Me as a leader essay

me as a leader essay

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Brutus is also rigidly mortal.?I did send to you, for certain sums of gold, which you denied me, for I can raise no money by vile means. By heaven, i had rather coin my heart. And drop my blood for drachmas than to wring. From the hard hands of peasants their vile trash. To you for gold to pay my legions, Which you denied me? (iv, iii, 78-86 brutus is distressed with Cassius because he is led to believe that Cassius is accepting bribes, and denying Brutus the proper money to pay his troops. Brutus confronts Cassius and tells him that he was wrong to misuse his power and be so dishonest.

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Let each man render me his bloody hand? Antony presents his case in such a way that Brutus and the other conspirators think that he is on essay their side, when in fact he really is going to turn the common people against them to revenge caesar? S death by creating a war. Furthermore, brutus is an honorable man giving him the chance to be a great leader. Brutus is an idealist man, who is optimistic about assassinating caesar.?Grant that, and then is death a benefit. So are we caesar? Brutus believes that with caesar gone, rome will greatly benefit. The common people will not be treated like bondsman, and Rome will not have someone who is driven by ambition to take over their country. Additionally, brutus is also a noble person. Brutus helped in the assassination of caesar not for personal gain headers but for the love of Rome.?Not that I loved caesar lee, but that I loved Rome more? Brutus is able to satisfy that his motive is pure; that his action is without bitterness and that the assassination of caesar is for the general good of Rome.

S greed, to influence them to his side.?I found it in his closet;?tis his will/and they would go kiss caesar? (iii, ii, 129, 132-133). Antony is very smart in the write way he does this. He knows how to talk to the people to get them to believe his side of the story and revenge caesar? Likewise, antony is conniving. He uses this strength by flattering Brutus, and falsely befriending the conspirators into letting him speak at caesar? S funeral.?I doubt not of your wisdom.

me as a leader essay

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Rome has parts many people that pdf have the characteristics to be great leaders. Antony is a manipulative man, Brutus is an honorable man, and Octavius is a quiet strength. All three men would do an excellent job in leading Rome. Antony is a manipulative man. This is shown throughout the play in several cases, but most prominently at caesar? S funeral.?I thrice presented him a kingly crown which he did thrice refuse. Antony is very cleaver in the way that he presents his case to the people. He uses rhetorical questioning to show the people that caesar was in fact not ambitious. Antony also played on the people?

Still, aeneas persists after witnessing the accidental execution of his fellow soldiers dressed in Grecian gear by other Trojan men. Even after their gruesome defeat when stranded on an island following a storm, aeneas delivers an uplifting speech to the people who think they can no longer. This influence assists the people to continue on to complete their destiny. Throughout the journey of Aeneas, leadership qualities emerge through his defining characteristics. Only when one holds strategy, bravery, and persistence, will he see success. Destined to live this role, aeneas carries out his fate with outstanding marksmanship. Antony As a great leader Essay, research Paper. Expository Essay, the decisions that one man makes can determine the length of life.

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me as a leader essay

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Fighting on, as the soldiers around him die, aeneas climbs onto a high roof and with crowbars, where the flooring made loose joints pried it from its bed and pushed it over, allowing Aeneas to enter the building (II.606-07). His strategy allowed him to continue leading his people in the fights. Aeneas s bravery points to another strong characteristic of leadership. To be considered brave, one must have enough courage to face death at any time. In order to prove he is no longer afraid proposal of his death, aeneas says, so fury drove me, and it came to me that meeting death was beautiful in arms (II.425-26). His fear leaves him so quickly that he sees death as beautiful and honorable. This newfound bravery is proven by this proclamation: Here i swear that I did not avoid one weapon, one exchange with the danaans, and if it had been fated, my own hand had earned my death (II.568-72).

Here, aeneas puts forth his life to take any chance needed to fight bravely. With Aeneas s strategic mind and bravery, his drive remains persistent throughout the constant trials. While fighting, aeneas sees his unlucky fate closing in, yet he shouts to his soldiers, you defend a city lost in flames. Come, let us die, we ll make a rush into the thick of it (II.470-72). No matter equal the offense, aeneas insists that they run deeper into the fighting to pursue their enemy.

This contrasts greatly from the original portrayal of a slow, weak, and barbaric Moses. The story of Moses is interesting, contrived, and unpredictable. What makes it so interesting is seeing Moses change and grow drastically. He begins as a meek man and ends as a regal ruler. Each chapter has a surprising bit of his life, which makes for a great tale of overcoming one s obstacles. A leader For a new Generation Essay, research Paper.

A leader for a new Generation, in Webster s dictionary, a leader is defined as a person that has commanding authority or influence over others. Such a leader can be found in The aeneid, written by virgil. The main character in the epic, aeneas, shows the journey of a leader through struggles and trials. One can see the true definition of leadership through Aeneas s strategy, bravery, and persistence. During the fall of Troy, aeneas shows strategic leadership while pushing through the Greek lines. As the Trojan warriors defeat a surprised Greek crowd, coroebus suggests that the men wear their trophies. Aeneas agrees and has his men wear the Greek insignia as a shield when breaking through enemy lines. Having success, aeneas states, many a combat, hand to hand, we fought in the black of night, and many a greek we sent to Orcus (the underworld) (II.526-28).

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Moses is clever enough to persuade god to repent of the evil that he thought to do to his people. This also is not characteristic the first image of Moses as a leader. In disciplining the people of Israel, moses scolds Aaron. This is a startling turn around because previously aaron had been portrayed as the superior brother. After scolding Aaron, moses viciously punishes the people by having them slay each other. Then he goes up to god and begs for His forgiveness for the people. This is surprising and soothing at the same time presentation because it shows how deep of a person Moses is, especially to feel listing such compassion. Yet it also shows that he realizes his job as the leader.

me as a leader essay

With God s help, he successfully leads the people of Israel out of Egypt. Moses speaks clearly here, as if not plagued by uncircumcised lips anymore. In chapter fourteen, moses has power to split the sea. Then in chapter eighteen, after he faces many conflicts among the people, he is able wallpaper to set up court systems that govern the people of Israel. This is all very surprising to read after the initial picture that gets painted of Moses. He now, by some act of God, develops into a great leader that was lacking earlier. While proving his great leadership, moses coomes down from mount Sinai to discipline the people who had gone astray. Before he comes down though, god sees the sinful acts that the people are participating in and intends to consume them.

as the Pharoah. He says to god that he is slow of speech and of tongue. Then miraculously, god suggests that Moses s brother, aaron, speak in the eloquent fashion needed when speaking the Pharoah. God informs Moses that Aaron is already on his way. Moses never questions anything that God says such as, why is Aaron already on his way? Not only is this surprising, but one might think that the chosen messiah would be a strong and confident man, all of which Moses, thus far, is not. Moses actually asks God to choose someone else. So far, moses seems like a very unlikely candidate for the job. Later in his story, moses comes full circle.

This luck of his is very surprising. He is born to a lowly hebrew yet gets to live and grow in the book house of the Pharoah. As the story progresses, it is learned that Moses kills an Egyptian, who is beating a hebrew. Then he flees, fearing the Pharoahs wrath. Consequently, he finds himself in the land of Midian. One day he tends to the flock of his father-in-law, on mount Sinai, when suddenly god speaks to him in the burning bush. This seems so incredible.

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Throughout Exodus and ending in deutoronomy, the tale of Moses is diary told. Moses faces adversity from the start, beginning with his birth. His life takes many turns, all are for the better, but also very surprising. Mosess story begins when he is born to a hebrew woman. Previous to his arrival, the Pharoah had commanded that all sons born to hebrews be cast into the nile. This is done to prevent the hebrew slaves from becoming too powerful and possibly joining the enemies of the Egyptians. Moses is spared though and a midwife places him in a basket in the reeds along the nile. Amazingly, the Pharoahs daughter finds him and takes him in as her adoptive son.

Me as a leader essay
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  5. He mentioned that, "The last time i helped somebody was hermana (sister) teodula by cleaning the church he told me as he walk to his. Essay writing my dream so i had a essay to do for philosophy and me and @x_bethwilliams decide to go late night shopping. Who am i as a leader essay. In Webster s dictionary, a leader is defined. In order to prove he is no longer afraid of his death, aeneas says, so fury drove me, and it came. Do not hesitate to tell me how you feel about the essay.

  6. For certain sums of gold, which you denied. Sure, i get attention now and people seem to like. Moses, as, a leader. This luck of his is very surprising. Throughout Exodus and ending in deutoronomy, the tale of Moses is told.

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