The world of doublespeak summary

the world of doublespeak summary

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It is nearly impossible to find a single major earthquake prior to which there were no haarp broadcasts. Moreover, these broadcasts go on and repeat on nearly weekly basis as you can verify from the Induction Magnetometer data yourself at the following link: i? Datelatest Bxon This link will show you the real time charts of haarp broadcasts. The chart will update automatically with the latest real time data. You can perform your own study and check the charts for any other date going back several years. You can also see a list of some of the major earthquakes and corresponding charts of magnetometer data.

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Bxon date20110311 Click on aqa the Previous day or Next day links to see what happened around that date. Haarp: magnetometry data show that the earthquake in Japan was induced Following are the spectrograms during the previous and following days. As seen on these spectrograms, the emission on frequency.5 hz had begun on March 8, 2011 shortly before the midnight and continued until March 11, several hours after the earthquake, which caused a tsunami. Then it restarted in the next 3 days for shorter periods of transmission sessions. Haarp tectonic warfare and fukushima nuclear power plant disaster According to Eduard Hodos, haarp was developed by zionazi chabad Lubavitch cult member, Chasidic Rabbi. Naftali berg, who was a prominent award-winning researcher on the board of fame of the Army research Laboratory of the pentagon. Berg" could get the generals to take his calls without an appointment, to approve funding for their projects, could organize and direct certain high-level, high-knowledge projects. Naftali's office in the Army research Laboratory looked like a chabad house rather than the office of one that held the second highest ranking position in the arl. He had seforim everywhere, a daily minyan, a picture of the rebbe religion menachem Mendel Schneerson, leader of Chabad Lubavitch sect, known and worshipped as Moshiach - jewish "messiah" prominently displayed and a sink with a qvart and towel. Torah in Memory of Rabbi berg "Our man in the pentagon rabbi naftali berg develops a superweapon - haarp haarp tectonic warfare and fukushima nuclear power plant disaster Correlation of haarp broadcast and earthquakes Practically all the biggest earthquakes during last several years correlate with. The same story is with major environmental disasters, floods, hurricanes, etc.

If you look at the haarp spectrogram, you can see the time when the earthquake occurred (vertical red line and what happened before and after the event. In the spectrogram, you can see radiation at a constant frequency.5 hz, registered by the magnetometer. The signal.5 hz - is a testament indicating that the earthquake was induced. In the diagram, this signal is recorded before, during and after an earthquake. During March 11, 2011 the signal with frequency.5 hz was present and recorded from 0:00 am until about 10:00 - or within 10 hours. Haarp was broadcasting the.5 hz frequency from just before midnight on plan March 8, 2011 and continued to broadcast the frequency for the entire days of March 9, 2011 and March 10, 2011. The.5 hz frequency continued to be broadcasted and recorded by the magnetometer for another 10 hours the day of the japan.0 magnitude earthquake. You can view this spectrogram on the haarp site for yourself: i?

the world of doublespeak summary

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It is not a seismometer which measure motions of the ground. The magnetometer doesn't measure seismic activity it measures and records electromagnetic frequencies in the earth's atmosphere. A magnetometer can be used as an early warning system as it records auroral activity that precedes a haarp induced earthquake or weather modification occurrence. Air Force and the. Navy provided a visual picture of what caused the earthquake (magnitude.0) in Japan March 11, 2011, at 5:46:23 utc ( Universal coordinated Time - universal coordinated time ). Image above was downloaded from haarp website ( High Frequency Active auroral Research Program ). This time-frequency spectrogram shows the frequency content of signals recorded by the haarp induction Magnetometer. This instrument, provided by the University of tokyo, measures temporal variations in the geomagnetic field in the ulf (ultra-low frequency) range of 0-5 hz in the geomagnetic field (Magnetosphere) Earth. Notes have been added to the image to show what was happening on the day of the earthquake and tsunami.

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the world of doublespeak summary

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Haarp: magnetometry data show that the earthquake in Japan was induced According. Sall the disaster at fukushima nuclear Power Plant reactor was a result of a military attack on Japan using the haarp geophysical super-weapon. This is confirmed by the spectograms of the ulf (Ultra low Frequencies) radiation obtained with the haarp induction magnetometer. Time-frequency radiation spectrogram registered by the haarp induction Magnetometer during the earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2011 and the disaster at the fukushima nuclear reactors. The vertical red Line reflects the moment when the earthquake struck. Color lightness reflects the intensity of radiation. Stable radiation.5 hz - the resonant frequency of the earthquakes, indicates that this radiation was induced.

No natural processes can cause such a stable radiation at a very stable frequency with very stable amplitude as you can see after 10:00 am on the above picture. Natural processes cause a broad band radiation. This spectrogram comes from the x-axis sensor of the magnetometer, which measures radiation in the north/South axis. The east/West (Y) and vertical (Z) first sensors do not show any abnormal radiation. A magnetometer measures electromagnetic disturbances in the magnetic field in Earth's upper atmosphere.

Sall toyota has developed a fuel-free motorcycle engine in 2007. "Such an engine has power of 10 kw and does not require any kind of fuel. Furthermore, japan refused to surrender their gold reserves to the nwo banking mafia. As a result, japan was subjected to extortion and threatened with an attack by geo-physical super-weapon - haarp, which was subsequently carried out causing the fukushima disaster. Further threats to attack the fukuyama nuclear power plant followed. Japan now surrenders its gold reserves.

"From this we can see that in order to develop such technologies we need glasnost openness - access to information. All the scientists in all the countries must discuss such issues on scientific conferences. Because if we do not discuss these issues the mankind will be destroyed." The ev-x7 motorcycle utilises the new motor, called sumo, short for "super motor". "Axle corporation, partnered with Genesis Corporation, has taken steps to overcome some of the greatest shortcomings of electric motorcycles, including insufficient range and lack of torque, with the introduction of the latest version of its Sumo motor and its Sumo motor powered ev-x7 motorcycle. "The ev-x7 motorcycle has a range of 110 miles with a fully charged battery. The battery requires six hours to charge. Its Sumo motor provides enough torque to climb a steep six-degree gradient at 15 miles/hr. "One full charge of its battery costs 80 yen (US.68) while a comparable 250cc motorcycle would need.5 liters of fuel to travel the same 112 miles, at a cost of 550 yen (US.70) at current electricity and gasoline prices in Japan, Axle. well, for some not so strange reason all you can find is "not available as of now" any place you look even though it was demonstrated back in 2007.

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Toyota was ready to go into production with this motorcycle and, furthermore, has announced that it is going to develop a fuel-free automobile. Furthermore, japan was threatened that if they continue development of fuel-free energy generation technologies there will be more haarp attacks on Japan. These fuel-free energy generation technologies are absolutely unacceptable to the zionazi/Illuminati nwo "elite" that suppressed all the fuel free energy generator research since nicholas Tesla, killed all the scientists that had successfully replicated the tesla energy transformer and all those who were making a noticeable. The nwo "elite" is interested in keeping the world enslaved through dependence on oil and coal since development of fuel-free energy technologies will allow even small countries to get out from being enslaved via external government loans, become self-sufficient and produce sufficient write food supplies. With sufficient energy even a desert can be irrigated. Sall Sergei ailbertovich - to young people about 2012. Sall in Russian) According.

the world of doublespeak summary

Zionazi/Illuminati world government interested in enslaving the world via wasteful and inefficient oil and coal energy. This bike is 7 times more energy efficient than its gasoline equivalent if you can even comprehend what it means, and it means the end of london this satanic nwo scam which caused rivers of blood throughout the history and enslavement and biorobotization of all. Just ask yourself a question: how come i can not purchase one, especially if it costs 2100? Sumo motorbike carrying a hybrid electric motor According. Sall the disaster at fukushima nuclear Power Plant reactor was a result of a military attack on Japan using the haarp geo-physical super-weapon, developed by zionazi chabad Lubavitch cult member rabbi naftali berg. "Our man in the pentagon rabbi naftali berg develops a superweapon - haarp haarp tectonic warfare and fukushima nuclear power plant disaster. Sall states that it was done because toyota has developed a fuel-free motorcycle and demonstrated it as a viable product.

any form or by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, or by any information storage retrieval system, without the written permission of the publisher. For information address: Silas Green, po box Portage ave. Winnipeg, mb, canada R3G0M0 m, isbn:, printed in Canada. Fukushima nuclear Power Plant reactor disaster - a military attack on Japan using haarp environmental super-weapon. Here is the real reason for haarp attack on Japan that caused the. Fukushima nuclear Power Plant reactor disaster according. Sall - sumo hybrid electric bike introduced by toyota and prohibited from going into production by the nwo.

"My flock has become a prey. Because there was no shepherd, nor did my shepherds search for my flock, but the word shepherds fed themselves. ezekiel 34:8 "The goyim are a flock of sheep, and we are their wolves. And you know what happens when the wolves get hold of the flock? protocols of the Elders of zion,. Why did the Illuminati let these. Notes: Contents, book one - bankers, jews and Anti-semitism.

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Welcome eagles to the new Crusade! Will thou help defend the fortress of faith? Bookmark us check in daily for the latest Endtimes News! Spread word to your friends family! "And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice: woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth. The illuminati, the cult that Hijacked the world. "World events do not occur by accident. They are made to happen, whether it is to do with national issues or are staged and managed by those who hold the purse string." - dennis healey, former British write Secretary of Defence and Chancellor of the Exchequer.

The world of doublespeak summary
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It s one of its largest design collaborations yet, target says. I am on my second mattress now and its just as bad as the gging in the. Oedipus, rex on one page.

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  1. The synagogue of Satan. The cult that Hijacked the world. Henry makow Phd silas Green The Illuminati. Discolouration of the paint coating over hot dip galvanizing after exposure to the environment. Custom research paper writing quiz organ donation research paper"s the crucible character analysis essay reverend hale english useful expressions essay writing charles stewart parnell essay about myself medvamc research papers importance of mother tongue essay writing prose analysis essay meanings vacation essay laplace pierre.

  2. Nineteen Eighty-four, often published as 1984, is a dystopian novel published in 1949 by English author george Orwell. The novel is set in the year 1984 when most of the world population have become victims of perpetual war, omnipresent government surveillance and public manipulation. Global Warming: Policy hoax versus Dodgy Science. November 17th, 2016 by roy. Let us pray: Almighty and everlasting God, Thou hast appointed Thine only-begotten Son to be the redeemer of the world, and chosen to accept the offering of His Blood; therefore, we beg Thee, teach us to reverence That which paid for our salvation, and defend. A science presenter, writer, speaker former tv host; author of The skeptic's Handbook (over 200,000 copies distributed available in 15 languages).

  3. Horrorst r has 15,213 ratings and 3,059 reviews. Karen said: this book is a hoot. It gets five stars for concept and design, and a solid.75 for execu. Oct 29, 2017 wise people tell us that we must speak the truth and love, but in the first place we must speak together. Analysis: The new lie about Iraq that the true information was not available to bush/Cheney and Big Media which promulgated the lies. Million Veterans Injured in Iraq, Afghanistan Wars.

  4. Greek for the revealing of something hidden. Today the term is most often used to refer to time period in which the end of the world will occur. Hi chris, Its always great to find another freethinker from this part of the world, ive been in lawful rebellion for 4 years now since i sent affidavits to queen lizardbreath and since that time i have challenged everything I possibly could with varying results. Doublespeak is a term sometimes used for deliberate euphemistic misuse of words to distort or reverse their meaning, as in a ministry of peace which wages war, and a ministry of love which imprisons and tortures. Alice bailey and the spiritual agenda behind the United Nations is made clear through the teachings of the luciferian theosophical movement.

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