planning, development and implementation of national and. I determined program goals and exercised decision-making authority within the parameters of msha policy and program objectives. During my tenure, i developed and implemented a strategic Plan for improving the quality of training and the production of training materials for mine inspectors and industry. Through subordinate managers, i directed a staff of professional, technical, and clerical personnel in the conduct of a variety of comprehensive programs designed to accomplish the Academy's goals. During my tenure, the Academy had a staff of 65 full-time federal employees and 67 contract employees. I planned, developed, and implemented the educational and training programs of the Academy. I developed program goals, objectives and proposals. I was responsible for the development and administration of individualized study materials and education programs for nonresident students from federal, state, and local government agencies, from industry and labor organizations, and from educational institutions. I planned and developed seminars and conferences on mine safety and health and related programs to be conducted at the Academy and at other locations. I was responsible for overseeing the management of the technical Information Center and Library, and for acquiring and making available appropriate and up-to-date reference materials to meet customer needs. I was responsible for development of studies designed to evaluate the effectiveness of the Academy's educational programs, and to determine needs for revisions in curricula based on changes in materials, industries and in educational processes.

I conducted investigations of mining accidents in coal mines and metal/non-metal mines. I wrote reports detailing the root causes of the accidents and made recommendations for improvement of the mine operations regarding health, safety, and the environment. I have been recognized as an expert in mining safety biography and health and the mining environment at academic conferences examining the mining industry. 2 msha academy superintendent, gs /30/98 to 9/30/04. Department of Labor, mine safety and health Administration, national Mine health safety Academy 1301 Airport road. Beaver, wv 25813, supervisor, davitt McAteer, assistant Secretary of Labor for Mine safety and health. Duties and Accomplishments, the national Mine health and Safety Academy is the principal training facility for all federal Mine safety and health Administration (msha) inspectors and for other mining interests.

environmental health and safety manager resume

Environmental, health, and, safety, manager, resume, example (Schult Homes)

I also provide services regarding the federal Surface mining Control and reviews Reclamation Act (smcra). I provide expert witness services related to mining accidents and the mining environment. I have served as an expert witness in litigation related to the mine safety and health Act and smcra from 2004 to the present essay time. The expertise is related to surface and underground haulage accidents, roof control, exposure of workers to hazardous chemicals, mine dust exposure, stability of dumping sites, safety of road gradients, explosions, surface and underground transportation, and the overall mine environment. I have served as an expert witness in complex litigation involving multiple plaintiffs and have served as an expert witness in federal and state courts. The testimony required extensive knowledge of mining and the mine environment and a thorough knowledge of both federal and state mine health and safety regulations and environmental regulations. I have also been involved in litigation involving the stability of coal waste impoundments and surface mine waste fills. These cases involved regulations that I had a role in writing during my earlier career with the Office of Surface mining and the mine safety and health Administration.

Project Work Plans for Assessing Contaminated Sites at Robins Air Force base, georgia geophex, Ltd., 1997, Acted as Project Manager. . Risk management Program Work Plan and hazard Analysis for Robins Air Force base, georgia geophex, Ltd., 1998, Acted as Project Manager. . rcra part b hazardous Waste permit Application for Robins Air Force base, georgia geophex, Ltd., 1998, Acted as Program Manager. . Environmental Baseline survey (EBS) and Environmental Assessment (EA) for housing Privatization Project at Robins Air Force base, georgia. Box 442, hamlin, wv 25523, office. E-mail: Professional Experience 1 Mine health safety and Environmental Consultant       10/2004 to Present. Hamlin, wv, duties and Accomplishments, i provide consulting services and expert witness services to attorneys, labor unions, companies, and organizations involving the health and safety of miners in surface and underground coal and metal/non-metal mines on a national basis. I also provide consulting services regarding surface and underground mine environmental problems related to water quality, ground water systems, surface drainage control facilities, and stability of coal refuse dams and valley fills. I provide expertise in the application of the mine safety and health Act to clients needing advice and knowledge of the federal regulations and industry standards related to mine worker health and safety.

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environmental health and safety manager resume

Environmental, health and, safety, manager

13, no 4,. 323-330 (Masters Thesis) Rose,. Jacobs, 1981, Experience in Applying Remedial Actions at Shallow Land Burial Facilities, final Draft, for the national Low-level Waste management Program, oak ridge national Laboratory, oak ridge, tn jacobs,. Earnshaw, 1981, evaluation of Docket Files for Terminated by-product Material Licenses. Prepared for oak ridge national Laboratory, oak ridge, tn evaluation Research Corporation, Acted as Project leader, 1982, history of Disposal of Radioactive waste into the Ground at oak ridge national Laboratory, prepared for oak ridge national Laboratory, oak ridge, tn, ornl/CF-82/202 Jacobs,. Earnshaw, se, 1982, a review of Remedial Actions Applied at Shallow Land Burial Facilities, presented at proceedings of the Third Annual Information meeting, new Orleans, la, doe low-level Waste management Program evaluation Research Corporation, Acted as Project leader, 1982, Characterization summary of Contaminated Nuclear Sites, facilities. R., 1983, evaluation of State-Of-The-Art Detection Systems for In-vivo lung Monitoring of Uranium and Plutonium, Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory earnshaw, k,., 1985, evaluation of room Temperature semiconductor Gamma-ray detection Systems, rensselaer Polytechnic Institute/Canberra Industries Earnshaw, k,., 1985, report on Solid Cryogens for Detector.

1986, comparative analysis of aea and rcra regulations on Mixed hazardous/Radioactive wastes, Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory earnshaw,. R., 1986, Investigation and evaluation of State-of- the-Art Personnel Dosimetry systems, Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory earnshaw,. R., 1987, high Purity germanium Detector Operation at Elevated Temperatures using a solid Melting Cryogen, rensselaer Polytechnic Institute/ Canberra Industries Chem-Nuclear Systems, Inc., 1991, served as Project Director. . Site Characterization Plans for wake/Chatham and Richmond Potentially suitable sites Chem-Nuclear Systems, Inc., 1993, served as Project Director. . Site Characterization Reports for wake/Chatham and Richmond Potentially suitable sites Chem- nuclear Systems, Inc., 1993, served as Project Director. . Environmental Impact Analyses for North Carolina low level Radioactive waste disposal Project Chem-Nuclear Systems, Inc., 1993, served as Project Director. . License Application for North Carolina low level Radioactive waste disposal Project geophex, Ltd., 1997, Acted as Project Manager. .

Acted as radiation safety officer and scientific observer aboard the deep submersible research vehicle, alvin, during a deep sea environmental monitoring expedition. Evaluation Research Corporation, oak ridge, tennessee health Physicist - performed on-site tour of all. Doe and Commercial radioactive waste shallow land burial facilities and evaluated their remedial action programs. . developed criteria for applying remedial actions at low-level radioactive waste shallow land burial facilities. . Designed and conducted decommissioning surveys at contaminated sites. . Performed a variety of environmental impact assessments for the epa and nrc. .

Organized speakers and prepared proceedings of a doe international conference on waste management. Purdue university, school of Pharmacy research Assistant - performed Masters Degree research on the effects of vanadium on mammalian systems. . Conducted graduate level lectures in environmental toxicology and prepared lectures, laboratory experiments and exams for undergraduate botany classes. . Served as research assistant in inhalation toxicology and aquatic field studies. . Responsible for airborne, liquid, and tld environmental monitoring of the University Breeder and Nuclear Test reactors. Professional recognition / personal interests adjunct Professor, north Carolina wesleyan College, adult Degree programs Adjunct Assistant Professor, north Carolina State University, department of Nuclear Engineering Jeff kizer Award Recipient - outstanding Environmental health Student, purdue university dale carnegie course - human Relations and Effective presentation. Epler, 1980, An Environmental Assessment for the decommissioning of the Space radiation Effects Laboratory, evaluation Research Corporation, oak ridge, tn earnshaw,. R.,., 1981, lack of Effect of Vanadyl Trichloride on Hepatic Drug Metabolism in the rat, in Pharmacological Research Communications, vol.

Environmental, health and, safety, manager, resume, chesterfield, missouri

Prepared Site waste disposal contracts and supervised all hazardous waste shipments. . Acted as engineering consultant to radioactive waste disposal Operations for mixed radioactive/ hazardous waste characterization. . Served as environmental engineer for Knolls Site Emergency control Center (5 years). Engineer/Physicist, radiological and Environmental Analysis - technical responsibility for Site radiological Environmental Monitoring Program. . Performed environmental sample collection, calibration of environmental monitoring equipment, and analysis of all Site airborne, liquid, and solid effluent data. . Performed environmental dose assessment and pathway analysis of site effluents. Prepared Site semi-annual revelation radioactive waste and environmental monitoring data reports. . Performed research in alternate cooling methods for semiconductor detection systems and designed a monitoring system for use in undersea environments. .

environmental health and safety manager resume

Served as expert consultant to the Illinois governor, department Director, oes manager and other agency personnel on complex environmental and radiation safety policy issues. . Addressed public and private groups, legislative committees, members of the press, and other concerned individuals regarding programmatic issues. Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory, General Electric., Schenectady, new York health Physicist, technical Improvements - provided managerial and technical support to external and internal dosimetry operations, radiation calibration facility, and In-vivo monitoring group. Researched and tested state-of-the-art personnel dosimetry systems and provided recommendations for Department of Energy testing. . Managed radiation calibration facility, serving kingston support functions in instrument evaluation and calibration testing. . Conducted evaluations and prepared technical specifications and procurement requests for stack monitoring system and uranium and plutonium personnel detection systems. Engineer, Process Chemistry and hazardous Waste disposal - managed Site hazardous Waste disposal Program and Site sewage Treatment Facility. . Supervised and trained waste handling and sewage treatment plant personnel. . Interacted with state and federal inspection personnel and performed federally required training of hazardous waste personnel. .

local governmental positions. . Served as technical leader in all licensing studies related to radiation protection, environmental analysis, and risk assessment. Ensured compliance with environmental permits and served as technical liaison with state and local regulatory agencies, the press, and public interest groups. Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety, springfield, Illinois Assistant Manager, Office of Environmental Safety (OES) - served as manager of oes division chiefs responsible for environmental safety programs. . Assisted in the planning, development, organization and direction of a major statewide environmental safety program. . Assisted the manager, oes, in fiscal management, personnel management, budget analysis and preparation, and program development. . Served as project manager for the assessment, remediation, and closure of the Sheffield Low-level Radioactive waste disposal Facility and acted as state liaison and coordinator of the Sheffield Citizens Advisory Group. .

In addition, the firm develops technical training seminars and father's courses in the areas of radiation safety and dose assessment, risk management, and environmental analysis. General Manager, responsible for project management, corporate strategy, and marketing development for a 50-person engineering and environmental consulting firm. . In addition, serve as Program Manager of the Environmental Compliance division and. Corporate health and Safety director. . Prepare proposals, develop budgets, and manage complex projects. . Provide radiation safety officer training for clients in private industry, government, and national laboratories. Licensing Director - responsible for the planning and direction of a 40 million site characterization study and the preparation of two 10,000-page license applications, environmental reports, and permits as required by the national. Environmental Policy Act for the north Carolina low-level Radioactive waste.

Environmental, health safety (ehs manager, salary

Keith earnshaw 12101 Lockhart Lane, raleigh, nc, education,. Engineering, science, rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1987. health Physics/Environmental Toxicology, purdue university 1980. Environmental health, purdue university 1978. S000436 - north Carolina division of Radiation Protection. Teaching awards 1999 book Facilitator of the year Award - north Carolina wesleyan College 1999 International, facilitator of the year Award - regis University. Corporate teaching, experience (Past 6 years radiation Safety and Radiation biology (over fifty 8-hour and 40-hour courses). Risk management, planning, occupational, safety and health, work history 1998-Present - earnshaw. President, earnshaw, environmental specializes in environmental regulatory compliance, radiation protection, and environmental assessment. .

Environmental health and safety manager resume
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  4. This example safety manager resume should be personalized to reflect your own career history, job experience, qualifications, skills. in Environmental /Ecological Science, chemistry or biology plus 1 year of Environmental or Environmental, health safety experience. MSc in Environmental health and Safety, the hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Sep 20). on planning, environmental, safety and health matters during construction planning activity from pre-contract to construction to meet. within the environmental field, including positions as cfo, project manager, it services manager, hr manager, and director of safety.

  5. Manager, resume, template in word or pdf. In addition, serve as Program, manager of the. Environmental, compliance division and, corporate, health and, safety, director. Justin Morell, health, safety and Environmental Manager James Lunden, ceo and Member- manager of Mon Valley integration llc (mvi. involved in the development of health, safety and environmental performance concerning exploration as well as production activities. in school and personal safety, environmental design, violence prevention, and confrontation management, including 29 years as a full.

  6. Policy, work safety, environment, occupational health and social responsibility; Implementation and maintenance of quality management. the Occupational, safety and, health, service of the department of Labour. For the purposes of this code they should. Mine safety health and environmental specialist Jack Spadaro has had a 38 year career safeguarding people from environmental and. Following is the example of Marketing. You can download this Marketing.

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