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kobo writing life

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Kobo getting into the growing category of audiobooks and opportunities for indie authors who have the rights to distribute their audiobooks. When does it make sense to invest in creating audio versions of your books? Some best practices of successful authors on Kobo. Taking advantage of the fact that theres no cap on the 70 royalty and putting together giant full-series boxed sets. Going direct with Kobo versus going through a distributor. The kinds of advertising that are proving effective for selling books on Kobo. Tips for authors who write stand-alone novels or only have one or two books out. Pricing suggestions for novels on Kobo.

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Subscribe to the Science fiction and Fantasy marketing Podcast on. Subscribe to the Science fiction and Fantasy marketing Podcast via rss. Like us on Facebook. Apple, barnes and noble, david gaughran, kindle unlimited, kobo, marketing wide january 23, 2018 sffpodcast Author Interview, podcast The new Kobo Writing Life director, Christine monroe, joined us to talk about the strength of indie publishing, new features relevant to authors at Kobo (including the. Here are some for of the specifics we covered: How Christine came to be the new head honcho at Kobo Writing Life. How time of year doesnt matter that much when it comes to ebook sales (per the author Earnings Report so the summer slump is largely a myth. Christine said the week after Christmas and the month of July are big selling times for Kobo. That, despite rumors to the contrary, indie publishing is doing better than it ever has. The aer posted the top 50 earning authors for us sales and noted that many are newer names, so possibly authors that had early success and didnt adapt have seen fall off, but others are carrying the torch. 75 of science fiction and fantasy book sales come via ebooks and audiobooks.

The different types of advertising that work for Kindle Unlimited books versus books on all the platforms, a steady drip versus a big blast. Some mistakes david sees wide authors making (those who are marketing books on Apple, b n, kobo, etc.). Best practices for mailing list building and emailing subscribers. Visit, davids blog to stay up to date on Amazon, scammers, and nefarious entities taking advantage of authors, reviews as well as other important topics that he feels compelled to write about. If you sign up for his mailing list, you can get his book, amazon Decoded: a marketing guide to the kindle Store. Also, pick up a copy. Strangers to superfans: a marketing guide to the reader journey. 3, open Player in New Window, click to download the mp3. Subscribe to the Science fiction and Fantasy marketing Podcast on itunes.

kobo writing life

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Understanding that most digital advertising platforms actively reward good targeting through delivering cheaper clicks or free exposure for well targeted ads. Realizing that if youre not in ku, youre competing with people who are earning more (70 on 99 cent books during countdown deals) and presentation can afford to spend more on advertising. How Kindle Unlimited has a separate recommendation engine for subscribers. Taking advantage of places where fewer people are being advertised to, such as countries and platforms where Amazon ku isnt a thing. Advertising something written for mass appeal versus something written for a smaller niche audience. What david calls the discoverability myth and why we shouldnt get caught up. Being careful not to confuse the Amazon algorithms or mess up your also-boughts when you launch a book, especially if youre switching genres.

We chatted about all that and also about the tactics he outlines in his new book, strangers to superfans and some of the mistakes authors are making. Here are a few specifics of what we discussed: Using Audience Insights on Facebook to figure out who your Ideal reader. Why david recommends Stephen Kings, on Writing. Realizing that you can choose to sell your books all over the world or to be exclusive with Amazon but that whether youre in Kindle Unlimited or not, youre affected. Why david prefers a lower spend over time rather than blowing a bunch of money on Facebook advertising in a couple of days. Hes open to doing boosted posts to get more followers but says you shouldnt advertise for likes. Making sure to mention your Facebook page at the end of your books, so you can get your readers to like and follow (and youre later able to get more complete demographic information on your fans).

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kobo writing life

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The comfort of owning all these e-books in a personal library or in Kobos Cloud, and having them just clicks away really is a blessing. I believe their Price match guarantee is a very convenient addition, this is highly beneficial for. The Writing Life Program really hits home for new publishers and experienced ones, considering its tutorials and tools like the learning center and its Dashboard Dynamics. Does a great job in providing quality programs and quality ereaders. So, with that said, what do you think? Let us know in the comment section or using the. I hope you found this review helpful.

If you have any questions, Ill be more than happy to answer them! Also, if you liked this information, feel free to subscribe to our Newsletter, and dont forget to Share! May 1, 2018, sFFpodcast, author Interview, podcast, we had a great chat with. David gaughran this week. Hes a historical fiction author who dabbles in science fiction now and then, and when hes not writing fiction, hes keeping an eye on the publishing scene and analyzing whats working for authors who are going wide and selling well on Apple, barnes noble, kobo. And also whats working for those who are sticking with Amazon exclusivity and Kindle Unlimited.

If you are a writer and want to publish your book, you can do so with Kobo. On July 17, 2012, they launched a self-publishing platform called Kobo Writing Life. By july 2014 more than 250,000 books written by approximately 30,000 authors were published using this platform. These authors originate from 157 countries and have published their books in 69 different languages. Also, by this year Kobo claimed to have served 18 millions of readers in over 190 countries (online and physical retail). The kobo Writing Life Program was made to help new publishers and experienced ones.

It makes it very easy for authors to publish their ebooks, all you have to do is follow these 5 easy steps: Describe your ebook, add ebook content, choose content Rights. Set the Price, publish! Its as easy as that! This program is great even for first timers, every step is very detailed on what to do and if that isnt enough they have a learning center to help the newcomers in digital publishing. Also, the programs Dashboard Dynamics make monitoring your sales quick and easy (in real time!). Sure has come a long way since they first started, and their ereaders keep evolving along with. They stay on par with its biggest competitors (Amazon Kindle and Barnes noble nook) and they provide great services to their devoted buyers.

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Since you had already paid for the book, what you will get in return is a credit to use with Kobo. Pdf file book support, you can also send pdf files to your Kobo and read them either as a pdf or as an epub format. These files can be transferred to your device by usb cable or sd card. To see your pdf as an epub you must first manually convert your file. To do so you must use a 3rd party program (I use calibre). We have a tutorial on how to convert pdf to epub that shows you the step by step on how to do this. This is convenient because instead of having to read your pdf on a computer you can read it with an almost weightless device in the comfort of your preference. Obviously, if you leave it as a pdf file you will have the problem of having to zoom in, zoom out, move around the page vs your big screen computer, but for me, sometimes the comfort makes it worth.

kobo writing life

the extension. Epub (short for electronic publication ). They can be purchased online through m and through physical retail channels. The price varies a lot, i checked and from what I saw their ebooks can cost from.99.19 (The highest price i saw in the store but in general, they cost between.99 and.99. Anyhow, theres something not many people know, and its that Kobo offers a price match guarantee. . If you purchased an ebook and in the first 7 days you found it on another website at a lower price, contact Kobo so that they match its price for you and give you a 10 off the competitors price. Thats a pretty good deal right, so whats the catch? You must first purchase the ebook and then ask for the Price match. It has to be before the 7 days after purchase period ends.

Here is a list of the kobo ereaders from least expensive to most expensive. Kobo devices, kobos Cloud, these devices can connect to wifi and sync/access what is called Kobos Cloud a secure online storage space where youll be able to browse your guaranteed purchased ebooks or Magazines and download them to your devices personal Library. The Clouds conveniences are that your library will never be lost and youll be able to easily add your books to any device. Simply sign into the ereader with your account and youll have access to your Library; select the cover of the book you want to download and you are done! Also, kobos Cloud service can also be accessed from the free kobo reading Apps for computers (Windows, mac os x) and smartphones (Android, ios, blackberry and Windows phones). With this, you can read your story from any place at any time; just go to kobos Cloud and download your owned ebook free of cost. How do you buy these books? The term used for the books is e-books.

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So, what is the kobo? Kobo (or Kobo Inc.) is a canadian company that focuses on selling ebooks, ereaders, and tablets. Their headquarters is located in Toronto and they are a subsidiary of the japanese e-commerce conglomerate rakuten. Has grown and expanded globally throughout the years. They acquired a lot of users when other Digital bookstores such as Borders ebook store and Sony reader Store closed down, thus increasing their users exponentially. Fun Fact: The word Kobo is an anagram of the word book. Kobo has assignment various ereaders made with epaper screens, which mimic the appearance of ink on paper. This helps the reader feel closer to a book than a tablet, making it more comfortable for you. The kobo ereaders come in a variety of prices.

Kobo writing life
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  1. That gave me the opportunity to try out the relatively new. Kobo, writing, life ebook publishing portal, which I found to be easy and straightforward. Podcast Episode 032 dan Rubinstein. May 5, 2015 leave a comment. I interviewed @dan_rube about his book, #Borntowalk.

  2. Soyez le premier/la première à découvrir les nouveaux auteurs, titres et séries en vogue, grâce. How, kobo, writing, life treated their own self-publishing authors was directly responsible for Max shifting to partnering with Smashwords as his. Kobo, writing, life : Publish your ebook with Ease. Fowlers toad: he chose our Pond. 8 Things Writers do when. Life is Crazy: The Crazy, writing, life.

  3. The new, kobo, writing, life director, Christine monroe, joined us to talk about the strength of indie publishing, new features relevant to authors. This clarifies what their site, kobo, writing, life, has to say. An added bit of interesting information about isbns. I would highly recommend you to visit. Kobo, writing, life and see if you like what they have offer.

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