Short essay on jawaharlal nehru

short essay on jawaharlal nehru

Short biography of Pandit, jawaharlal Nehru, first Prime

People of the country were eagerly awaiting the first budget of Modi government. The government had twin challenges before it while finalizing the general Budget for 2014-15. . On the one hand, it had to fulfill the great expectations of the people of the country, on the other hand, there was a challenge to bring the economy back on track which had got completely derailed due to policy paralysis during the congress-led upa. The government through its maiden budget, has converted these challenges into opportunity. While spelling out the road map for overall development of the country, the budget gave certain immediate reliefs and support to all sections of the society.  With the mantra of 'sabka sath sabka vikas, this budget has taken a strong initiative in each sector.  This budget is definitely the first step towards building a golden India.  Effective steps and adequate budgetary support have also been extended for the development all crucial sectors, particularly, education, health, Infrastructure, and Employment Generation.

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The mandate of this election has been accepted very humbly by the bjp leadership, but Congress is not able to digest their worst defeat. The desperation is clearly visible. Their scramble for the post of lop, their opposition to the bills which they presented during their tenure and disruption of parliament shows their inability to accept the peoples verdict. The new Beginning, on 26th may, 45-member cabinet has taken oath under the leadership of Prime minister Shri narendra modi. . Prime minister Narendra modi has displayed his vision by inviting heads of saarc countries on the day of oath taking ceremony held in the courtyard of Rashtrapati Bhawan. This one gesture has earned our Prime minister a massive goodwill from the leaders of the world. The decision of the Union Cabinet at its first meeting itself to set up a sit headed by justice hah to bring business back black money stashed abroad amply displayed Prime minister Shri narendra modis decisive leadership. . The issue of black money was very important for the country. The decision to constitute sit was also in line with the partys promise during pre-election to bring back black money from abroad. Budget: Attention on present, eye on future.

In this historic success of the party there is a huge contribution of party president Shri Amit Shah for which the party congratulates him whole heartedly. The big factor of bjps victory was the charismatic and roles decisive leadership of Prime ministers Shri narender Modi ji backed by the strong support of the Organisation and hard work of local leadership and Karyakartas. The successes achieved in Chhattisgarh, bihar, mp, jharkhand, up, Rajasthan, rural Gujarat, rural Karnataka and Rural Maharashtra by bjp shows that this is the mandate given by the poor. One more important aspect is that bjp got huge support on seats reserved for SC/STs in these elections as a result of which maximum number of SC/st mps got elected on bjp ticket. Three sc candidates of bjp, won on general seats. Moreover, bjp is honoured to have maximum representation of women MPs in parliament today. There is a lesson for the Organisation in these elections. . The wave of popular leader and sentiment gets converted into votes where the organization is strong and the local leadership is established. That is why it is essential to strengthen the Organisation in all the states of the country and that is our responsibility.

short essay on jawaharlal nehru

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Out of 282 parliamentary constituencies won by bjp, its candidates have won by more than 1 lakh vote in dates as many as 206 constituencies. It was such an historic election that Congress could not open its account in 14 states. (Gujarat, rajasthan, delhi, himachal, revelation Uttarakhand, j k, goa, nagaland, Odisha, jharkhand, sikkim, Tripura, tamil Nadu, andhra Pradesh). Congress could not register victory even on one seat in 6 out of 7 union territories (Andaman, Chandigarh, dadra nagar haveli, daman diu, puducherry, lakshwadeep). In these elections Bharatiya janata party has achieved an unprecedented success in country's largest state,. Out of 80, 71 seats were won by bjp and two other seats were won by our allied parties. Sp and Congress were confined to seats of their family candidates only.

  The entire country was under a grip of helplessness and disappointment under the congress government.  bjp's pm candidate narendra modi had raised a ray of hope in the country because of his hard work. An atmosphere of faith in politics was generated.  Country wanted to get a leadership which can strengthen democracy, raise India's credibility in the world make available 'roti-kapda-makan' to common citizen. They also expected that India must become corruption free and there must be a rule of law order in the country. The people have given a decisive mandate against divisive policies of casteism, corruption, incapability, policy paralysis of the congress. This historic victory has some other dimensions also. After a huge leap bjp has increased the numbers of its voters by whopping 10 crores as compared to that of 2009 general elections.

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short essay on jawaharlal nehru

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Another feature of this election is that a leader born after independence is for the first essay time leading the country. It can be aptly described as the golden chapter in the political journey of Bharatiya janata party since the time of Jan Sangh. People have reposed faith and confidence in the leadership of Shri narendra modi. He strategized this election in such a way that all sections of the society voted for the bjp. The first time voters in the age group of 18-28 years made clear that their first choice is Narendra modi. .

people voted differently this time making departure from voting on caste lines. . Modiji played a very important role in this historic mandate. . This election was about able leadership and therefore it revolved around the leadership of Shri modi and the people also chose a strong leadership. The national council of the party congratulates the leadership of Shri narendra modi. The people of the country are proud of themselves to have given such a massive mandate to the bjp. The mandate reflected their pledge to get rid of the 10-year-old genre rule of the non-performing and corruption riddled Congress-led upa government.

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Bharatiya janata party, national council meeting, delhi 09th August, 2014, political Resolution. The people of the country giving a decisive mandate have brought a historic change in the elections of the worlds largest democracy. . This election was also the biggest elections ever held in the world with about 55 crores voters exercising their franchise. This kind of enthusiasm among the electorate was never witnessed before. People have given a positive mandate for development and good governance. This National council of the Bharatiya janata party expresses its gratitude towards the people. . It is the first occasion in the history of independent India that a non-Congress political party has succeeded in getting full majority on its own.

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In order with to consider this question of the future, we have to ask ourselves, where human happiness lies and what are the values - material as well as intellectual that we cherish and would like to develop. The setting up of a value system for society is not something which is in the hands of science. It is a matter in which those concerned with politics, economics and the social sciences have a greater role to play - all of them trying to arrive at the appropriate values and in educating society at large to accept this. It is not a matter for an order from the elite to masses but one that can only be evolved in an alternative process. The role of scientists in this was. Expressed by cecil Powell in his first Homi Bhabha memorial Lecture in Bombay: They are in a unique position to solve appropriate early problems, the dangers and the advantages likely to follow from scientific developments and to make their findings known to governments and. Of course, the solutions to many of our problems depend upon great political issues in which most scientists have no particular competencebringing before the people of the world the immense possibilities of human advancement, which are now within our grasp, if science is rationally employed. Science represents knowledge as accepted through unceasing critical process of experiment, theory and evolution and search for methods for this research.

short essay on jawaharlal nehru

Science indeed has known sin. Mankind has witnessed the destructive powers of nuclear weapons. One attributes to the growth of science and writing technology a variety of ills that society is beset with; the population explosion; the rapid depletion of natural resources, including energy, the increasing pollution and degradation of the environment and ecosystem. Suddenly, society is beginning to ask whether the advance of science and technology s indeed desirable and the right way to proceed. There are many who demand a halt to the growth of science and technology, but they fail to realize that solutions to the problems we face can only come through further development of science and technology, a development with a direction which is chosen wisely. There is no question of retreating to the past or of halting progress of science in India, even if this were to be possible; the world will not stand still but will degenerate even more rapidly. We, therefore, have to face future with optimism and ensure that the interactions of society and science are appropriate to ensure the selection of wise value systems and options.

which are rigid and archaic, belonging to past periods and are inappropriate to contemporary conditions. In India, we also saw the introduction of rationality through religion by ram Mohan roy. But basically the path to the national spirit is through science and undoubtedly jawaharlal Nehru was me of the foremost political thinkers of this century in this regard, he once said: I too have worshipped at the shrine of science and counted myself as one. I realized that science was not only a pleasant diversion and abstraction but was the very texture of life, without which our modern world would vanish away. Politics led me to economics and this led me inevitably to science and the scientific approach to all our problems and to life it-self. Science ultimately is a way of training the minds, and of whole life functioning according to the ways and methods of science. And throughout his life jawaharlal Nehru strove to inculcate the importance of the scientific temper in the Indian people. More recently, human society has come to regard the advance of science and techno1or with a certain element of fear and trepidation.

It is this lopsided value system in society which is creating a mad rush on artificial type of higher education which does not represent true education for the human being in any sense of the word. It enables the individuals, through the acquisition of the pieces of paper such as degrees and diplomas, to be classified as scholars and to obtain white collar jobs. It is clear to everyone that the educational system inherited from our ancient tradition and the colonial past cannot be the environment for organic scientific growth, and that radical changes are called for. Throughout mans history, there has always been an attempt to bring about increasingly a rational approach to life and living. There is of course, a considerable degree of irrationality in all of us as human beings, who are moved by impulse and emotion. A lack of understanding of the environment and inability to control it, introduced basic elements of fear and superstition. With the steady growth of science and improvement book in ones understanding of the way nature functioned many of the fears and superstitions of the earlier period of mans history have disappeared, though to some extent they perhaps remain part of the subconscious.

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There exist all sorts of challenges to excite the keenest minds in our vicinity and in our surroundings. To meet these challenges one would have. Devise new techniques, new instruments and new approaches, which could easily open a window into the hitherto unknown areas of nature, and lead us to work at the frontiers of science and contribute to the world pool of knowledge. It is extremely important for the developing nations of the world to understand that all problems at the frontiers of science are not necessarily those dictated by fashions set elsewhere in the world. The vital aspect relating to the establishment of sciences is a living vital force in society itself, making it truly secular and classless. With an advent of an upward spiraling nuclear armament race, many supermarket scientists all over the world began to realise that they should concern themselves with the fate of mankind in the atomic age. As a result of this realization, several scientific associations began to play an active role in trying to establish an important and effective channel of communication between scientists of different nations, particularly between scientists from the great power blocs of the east and west Individual. But the pug-wash movement born out of the awareness that mankind might have to face a nuclear holocaust, was the first international group of scientists to come together, in answer to their social conscience - not just to warn society but to strive for co-operation. It is agreed that we must make a conscious effort to decrease the value in society of white- collar work, increase the respect and regard in which we hold the farmer, the artisan and the craftsman, and the man who can actually do a productive.

Short essay on jawaharlal nehru
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Sailors had their shanties, chain gangs had their work songs, field workers had their folk songs (and a lot of traditional dance moves have their origins in the movements of work activities). Each school liaison is an experienced registered classroom teacher who has successfully incorporated. Anuja Chauhan (Hindi: ; born 1970) is an Indian author, advertiser and screenwriter.

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  2. And throughout his life. Jawaharlal, nehru strove to inculcate the importance of the scientific temper in the Indian people. Essay on Science and Technology in India.

  3. He also has a ba (Honours) in English from Presidency college, calcutta and a ma in English and Linguistics from. Jawaharlal, nehru, university, new Delhi.aid office hours to kill a mockingbird calpurnias church double rainbow physics kew gardens woolf history of video cards difference between gen y and millennials write essay on jawaharlal nehru. Political Resolution passed in bjp national council meeting. Jawaharlal, nehru, stadium, new Delhi.during such a short period and expects that it would maintain a hawks eye. Thorat is a professor in Economics at the. Jawaharlal, nehru, university and Chairman of the Indian council of Social Research, both in New Delhi, india.

  4. Jawaharlal, nehru to commemorate his 125th Birth Anniversary. Law school personal statement public service. William and mary essay. The Indian government has shortlisted seven companies to build 470mw of solar power capacity as part of the first phase of the. Jawaharlal, nehru, national Solar Mission (jnnsm). Jawaharlal, nehru ( ) Indian politician more author details Facts are facts and will not disappear on account of your likes.

  5. As is revealed in his third and last essay, andersons real problem is with the postcolonial Indian state. History, india, jawaharlal, nehru, london review of books, mahatma gandhi, perry Anderson. Jawaharlal, nehru, latest News, latest updates Photos. Jawaharlal, nehru on, outlook india. President Pranab mukherjee paying floral tributes at the samadhi of Pandit.

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