Responsibilities of a lifeguard resume

responsibilities of a lifeguard resume

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A lifeguard firstly saves your life if it is in danger, they are expertly trained first aiders, cpr and all type of rescue techniques. They are there as a counter measure to reduce the likelihood of a hazard occurring. And without them many people would die, or be seriously injured- fact. Think about a pool where someones drowning, or has just fractured their spine, without lifeguards no one would know what to do, and if they had a slight idea in their heads, they would very most likely cause further injury to the person or death. Dependent on the country of work. However the basic equipment should be a torpedo buoy, throw bag, reach pole, personal radio, whistle. The lifeguard (capitalized - ahem) represents protection, surveillance, good swimming skills, and (most of all) a perfect not-too-dark golden brown tan.

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And the answer is well in the. K you see lifeguards with the nplqqualification at a swimming pool or leisure centre with waterfacilities and you also see beach lifeguards at the beach whoprotect bathers from injury and or death at the coast. Although some people may be afraid of lifeguards, there is no term for such a phobia. The general rule is 16 but thesis to become a life guard you have to take courses, so it would all depend on what age you can take those courses. The role admission of a lifeguard may vary depending on where one works, but the bare minimum requirements are to ensure the safety of patrons and usually the basic upkeep and maintenance of a facility. Other common roles are water Safety Instructors, head guards (Boss of the other guards and pool maintenance. 'life-saving' is 'achub bywyd' - you could probably say 'dyn sy'n achub bywyd' and be understood. But round here (Cardiff) we say 'lifeguard' even when we are speaking Welsh. 'mae e'n lifeguard ym Mhorthcawl trwy'r Haf' (He lifeguards in Porthcawl during the summer). There is probably a proper word in West Wales - but i've not heard it around here.

Depends on what facility you work at and shredder where in the country you are, but to help try and give you some idea, when you work for a city, such as a public pool, you seem to make more percentage wise. For American Red Cross Lifeguard Training, the student must be age 15 by the last day of the course. They watch you while you are swimming in water to make sure nothing life threating happens to you. If something does then the must act to save your life. This requires them to be in good physical condition, be able to swim well to retrieve you, and have at least some basic medical education to revive you if needed. It depends on you certification, i'm e a so for me it's "Maintain skills at a rescue ready level, always have a proactive 10/20 on my zone of protection and keep a professional image at all times. but that's more of a textbook answer, to be bold and truthful, you clean a lot when you're a life guard. A 10/20 is a scanner pattern of your water, you look at every part of your pool every ten seconds, you have ten seconds to spot a drowning and twenty seconds to reach the gid (Guest In Distress) and began giving aid. Some certifications don't make their guards keep a 10/20 and never even get in depth with scanning, but trust me when I say, even if your certification doesn't make you keep a 10/20, if you never want someone to die on your watch, keep one.

responsibilities of a lifeguard resume

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A lifeguard is trained to respond to a water emergency. Some people don't respond well, or cannot physically respond safely or correctly. You need a lifeguard for safety. It all really depends on just how much you dates work, and what your hourly wage. Lifeguard schedules are known to be very flexible, and you can usually stipulate how much or how little you want to work. A beginning lifeguard probably makes around.00/hour.50/hour. So, i guess all you have to do yourself is the math to figure it all out. Keep in mind that your employer will withhold earnings from each paycheck for state and federal taxes, and social security, all of which adds up to about 15 to 18 of your gross pay.

Attend inservice and staff development meetings if required by your employers. A lifeguard has the legal responsibility to protect others. Negligence can result in serious consequences. It all depends on the state you are employed (minimum wage is affected by the state of employment) and the number of years you have been working. I am a third-year lifeguard, and I make.05/hour. When I first started out, i was making.60/hour, but that was before minimum wage went up in the state of Illinois. Depending on these factors, my guess is that you would end up making.00/hour.50/hour.

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responsibilities of a lifeguard resume

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Cpr/aed for the professional rescuer. First Aid for the professional rescuer. Normally, all three certifications can be earned by passing one course. Professional lifeguard certification expires every three (3) years, while cpr/aed modest for the professional rescuer and First Aid for the professional rescuer expire once every year. Thus, after passing your first "Lifeguarding" class, you will have to take one class each for cpr/aed and First Aid on an annual basis, which usually only takes about one day of review and a test at the end. Your employer may also require you to submit to a drug test and be in good standing with your past employers (if you have any).

Supervise pool or beach areas. Enforce rules woman to prevent injuries and illnesses. Perform water rescues and assists. Respond to emergencies and provide aid as needed Secondary responsibilities. Checking pool passes (residential communities). Cleaning (picking up trash, straightening pool furniture, vacuum pool, secure or remove lane ropes, etc.) Other.

Ensure the safety and well-being of all patrons. Enforce all rules in a professional manner. Care for injuries, sudden illnesses, and other medical emergencies: give first aid, cpr, oxygen, etc. Complete cleaning tasks as assigned. Register patrons for aquatic programs. Note: Some employers require employees to attend monthly in-service meetings to learn important updates and to refresh lifeguarding skills.

Lifeguards can be paid anywhere from minimum wage to rates as high.50 benefits or more. I personally make 11/hr, but the person who answered this question before me made.50. According to the international lifeguard survey of 1987,.73 per hour. This equates.56 by todays standards, taking into account inflation, demand, average cross sectional area of modern floatation devices, decreased pirate ship sightings and increased shark attacks. For further information, google. Please refer to What do you need to become a lifeguard no degree is required in order to become a lifeguard all that you have to do is get certified in the professorial rescuer and cpr and aed for infants, kids and adults Most facilities.

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Below is a lifeguard resume example that can help getting you started making your own. Lifeguard resume sample, key points about this example: Clean layout : hiring managers can quickly locate important information, resume is well balanced and easy to read. Single page : Entry level position resumes should be maximum one page long. Measurable accomplishments : This is a good example of a resume where past experiences are dates accomplishment-oriented. The most commonly-used job description of a lifeguard that seems to transcend all facilities and areas is thus: to ensure the safety of all patrons present by enforcing facility regulations, monitoring activity, and rendering emergency care in the event that a patron suffers from. Furthermore, lifeguards are also responsible for maintaining the quality of a facility by regulating the behavior of patrons. All other responsibilities are usually, in one way or another, either directly or indirectly related to the points given above. 21 people found this useful, primary responsibilities. Supervise the pool area.

responsibilities of a lifeguard resume

Create lifeguarding resume that timeline will make a splash sc being a summer lifeguard is a perfect job for students either in high school, college or university. The key thing to remember while writing your resume is that this position comes with the responsibility of saving peoples lives. Everything that you write should reflect that you are taking this seriously and are a highly attentive and responsible person. Every city and state/province has different requirements for becoming a pool or beach guard, so make sure to find those out before applying for a job. Its a good idea to get all the basics covered and take at least one course if you dont have a lot of real life experience to list on your resume. You might be worried that you dont have extensive experience as a lifeguard, but dont panic. Most pools and recreational clubs arent looking for a ton of experience, mainly that you have the appropriate training. If you dont have a lot of work experience, put a lot of emphasis on your performance in training courses that show you take the responsibility of the job seriously.

drowning or swimming incidents. Perform first aid and cpr according to the demands of adverse situations. Perform pool chemical checks to ensure safety and hygiene. Maintain accurate records of pool use and chemical levels. Teach swimming techniques and safety education to new swimmers. Check safety of rescue tubes and buoys and perform needed maintenance. Ensure that all pool equipment is stored safely and that any lost items are kept in a safe place. Last updated on April 29th, 2017.

Sample job Description for, lifeguard Resume. Maintain continuous surveillance of people in swimming pools, lakes and oceans. Ensure appropriate headcount of people involved in a watersport on hourly basis. Call out warnings to people who may have ventured too far or write are in imminent danger. Provide safety information to people prior to them indulging in a water sport. Supervise swimmers to ensure that they are swimming within the safety protocols. Proactively identify hazards or potential hazards and take measures to prevent accidents.

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General overview, the dangers associated with water sports should not bar one from enjoying them. Lifeguards are employed to create safe environment where people can enjoy swimming, surfing and boating without having to fear about falling into the water or hurting themselves. Lifeguards typically keep an eye on people indulging in recreational activities on a pool, lake, water-park or the beach. In the event of a mishap, they are responsible for performing lifesaving activities such as resuscitation year and first aid. Some lifeguards also provide swimming training to novices and children. On any particular work day, lifeguards take a headcount of people swimming and ensure that they are kept safe by calling out to them in case they venture too far or have been in the water for too long. The need to be vigilant at all times is high in this position. Job Requirements, to obtain employment as a lifeguard, one has to be an excellent swimmer along with possessing certification in lifesaving particularly the red Cross Advanced Lifesaving Certificate. Specific training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is also one of the prerequisites for this position.

Responsibilities of a lifeguard resume
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Review this Sample lifeguard Resume as a resume guide. Take good ideas copy, paste and customize this sample to make your own unique resume, based on your background, skills and appeal. Example of a lifeguard job summary.

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  1. Your job is to ensure safety at the pools or at the resorts private beach. Furthermore, lifeguards are also responsible for maintaining the quality of a facility by regulating the behavior of patrons. All other responsibilities are usually, in one way or another, either directly or indirectly related to the points given above. Being a summer lifeguard is a perfect job for students either in high school, college or university. The key thing to remember while writing your resume is that this position comes with the responsibility of saving peoples lives.

  2. This sample lifeguard resume is easily readable and important points such as skills and experience are easily seen with bullets. Excellence hotels towers, minneapolis, mn (1997-2001) Swimming pool Life guard Responsibilities. Some of our builders key features include: 50,000 pre-written job responsibilities, automatic page formatting, easy export in both pdf and Word formats, free expert advice, all resume sections, and. Looking to land employment as a lifeguard and earn some extra cash? Job Responsibilities for Lifeguards. To work as a lifeguard you are responsible for every swimmer at the resort, whether they are experienced or not, and whether they are children or adults.

  3. Posted in Job Responsibilities. Provide in service training to all lifeguards and administer efficient working of all lifeguard staff and provide update on lifeguard handbook and provide staff certifications and maintain. Create your own professional looking resume for free using our resume builder! This page contains a perfect job description of a lifeguard. Helpful for candidates to make an effective resume. In the event of a mishap, they are responsible for performing lifesaving activities such as resuscitation and first aid.

  4. Responsibilities highlighted on example resumes of Lifeguards include observing and organizing the activities of swimmers, enforcing applicable pool policies and regulations, rescuing swimmers. For more information on what it takes to be a lifeguard, check out our complete lifeguard Job Description. The job of a lifeguard is very demanding. As a lifeguard, you are not constrained to be on the dock staring out on the ocean or the swimming pool. There is a set of responsibilities that you have to perform on a daily basis. Lifeguard Duties and Responsibilities.

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