Bid and tender writing

bid and tender writing

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If youve thought about tendering for contracts, but never been sure where to start, our Winning Tenders workshop is perfect for you. Improve your tender writing ability, network with others reviews and pick up some key hints and tips to maximise your chances of winning. To find out when our next workshop is taking place, and for details of how to book, please contact us for further information.

bid and tender writing

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Tip 3 Graphics, not everyone best assimilates information through reading text; in fact very few people. Presenting information graphically draws the attention of the reader, it communicates information more efficiently than text and it improves retention. More on the subject of graphics in my next post. Welcome to baswich Business Services! We are a friendly procurement, bid-writing and tender management consultancy that operates type throughout the. If you want to maximise your success in securing new business through public and private sector contract opportunities, were here to help you. With experience of helping companies to win bids across a wide range of sectors, our support packages will maximise your opportunities to win tenders. If youre struggling to complete that Request for"tion, Pre-qualification questionnaire or Invitation to tender, get in touch and find out how we can help you to secure that contract today.

how are you going to do it? can you quantify it? can you provide timescales? why you and not you competitor. Once you have given the customer that good reason to read on, then you can start to go into more detail. Tip 2 section Introductions, dont assume that your reader is going to start by reading the executive summary and proceed through your submission in the order you have presented. You need to summarise at all levels. On larger bids you may want to put a shortened version of the executive summary at the start of every volume. On shorter bids make sure every section has a brief introduction that assumes no knowledge carried forward from previous sections.

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bid and tender writing

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For more great tips and advice like this, follow Sarah on Twitter @BidConsultant. A mistake i see time and time again is bid content writers assuming that their reader is diligent and interested enough to read every word they have written. The fact is that your proposal may be one of a very large number and the really important readers (the ones with real decision making power) wont want to read every word. Your management product, price reputation and ability to deliver may all be without peer, but unless you can communicate that to the reader quickly, he auto or she may not have the patience and attention to keep reading until they unearth the evidence that proves. So we need to capture the readers attention, but how? Tip 1 The Inverted Pyramid.

This technique is how newspapers write. If you open up the times and read any story you will notice That the journalist has paced the most important facts at the beginning and worked down from there. Ideally, the first paragraph should contain enough information to give the reader a good overview of the entire story. The rest of the article explains and expands on the beginning. A good approach is to picture in your mind the ceo of your prospect organisation quickly skimming the submissions to get a feel for the different offerings. She might just read the first two paragraphs, if you havent given her a good reason to read on after that then she certainly wont read more. A trick to writing in this way is to open with a statement that explains and quantifies simply what benefit the customer will get from your offering: - what is the benefit to them?

8 give substance to your answers. Back up what you have said with evidence statistics,"s from clients, awards and accreditations all add credibility to your bid. Use diagrams and photographs to illustrate your bid. A picture tells a thousand words and often dont count towards a word limit! A well-presented bid that makes good use of graphics will give a great first impression and will be easier to read. 10 last but definitely not least read, review and proofread your bid.

Use the clients evaluation criteria (from the bid documentation) to mark the bid from their perspective. It can be helpful to get someone else who hasnt written the bid to review it from an objective viewpoint. Be critical and thorough with this, you want to make sure youve said what you think you have. If you are bidding at the moment then good luck! Bids and tenders really arent that complicated, you just need to read the documents carefully and tell the client about your business. These tips will help you get through the procurement process and allow your business to be assessed on its own merit rather than failing on a technicality. If youve covered the basics then your bid has every chance of success!

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It takes time and care to craft well-written bid responses but remember that this is the only information that the client will be assessing. 7 stay within the word limits. The assessor may well stop reading anything over the word limit. Also try to use the word limits as a rough guide for how long to make your answer. The contracting organisation is looking for a certain level of information,. 100 words is a quick overview whereas a limit roles of 1000 words means they want a detailed in-depth answer. A good rule of thumb is to aim for a minimum of 80 of the word count.

bid and tender writing

4 answer all the questions as fully as possible. If you cant provide all the information then explain why not rather than leaving essay blanks. Use N/A (not applicable) for the questions that are not relevant to your company. 5 read the submission instructions carefully and follow them to the letter. Check early on to see what format/s are needed leave enough time at the end for printing and packaging hard copies. This always takes long than you think and no amount of willpower can make a printer go quicker. 6 now is not the time for modesty! Make sure you clearly explain what you do, how you do it and why your company is a good fit for the opportunity.

for new business. Here are my top ten tips for writing winning bids: 1 first things first, make sure that your company meets the minimum requirements for the opportunity. These will be set out in the bid documents. You dont want to waste time and resources submitting a bid that is doomed to failure from the beginning! 2 pass / fail questions do what they say on the tin. If your answer doesnt meet the pass criteria then the clients assessor is likely to fail your entire submission. Always check through the pass/Fail questions first to make sure you will pass them before starting work on the rest of the bid. Dont fall into the trap of thinking that the person reading your bid knows anything about your company, even if you are already working with the organisation that you are bidding to work with.

Client testimonials confirm our high level of success and customer satisfaction. Tenderwin is a professional tender writing and bid management firm. We are fully conversant with all aspects of public and private sector procurement and have an in-depth understanding of tenders, bids and public private sector procurement procedures and practices, incorporating: Accelerated, restricted or Negotiated Procedure, post qualification questionnaires (pqq invitation to tender (ITT). Request for"tion (RfQ request for Pricing (RfP best And Final Offer (bafo). We do not simply write tenders, we manage the complete tendering process. We produce compelling narrative that highlights business your companys competence and ability to fulfil the contract you are bidding for, and ultimately help you secure that contract. Tips advice 4 years ago, guest blog by, sarah Pickard, a freelance. Bid Consultant helping smes and corporates to prepare high quality, well-written bids and tenders.

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Writing tenders and responding to yardage pqqs takes up a lot of time and resources. Many public sector and council tenders can seem quite daunting! . you only get one opportunity to bid so you need to maximise your prospects of success. Professional help and advice will significantly increase your chances of winning tenders and pqqs. Tony zemaitis Associates provides a range. Pqq tender consultancy services, and specialises in guiding small medium size businesses (SMEs) through the tendering process onto winning tenders. No matter if you are brand new to tendering and need lots of hands-on support, or you are a seasoned bidder and need advice on gaining a few more points to improve your hit rate. You will receive a highly attentive, personal service to assist you with tendering success. Over the past 15 years, 100s of clients have been supported in winning tenders totalling many millions.

Bid and tender writing
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  5. Expert, bid, writing, services - bid writing, bid and tender writing. Expert Bid Consultancy bringing high bid win rates. In areas such as bid, proposal and tender writing, in-house training can deliver a tremendous return on investment. On-Target Bid Management and Tender Writing Services. We are a friendly procurement, bid - writing and tender management consultancy that operates throughout the.

  6. We provide our clients with a professional and affordable pqq, itt, bid and tender writing service. Bid writing and preparation the full package. Of tender documents on 'turn-key' basis. Tender search and selection. Bid, and, tender, writing. Jrfc works closely with architects, designers, and end users in creating furniture specifications for bid documents, writing.

  7. We offer, bid and, tender training that can be tailored to your needs and to be as individual as your. Our extensive experience of writing bids for our. Youve found a tender that you want to go for great news! Follow these basic tips for writing a successful bid. "Tony has worked with Whyte co to help fine-tune our tender process and improve our bid writing. Pqq and tender training, bespoke tender.

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