Run my paper for plagiarism

run my paper for plagiarism

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run my paper for plagiarism

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And in that way you could find out if there was any way of accidental plagiarism because you used wording that was just so similar or something of that nature; or if your colleagues wrote something then you could run it through iThenticate. so i could see it being useful both on the front end and on the back end of the review process. Ithenticate: I wish you all the luck with your research on pancreatic cancer. Lyssiotis: Thank you. Ithenticate: Thats definitely a noble cause. Lyssiotis: Its a tough one. Ithenticate: We look forward to speaking with you again soon. Lyssiotis: Sounds good. Get Help with an Essay from Competent remote Professional Writers.

Lyssiotis:   In the case of the former, its cheating. . If you're plagiarizing you're not putting in the hard work thats necessary to come up with your own ideas, etc. . so its unfair to everyone who is - to everyone else who isnt cheating. . Its like bankers cheating with how money is being shuffled around, or any instance of cheating. . Thats how i view. . In terms of how should the plagiarizer be dealt with, thats not entirely clear to me because, for example in this instance i continue to refer to, no one other than this one particular journal and the group of researchers that had plagiarized in this. so i think it will just kind of get washed under the rug. . But, like i said, if we were to somehow find a way to employ a strategy where all journals always did it, then no one would ever do it and they wouldn't have to worry about anonymity and only a few people would be aware. . Theres another way that you can use ithenticate that I hadnt thought about initially, and that is before you are to ever submit a manuscript you could run it through iThenticate if you had enough access to the software. .

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run my paper for plagiarism

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Ithenticate: I think that much of it has to do with attribution. . There are different types of plagiarism, meaning there are different ways of getting into an ethical situation, but if you attribute it, if you give a citation, then it increases your chances of avoiding it a plagiarism allegation. Lyssiotis: The manuscript that I was set to review, they actually cited the work that they were directly plagiarizing. . so in the example where my work was directly plagiarized, they had a direct"tion without"tion marks manager of my work, after which the citation was there. . Its not that they were trying to take credit for it per say; they were attributing the finding work that we had done. . But what they did is they took the text directly, and in that way they werent really providing the reader of the review with anything new, which is the purpose of a review is to take all the information on a particular topic, digest.

And that clearly wasnt being done in this case. . I don't know exactly how its defined but, like you said, where it is attributed, but its not necessarily their own original idea. Ithenticate: What do you think are the repercussions, the consequences as it pertains to other researchers in your field or in the industry as a whole? Lyssiotis: The repercussions in terms of plagiarism existing, or in terms of people getting caught plagiarizing? Ithenticate: Both.

And if its really true that Cornell could license ithenticate for secondary users like myself, that would be great. . But I proposed an even - this might be difficult to implement, but I had proposed a different solution in that we somehow or another get the journals to run such software on maybe not even necessarily every manuscript, but one in ten that. Ithenticate:   Yes, i absolutely agreed; good point. see crossCheck, what's your opinion about plagiarism in your field as a whole? . do you think its a growing problem?

Lyssiotis:   To be honest with you, i don't think its an enormous problem especially in the higher tier journals where i like to think i publish with some regularity. . you mentioned there were several different types of plagiarism. . I guess when I'm referring to plagiarism here Im really just thinking of one of two types. . That is, either copying someone elses writing verbatim and then publishing it as if it were you own. . And then theres the other issue of self-plagiarism, which to me isnt entirely clear when that is okay and is not if you can republish your own. . so maybe we can discuss that in a second. . But in the case of the first, the only time i've really seen that or experienced that is in reviews and they tend to be in lower tier reviews. . so i don't know if its necessarily a huge problem, but it should be zero; so any instances of plagiarism is a problem.

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we work on pancreatic cancer and our efforts are really aimed at understanding how these tumors differ metabolically from a normal pancreas. . so we study how they uptake and utilize different carbohydrates and different amino acids, with the goal ultimately being the to reviews develop an understanding of the differences in metabolism between normal and cancerous so that we can find new therapies and new targets. Ithenticate: Let's talk a bit more about the reason why you used iThenticate. . Why did it seem like it the questionable content was out of context? . What sparked you to want to check it? Lyssiotis: I actually identified some of my own writing in the manuscript that was under review, which made it a little bit easier for me to recognize. . After which I figured if it was some of my own writing, that there was probably others. . Thats what really brought me to ithenticate. . even though it was really disappointing circumstances, it proved to be very fruitful because now i know about what you guys have available. .

run my paper for plagiarism

I work at weill Cornell. . The reason I came to ithenticate was I was asked to review a paper in my discipline and I had suspected that there may drama be plagiarism in the manuscript, but there was no really thorough for me to go about checking. . I tried a few online services that were free and they left a lot to be desired. . And I was on the Elsevier website. . They have a link to you guys. . I saw that you could do a one-time shot for 50 and I gave it. Ithenticate: do you currently have a grant or particular research or study youre working on? we have several grants that fund our efforts. .

what you do? Lyssiotis:   Certainly. . i am a postdoctoral fellow. . I study pancreatic cancer metabolism. .

Since we value the customers trust and loyalty, proving quality and plagiarism free papers is our ultimate goal. While peer reviewing a manuscript, post-doctoral fellow. Costas Lyssiotis at weill Cornell discovered an instance of plagiarism - his own work appearing in the paper. To confirm his suspicions, he used iThenticate to screen the paper and identify the original sources. In what way was it plagiarized, and how was it handled? Watch this book short video to hear the full story. Watch the discussion (6:23 minutes a researcher's Perspective: There Should be zero Plagiarism in Research ithenticate: Today i am pleased to introduce costas Lyssiotis. . Did I s ay that right?

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Run my paper for plagiarism
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