Radio station sponsorship proposal

radio station sponsorship proposal

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The sole intent of such a proposal is to find sponsors for the respective event. So the layout of the proposal is very important as it is the only way the organisers can draw the attention of the prospective sponsors. Sponsorship Proposal Template, sample Proposal Template, proposal Outline template. Simple Proposal Template, sample concert event Proposal, name of the event : Modern Classical Music Concert 2011. Date of the event: 9th August 2011, event Organizers : American Mod-Classo singing Association and pr event Management Ltd. Purpose: The years biggest Modern Classical Concert to promote the confluence of the old and the new melodies of life. Event Planning Details: The concert is to be held at the State of Art Forum Auditorium. The auditorium can accommodate around one thousand odd number of people.

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littleton river festival's use of the Proprietary Information is subject to the approval of the Sponsor's designated target representative, which approval will not be unreasonably withheld. Sponsor understands as follows: the dollar writing values set forth in the. Proposal are estimates are based upon general sponsorship information available to littleton river festival; the audience multiplier is based upon estimates of littleton river festival attendance and actual attendance figures may vary materially. No portion of the sponsorship cash payment or in-kind services are subject to being refunded for any reason except as provided herein. Sponsorships are not exclusive unless otherwise set forth in the. Littleton river festival may terminate this contract on 30 days written notice. In the event of termination for any reason other than failure to provide contracted fees or services, littleton river festival may substitute an event with equivalent benefits with the approval of the Sponsor or shall refund any cash fee received from Sponsor by littleton river. This agreement may be amended only by a written instrument executed by both parties. This agreement is governed by insert state law and is binding upon all of the parties' successors and assigns. Dated dated sponsor_ event by by previous, next: Trade Shows. A concert event proposal is written by any event organising committee who are planning to organize a concert.

Failure to pay fees when due may result in termination of this agreement. In-kind services shall be scheduled in writing by representatives of littleton river festival and Sponsor. Unless otherwise provided, the cash or services and the Sponsor benefits described in this agreement are related solely to the littleton river festival to be held August. Assuming the event is continued in 2001, the Sponsor shall have the first right of refusal to continue sponsor's involvement in the event on such terms as Sponsor and littleton river festival shall agree. Sponsor hereby writings grants littleton river festival a limited, non-exclusive license to use Sponsor's trade names, trademarks, service marks and other proprietary information the "Proprietary Information" owned by the Sponsor. Littleton river festival agrees that the Proprietary Information will be used only in connection with the 2000 event to provide the benefits set forth in the. Proposal and such other benefits as Sponsor and littleton river festival may agree.

radio station sponsorship proposal

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Simons writing on music and marketing can be found. He is on Twitter @SimonTheTam. Note: This is an example of an agreement we used in Colorado and is not intended to substitute for an agreement prepared by or advice given by your attorney. Click to learn more about how to attract high quality sponsors. The sponsor hereby agrees to sponsor the event the littleton river festival presentation described in the. Sponsorship, proposal, a copy of which is attached hereto as Exhibit a and is incorporated herein by this reference. The Sponsor agrees to provide to littleton river festival the following in-kind services and/or pay the following fees: gold, sponsorship - 10,000, in consideration therefore, littleton river festival shall provide Sponsor with the benefits described in the. Littleton river festival may business adjust such benefits, substitute benefits or provide other benefits with the approval of the Sponsor. Cash payments are due as follows: 25percent on or before may 1, 2000 and the balance due on or before july 1 2000.

Put your emphasis on the more custom, creative options and less on the generic commodities that typical sponsorship packages offer (such as logo placement). This is your formal offer so make it as clear as possible on what they can be expecting in return from their sponsorship dollars or in-kind gifts. If youll accept a payment schedule, include that as well. The Sponsorship Agreement: The sponsorship agreement should be easy to complete and return. Details such as a self-addressed and stamped envelope are good. Add an extra bit of professionalism by having this portion printed on ncr (carbonless copy) paper where they can tear off a copy for themselves and send one to you. You can also do things such as adding a qr code or link to a digital version of the agreement. Simon Tam is owner of Last Stop booking and author. How to get Sponsorships and Endorsements.

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radio station sponsorship proposal

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The partnership: This is where you want to focus on the main benefits for working with your organization. What are the main ways you and the sponsor are a good fit? The fact Sheet: The nitty-gritty details of your event, tour, or organization that they are sponsoring. Cover all of the major who/what/when/where/why questions, such as as What is the event?, Where does the event take place?, Who is involved?, Why should I be sponsoring this event, etc. Key marketing Information: This is where your research into your industry pays off. Youll want to talk about your niche market, the demographics of your audience (and hats who you are targeting how you will be messaging your brand/event along with their company, and talk about successes with past sponsorship campaigns.

Co-branded Marketing Opportunities: youll want to send 3-6 custom, creative pitches to the company that allows for them to visualize working with you. This should play directly off of your niche market/their target audience. The more custom the idea, the higher the asking price that you can fetch. It also helps you stand out from other sponsorship opportunities that only offer logo placement. Marketing folks love creative ways to showcase robert their brand, especially to an interested audience who they might never be able to reach in any other way. If there is also a viral component to one of the ideas, thats even better. The benefit List: List all of the benefits that the company gets from sponsoring you.

If you like this article why not subscribe to our free participative marketing for Local Radio mailing list to receive periodic articles and updates on relevant topics by email, refer the signup form below. Simply enter your email address then click subscribe.  Your email address will only be used by audience dialogue to communicate related topics, will not be provided to any other party and you can unsubscribe easily at any time.  A sample newsletter is available to view here. Heres a general outline/template that you can adapt to be more effective in your sponsorship packet. You should design your packet specifically for print as well as a digital file.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the perspective of the sponsor: How does the proposal benefit them/their customers/their employees? What can you offer that is different than the other sponsorship proposals being sent to them? Is it easy to take action? The format: cover - make it distinctive. You might consider adding something like 2012 Sponsorship Proposal Prepared Especially for the company with their logo. Give them plenty of opportunities to visualize working with you. The call Out (optional The second page can be for a large dramatic image/photo or some of the major bragging rights stats. Artists can typically use this page as the one sheet a one page descriptor of who you are, major stats or accomplishments, or press excerpts/testimonials from other sponsors.

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For example, in Tanzania the United Nations development Program sponsors a regular health program, covering its production costs. Programs sponsored by ngos are usually trying to be educational - in this case, aiming at women to improve the health of their families. The best examples of this type of program occur when the ngo and the station producers work closely together, creating a program that meets the goals of both assignment the station and the ngo, and also interests the audience. 8.5 Angels, in the theatre world, an "angel" is a private person (a rich one) who funds the production of a play, and stands to lose that funding unless the play is a success. Radio is a little different, and the risk is less. But a radio angel is more likely to want to influence the programming. Somewhere i read about a millionaire in the usa who offered a huge donation to the local public radio station - as long as it did not play music he disliked. Though this story may be apocryphal (i've been unable to confirm any details) it illustrates the hidden problems that can arise when funding arrives in large amounts.

radio station sponsorship proposal

What if the reason for this seemingly generous offer is to forestall criticism? Multinational companies in developing countries often try to disarm critics by offering them well-paid jobs, with grandiose titles but little work - except not to ask difficult questions. The donor's presence may deter other sponsors or advertisers. Will your world community station come to be seen as the donor's station? Will this be a way for the donor to "buy" a radio station - which might not otherwise be possible for them? Why have they selected your station, and not another? This move is likely to succeed only if the relationship between the donor and the station is completely open and frank. You will have to work out how you can be sure of that. In some countries, radio programs are sponsored by ngos.

agreement. "We will do this. And you will do that." One page is plenty. Without this agreement, your listeners will have a right to be suspicious - of your motives, as well as those of the funding corporation. When you have the agreement (which is still only provisional) circulate it to your listeners, put it on your web site, and discuss it on air. Perhaps the donor will ask for a seat on your board, offering to provide an expert on (for example) marketing. Perhaps they will donate office space, or a new studio. Consider the disadvantages of the proposal. The more generous the offer, the harder it will be to criticize the donor in your programs.

Sandi Brown, gm -.1 joy! Sponsorship was described in chapter 6 - but that applied to ad hoc sponsors, who receive on-air publicity in return for their funding. There are also large sponsors, which are more like funding agencies. For example, you might be approached by the largest employer in your local area - let's say it's a steelworks. They say they admire your programming, and would like to support you financially. Is this too good to be true? The important thing is not to be swept away by their corporate generosity.

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"As a christian radio station in a major market, we are presented with a lot of ministry partnership opportunities. The ministry that we have chosen to work with the most over the past five years is Compassion International. It has been so entry rewarding to partner on concepts that meet the needs of everyone involved. We have worked together on several child sponsorship campaigns and mission trips (our listeners get to visit the projects and children sponsored). I appreciate the fact that Compassion knows who they are as a ministry. They are well rooted, yet innovative in their approach to partnership. I feel really good about working closely with Compassion and encouraging our listeners to do the same. A true kingdom partner!".

Radio station sponsorship proposal
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The sponsor hereby agrees to sponsor the event the littleton river festival described in the sponsorship proposal.

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  1. The sponsorship model is a more. Work out the best way they can suit your radio station and. Your sponsorship kit can be a prospective sponsor s first introduction to your station and, as they say, first impressions count. Sponsorship 101: How to find and. Take in a proposal and a rendering.

  2. The parties to this agreement acknowledge that the. Station is permitted to broadcast underwriting and sponsorship. Compassion partners with leading Christian radio stations and networks. Compassion child sponsorship radio campaigns provide your. In a detailed proposal. How internet radio stations make money and how you can use these.

  3. The disadvantages of the proposal. About a millionaire in the usa who offered a huge donation to the local public radio station. Heres a general outline/template that you can adapt to be more effective in your sponsorship packet. You should design your packet specifically for print as well as a digital file. The most important thing to keep in mind is the perspective of the sponsor : How does the proposal benefit them/their.

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