Essay on women upliftment

essay on women upliftment

Essay on Reservation for, women : Why or Why not?

he inherits his own past as well as that of his family and race. All this goes to the making of his being and has a share in the moulding of his nature. But this is not all. He is given a will with which he can modify the inherited and acquired tendencies of his past and determine his coming conduct. If this were not so, he would not be responsible for his actions. This will, again, is not left helpless or isolated; but if through the gurus Word it be attuned to the supreme will, it acquires a force with which he can transcend all his past and acquire a new character. According to sikhism, the ultimate source of all that is in us is God alone.

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Panj piaras were from lower castes. women too received their due. how can they be called inferior, says Guru nanak, when they give birth to kings and prophets? women as well as men share in the grace of God and are equally responsible for their actions to him. guru hargobind called woman the conscience of man. sati was condemned by the sikh Gurus long before any notice was taken of it by akbar. Sati abolished by guru Amardas. The spirit of man was raised with a belief that he was not a helpless creature in the hands of a being of an arbitrary reasons will of his own, with which he could do much to mold his destiny. man does not start his life with a blank character. he has already existed before he is born here.

some work had already been done in this line. The Bhagats or reformers in the middle Ages had to abolish the distinction long between the high-caste hindus and the so- called untouchables, by taking into their fold such men as barbers, weavers, shoemakers, etc. but the snake of untouchability still remained unscorched; because the privilege of equality was not extended to men as men, but to those individuals only who had washed off their untouchability with the love of God. kabir, a weaver, and ravidas, a shoemaker, were honored by kings and high-caste men, but the same privilege was not extended to other weavers and shoemakers who were still held as untouchables. ravidas took pride in the fact that the love of God has so lifted him out of his caste that even the superior sort of Brahmins came to bow before him, while the other members of his caste, who were working as shoemakers in the. such a teaching could not tolerate any ideas of caste or untouchability. man rose in the estimation of man. even those who had been considering themselves as the dregs of society and whose whole generations had lived as groveling slaves of the so-called higher classes, came to be fired with a new hope and courage to lift themselves as equals of the best humanity.

essay on women upliftment

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It was as if a gardener, neglecting to look after all the different kinds of plants entrusted to him, were to bestow all his care on a few chosen ones, which were in bloom, so that he might be able to supply a few flowers. The gurus did not want to have such a lop-sided growth. They want to give opportunities of highest development to all the classes of people. There are lowest men among the low castes. nanak, i shall go with them. What have i got to do with the high castes? gods eye of mercy falls paper on those who take care of the lowly. It is mere nonsense to observe caste and to feel proud over grand names. Abolishing caste system.

without securing virtue sufficiently in character, even some of the so-called great men have been known to fall an easy prey to temptation. When offered a bribe or an insult, we have to decide at once what course of action we are going to take. Guru Amardas ji forgiving Datu When he gave blow on his chest. It was for this reason that for the formation of character the gurus did not think it sufficient to lay down rules of conduct in a book; They also thought it necessary to take in hand a whole people for a continuous course of schooling. This is the reason why in sikhism there have been ten founders, instead of only one. before the sikh Gurus, the leaders of thought had fixed certain grades of salvation, according to the different capacities of men, whom they divided into high and low castes. The development of character resulting from this was one-sided. certain people, belonging to the favored classes, got developed in them a few good qualities to a very high degree, while others left to themselves got degenerate.

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essay on women upliftment

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The gurus laid the essay foundation of mans uplift, not on such short- cuts as mantras, miracles or mysteries, but on mans own humanity, his own characters already formed which helps us in moral crises. life is like a cavalry march. The officer of a cavalry on march has to decide very quickly when to turn his men left or right. He cannot wait until his men are actually on the brink of a nulla or khud. he must decide long before that.

In the same way, when face to face with an evil, we have to decide quickly. When Guru nanak was sent for getting water by siddhas; he did not look for anything else even though diamonds and pearls were lying there. temptations allow us no time to think. They always come suddenly. we cannot then consult a religious book or moral guide. we must decide according to our impulse. And this can be done only if virtue has so entered into our disposition that we are habitually drawn towards it, and evil has got no attraction for.

This life of praise is not to be of idle mysticism, but of active service done in the midst of worldly relations. These actions, however, are not to be formal deeds of so- called merit, but should be inspired by an intense desire to please god and to serve fellow-men. without pleasing God all actions are worthless. Guru Arjan dev ji serving lepers. repetition of mantras, austerities, set ways of living, or deeds of merit leave us destitute even before our journey ends. There means are useless they cannot satisfy the conditions of that world.

Are you a reciter of all the four. There is no room for you there. with all your correct reading, if you don't understand one thing that matters, you only bother yourself. nanak says, if you exert yourself in action, you will be saved. Serve your God and remember, him, leaving all your pride of self. Pandit Beni throwing books into river after realising that his bookish knowledge had been rather a source of misplaced pride. Temptations allow us no time to think.

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Both have careers, both have to work presentation a couple of london days a week to earn enough to live. So no one has to sacrifice his or her career. And in such a way all problems will be resolved and everyone will be happy! Successfully reported this slideshow. Upliftment of man based on character. Upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, be the first to like this. No downloads, no notes for slide. Uplift of man based. There can be no worship without good actions.

essay on women upliftment

And men rate dear women highly and they are even proud to work with women who are qualified specialists and caring mothers. Actually, there are two reasons why mothers and wives work. One reason is that they work to earn money to support their families, so work becomes like an economic necessity. About 80 of women who work support their children without the help of a man. These women often have financial difficulties. And another reason is that woman wants to work, it gets her independence, self-esteem, a sense of competence, self-fulfillment. She gets the chance to choose her own life and her own man, or even no man. Majority of men and women say that they prefer a marriage in which the husband and wife share responsibilities for home, such as child rearing and housework. It seems perfectly reasonable.

human being, whether it is a man or a woman. Therefore, it would not be correct to generally exclude women from front line fighting on account of characteristics that, in reality, are possessed by both men and women, though to a different extent. Considering all the arguments, it can be seen that women should be allowed to enter combat; it would be wrong to keep them from combat situations because of the traditional image they are associated with. Rather, they should be judged on the basis of their abilities and personal characteristics. No doubt that women have the same nature abilities for mental development as men have. But some time ago because of some prejudices men thought that it was impossible for a woman to become an equally educated specialist. And all doors were closed for women, esp. In the field of science. But after a long struggle, women achieved their goals and now they can get any job they want.

Also, they would have problems when a need arises to carry the body of a wounded comrade off the battlefield. The second argument is that women do not possess the necessary mental strength and therefore they would not be able to cope with the mental and emotional stress involved. Women are generally considered to be very gentle, caring and compassionate. Because of these personality traits, they would have problems handling the atmosphere of fear and hostility that is inevitably generated on the battlefield. Thus, in the light of these arguments, it may seem to be a logical conclusion that women should not be allowed to fight in the front line. However, it is crucial to note that the above arguments are based on the traditional image of a woman and are general statements rather presentation than ultimate facts; in other words, they may not be true for every woman. While most women lack the necessary physical strength, some may be strong enough to perform in combat situations and they may even be able to meet the male fitness requirements.

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Hello, i'd be very grateful if someone could proofread the below essay on whether women should or should not be allowed to enter combat. Many thanks in advance, lenka, women in combat: should women be fighting in the front line? Women and war have resumes always been considered to have little in common. As the gentle sex, women are traditionally associated with caring and with creating life rather than with its destroying. And even though women today do have the opportunity to enter the army, they are not officially allowed to enter combat and fight alongside their male counterparts. Indeed, who would put a gun into the hands of such a tender and vulnerable being as a woman? Certainly, there are a number of arguments in favour of women being excluded from front line fighting. The first, and probably the most obvious, argument is that, for the most part, they lack the body strength that is necessary to perform in combat. Because of this, they would have difficulties in handling the extremely heavy military equipment used on the field; the manipulation with a gun would take them longer, which would create an opportunity for the enemy to shoot first.

Essay on women upliftment
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Personally, in my opinion we should create as many opportunities for women to have an equal life as we can. This essay needs some work. For instance a beautiful and confident woman is who many men consider as a force that is to be reckoned with.

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  1. Essay paper on Racism in schools. Simple technical and Non-technical English Presentation Topics. Which are the best cause and Effect Essay topics for College Students? Hamlet and a streetcar. Posted on March 27th, 2013, by essay. The issue concerning the equality of women and men has always been a controversial one.

  2. Essay "men and women have different natural abilities". Hello, i'd be very grateful if someone could proofread the below essay on whether women should or should not be allowed to enter combat. Many thanks in advance lenka. Upliftment of man based on character. women too received their due. how can they be called inferior, says Guru nanak, when they give birth to kings and prophets?

  3. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research golden age essay papers on Speech On Women Empowerment. English research essay topics Each year, along with essay paper, i rural upliftment essays also upload topicwise compilation of all essays asked since 1993. These women often have financial difficulties. And another reason is that woman wants to work, it gets her independence, self-esteem, a sense of competence, self-fulfillment. Essay "The status and role of women in modern society".

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