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flash player presentation maker

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All of the slide information is voiced in the audio descriptions, and we did not want any conflicting text fields to be read by the screen reader. We used the forceSimple attribute to make the screen reader ignore the contents of the slides by setting it to true. On the last slide we set it to false. Here's an example of the code: holder_mc._accProps new Object holder_rceSimple true; In the last slides of Part 5 of the presentation, we switched the forceSimple attribute back to false. We also added tab indices to the elements in this slide that continued on from the last tab index of the main shell. This approach allows the screen reader to access the content of the last slide and read out the final resource information. Html links in Flash text fields In Flash, you can add an html link by selecting part or all of the text in a dynamic text field and adding the desired path. A screen reader, however, cannot understand these types of text links.

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In situations where you are unable to split up the voice track in a presentation, you can also add a descriptive text equivalent. In this scenario, you could take the voice track and insert the descriptions in between the appropriate lines. The descriptions can be incorporated as a separate text file or in a hidden text field at the end of the presentation. Tips to providing better experiences for all users This section provides some suggested best practices that can help you achieve your project's accessibility goals. In many cases, minor changes to the code and updates to the navigation items can make a significant difference in how the content is displayed and how well it can be accessed. Using the movieclipLoader method instead of loadmovie depending on the nature of your presentation, you might use the loadmovie method to load in different parts interior of the presentation. It is important to remember that if you have any text equivalents assigned to the loader movie clip, any text equivalents assigned to this movie clip are erased when it loads. For this reason, it is a best practice to always use the newer movieclipLoader method. For example, rather than using this syntax to load a swf file: Use this code instead: var mcListener:Object new pdf Object mclListener. OnLoadComplete function / assign alt text here when finished loading var loader:movieclipLoader new movieclipLoader dListener(mclListener holder_mc In this presentation, we chose to make the contents of the holder movie clip inaccessible until the last slide, which contains links and other information.

Unlike captions, the audio descriptions are often left out. In this presentation, we added audio descriptions in between sections of the slides. The audio descriptions button in the navigation bar sets a toggle value. When set to true, the audio description plays in the timeline. When set to false, the playhead skips. We also added a sound effect to this toggle button, making it audible when audio descriptions are enabled (see figure 3). Audio descriptions read by a female voice to contrast with the male presentation voice note: The difference in the two voices helps visually impaired users make the distinction between the presentation and the description narrations.

flash player presentation maker

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Additionally, it is critical to add descriptions for all of the apple images, even those that are not directly relevant but set the mood or add to the atmosphere of the presentation. We could have skipped adding the description. Accessible in this presentation, but by adding a text equivalent to describe the illustration, we enhanced the experience for the user: mraccess_mc._accProps new Object mraccess_me "An illustrated presenter is standing on the left side of the screen. He wears legs round glasses, a black suit and a red tie. It's fine to add color descriptions to text equivalents. We usually also indicate to the user whether an image is an illustration, animation, or digital photo Incorporating audio descriptions into site navigation Some videos and presentations include animated slide content that is separate from the voice track. It is important to describe this animated content to visually impaired users.

Some screen readers may require you to disable quick navigation keys before you will be able to use the keyboard shortcuts. Use the Up and Down arrow keys to navigate, and press Enter or the Space bar to select the buttons. Be sure to give this welcome message a tab index number of 1 so that it is the first thing that the screen reader reads (see figure 2). Screen reader welcome message text hidden behind the black header bar. Updating buttons with text equivalents, in Flash, you can use ActionScript to add text equivalents to buttons and movie clips. If a button or movie clip is left without a text equivalent, the screen reader will read "button" or "graphic" without any description. Therefore, it is crucial to assign text equivalents to all buttons and movie clips. You can add text equivalents with the following ActionScript code: ActionScript 2 next_btn._accProps new Object next_me "Next ActionScript 3 var new AccessibilityProperties me "Next next_cessibilityProperties accessProps; When working with toggle buttons, such as the play/pause button and the audio description's on/off button, it is also. We used the description attribute to do this: ad_btn._accProps new Object ad_me "Audio descriptions On, Off ad_scription "Audio descriptions are off Once you change the description on the toggle buttons inside their handlers, always call the method to update the attributes.

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flash player presentation maker

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The screen reader read this text out as "1 slash.". To change this, we added another hidden text field behind the write breadcrumb navigation and populated the field with the text "Part 1 out of 5" for a friendlier readout. We included this hidden text field in the tab index instead. Remember that although some items are not included in the tab index, they may still be read out by the screen reader at the end. You can use the following code to remove elements from the reading order: ActionScript past 2 slideNum_txt._accProps new Object slideNum_lent true; ActionScript 3 var new AccessibilityProperties lent true; slideNum_cessibilityProperties accessProps; Adding a welcome message for screen readers. At the time of this writing, there are not many accessible swf-based presentations on the web yet. For this reason, it is helpful to add a screen reader welcome message to your presentation, which reassures screen reader users that the swf file is fully accessible.

The message can also include other important information that is available to sighted users at a glance, such as the page structure or the availability of keyboard shortcuts. You can place the message text in a text field that is hidden behind the background or the page's header. For this presentation, we added the following message: Welcome to this accessible presentation, Creating Accessible sites in Flash. Press D to turn on the audio descriptions. Press P to pause and play the presentation. Press F to skip forward, press B to skip backward.

I also provide you with a behind-the-scenes look andshare some code examples that we used to make this presentation (see figure 1). The Creating Accessible sites in Flash presentation. Optimizing accessibility for visually impaired users. When you develop accessible Flash presentations for users with disabilities, you have to devote a fair amount of the work to ensuring that the contents of your swf file can be read by screen reader software. We implemented the following accessibility features.

Reading order, browsers enabled with msaa (Microsoft Active accessibility) software allow screen reader software to reach inside the presentation and pull out its contents. The screen reader scans the swf file from the top left-hand side of the Stage and pulls out all the elements it finds, including text fields, buttons, and movie clips. This is called the reading order, but contrary to its name it does not always result in a logical left-to-right order. You can change this by using ActionScript and setting the tab index property of all the elements that you want the user to access. The code to implement this is simple, and it is the same syntax in ActionScript 2 and 3: access_txt. TabIndex 3; you can leave gaps in the tab index numbers. This can be a useful strategy that allows you to leave space for items that you might want to insert later, like an expanding menu. When you test the reading order with a screen reader, there might be elements that read out that you prefer to hide. For this presentation, we hid the text field named slideNum_txt, which indicated the current slide number 1/5 at the bottom next to the breadcrumb navigation.

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Upload error Awesome picture! Tell us more about it? Click here to share your story. By thea eaton, created 9 February 2010, requirements. Prerequisite knowledge, this article assumes you have a working knowledge of Flash CS4 Professional and a basic understanding of ActionScript 2. Experience with accessibility development is not required. User level, beginning, required products, since the publication of the animated presentation. CreatingAccessible sites in Flash for the Adobe Accessibility resource center, we've been thrilled to see an overwhelming response from people requesting moredetails about the presentation father's itself and how it was made. In this article, idiscuss some of the necessary steps to take when making a swf-basedpresentation accessible.

flash player presentation maker

While the photo is still selected, repeat. Click on finding frame 65,100, and 110 and press. While you're still on frame 110, repeat step. Go back on frame 55 and repeat again step. 17 Right-click anywhere on the gray area between frame 55 and 65 and frame 100 and 110 on the timeline and choose Create motion Tween from the menu that appears. 18 Test your movie. Community q a search Add New question Ask a question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Did you try these steps? Upload a picture for other readers to see.

transform tool (q and enlarge the photo a lot. Take the selection tool (V) and click again on the photo to select. Then, go to the Properties Panel (Shortcut key: CtrlF3) below the stage. Select Advanced in it, click on Settings button and do the following: 13, right-click anywhere on the gray area between frame 1 and 20 and frame 50 and 60 on the timeline. Choose Create motion Tween from the menu that appears. Create a new layer above the layer skyline1 and name it skyline2. 15, select layer skyline2, click on frame 55 and Import the second photo into a flash stage (CtrlR).

7, go to the Align Panel (Shortcut key: CtrlK) and do the following (make sure that the photo assignment is still selected make sure that the Align/Distribute to Stage button is turned on, Click on the Align horizontal center button and. Click the Align vertical center button. 8, press F8 key (Convert to symbol) while the photo is still selected to convert this photo into a movie clip Symbol. 9, take the selection tool (v) and double click on layer 1 to rename its name into skyline1. 10, click on frame 20, 50, and 60 and press F6 key on the keyboard. 11, return to the first frame. Take the selection tool (V) and click once on the photo to select.

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We use cookies to make wikihow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Okay, steps 1, download the photos you will be using. 2, create a new flash document. 3, press Ctrlj key on the keyboard (Document Properties) and set the width of your document to 440 pixels and the height to 237 pixels (as the dimensions of photos). 4, select any color as a background color. 5, set your Flash movie's frame rate to 32 and click. Choose file file import import to Stage (CtrlR) and import the first photo into a flash stage.

Flash player presentation maker
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  4. Selection tool (v) and double click on layer 1 to rename its name into skyline1. Welcome to Prezi, the presentation software that uses motion, zoom, and spatial re lationships to bring your ideas to life and make you a great presenter. Design powerful, professional presentations in minutes, not hours. Presentation so ftware has never been easier: just add the content of your presentation and. Flash Slideshow maker Free version is a freeware for building flas h slideshow swf from photo.

  5. Flash Slideshow maker is the best slideshow software to create slideshow gallery. Into a stunning Flash slide show presentation with background music and special. Html5 Video player is the easiest way for you to encode your video. We will introduce 8 best presentation makers, which you can work well with from an y computers. This presentation you can use for any flash header, when you have.

  6. The Creating Accessible sites in Flash presentation. Ensuring th at the contents of your swf file can be read by screen reader software. In a browser to see the changes to the Flash Player menu displayed (see figure 5). Flash presentation software and templates are a new type of presentation maker. Al so html5 presentations are on the way with VisualBee. Htm page, you should be abl e to see it in your web browser, but you could also try the swf and flv player.

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