My last weekend essay

my last weekend essay

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The talking people podcast. Useful Language for Elementary students. Monolog(ue)s: my last weekend, my last weekend (past simple listen to this podcast episode. Then listen again and again and notice the. Tenses: how many pasts are there? Which are the other tenses or verbs? I highlighted in pink the other tenses. Are those changes the same in your language?

Essay about "My weekend "

She smilingly acceded to our request. We enjoyed the evening show of Circus. My sister who is song younger to me felt most amused at the pranks of the clowns. I, however; liked the elephant playing with a ball best. As we returned home, we were overjoyed when we suddenly found uncle and aunt entering the house. They had come to invite us all to their marriage anniversary the same evening. Indeed, they took tea and sat in our house only for a few minutes and then took us as if forcibly, in their car which they had parked outside the house. They took us to the hotel Taj. I was surprised to find myself so lucky. My uncle and aunt had previously told us that they had decided not to celebrate their marriage anniversary that year. I learnt that this change in their plan had suddenly taken place because of an extraordinary promotion which uncle had got.

I had a bath. Thereafter, i took my breakfast. After that I finished my homework and watched tv for some time. After that I went to my friend, sunils house. He had just returned from his uncles house. We decided to see a matinee show. Soon, it was time for that. After seeing the guaranteed picture at the Ashoka theatre which is not far away from Sunils house, i returned home and had lunch. My sister and I requested mother to take us to the circus.

my last weekend essay

My, last, weekend, essay

Sunday is a holiday in all schools, colleges and offices. Different people spend this holiday in different ways. I here mention only how I spent my last Sunday. Many people usually get late in the morning on Sundays. I, however, got up early in the morning as usual. I took a glass of water and prayed to god for being so kind. Thereafter, i went out for a walk. I took some exercise in the garden. Then I returned home.

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my last weekend essay

Essay on weekend plan

I got up at about. The sky was overcast with clouds and the weather was very pleasant. For some time, i papers played cards with my younger brothers and sisters. At about three, i went to plagiarized the cinema to see the movie. It was an interesting movie and i enjoyed it very much. I came back at. I narrated the story to my mother and younger brothers.

Late in the evening, i went out for a walk with my friends and came back at about. I felt rather tires. I had my supper and then went to bed. I enjoyed a very sound sleep. The next day i got up quite fresh and gay. That was how I spent my last Sunday. 02, how i spent my last Sunday.

We all went to the river side for a long walk. It was a very pleasant time. Nature was a their best. A cool breeze was blowing. Birds were singing soft, sweet notes.

Dew drops on the grass looked like pearls. Everything was green and fresh. We enjoyed swimming in the river and came back at about eight. I then had my breakfast. After this, i did my home task and prepared my lesson. It took me about three hours. It was almost noon. I had my usual meal. After this, i enjoyed a nap for some time.

Essay, how i spend, my, last, weekend through

We were packed into the cars and reached home.00 in the evening. Another treat was waiting for us at home, my mother who was too tired to cook, ordered pizzas and we enjoyed eating them while watching a movie home Alone. How I wish everyday was a sunday? But, i also wonder if I could enjoy as much as I do if every day would have been a sunday! Home, essay on weekend. 01, how I spent my last Sunday. Last Sunday, i got up early in the morning. It was about 5 mini O mini clock. Some of my friends came tom house.

my last weekend essay

We spent nearly one hour in the pool and then we literally had to be dragged out of it and were asked to change our clothes. Advertisements: we then had some home made lunch which my mother and aunt had prepared. My uncle got ice cream for all of us, after lunch. My father then took us to the other swings which we enjoyed but not as much as we had enjoyed the pool. Time flew by and it was.00. When we were taken to a restaurant where writing my parents had tea and snacks while the kids had burgers and soft drinks. The sun had started setting signaling the end of the day.

The first thing, which all of us did, was to change into our swimming costumes and jumping into the water. My aunt made a little fuss saying that the water was dirty and that we all would fall ill but who wanted to listen to her when the pool was so inviting. Soon my father and uncle were also in the pool and we played throw ball. It was real fun! Then we went down on a slide, zoom Splashing into the water. For a second, my breath stopped, i thought, i will drown, but up I popped, safe and sound. Then once, twice, thrice i went up on the swing, into the water and soon lost count.

It is a day, which we spend, as we desire, with some compromises. My parents are fond of traveling so usually we go for an outing on a sunday. We also dine outside. This Sunday we went to the fun and food village at Rajokri which is close to delhi- haryana border. My parents, uncle, aunt, my cousins and I reached the fun place at about.00 noon. Advertisements: my father purchased tickets for us from the ticket counter. There was a long queue but he managed to get tickets after essay a wait of 15 minutes. My mother got impatient and wanted to drop the idea but the kids did not let her change the programme. We were very keen to go on the swings and enjoy water games.

Tell me how did you spend your last weekend

Sunday is an inviting break from the monotony of going to school everyday, studying, doing fuller homework preparing for tests, exams and. Important points to remember: Sunday breaks the monotony, sunday a day to relax and enjoy. What I did last Sunday, enjoying water game, enjoyed swings/rides- had home prepared lunch. Advertisements: we wait for it every week and look forward to doing things in our own way- we are our own masters on a sunday—i relax, enjoy and have fun and it does wonders to me i can again go back to school fresh and. Going to school, meeting friends is fun but still I wait for Sunday eagerly. Image source: m, sunday breaks the school routine, which is getting up early in the morning, attending the assembly, doing class work, coming back home, resting for some time and doing school work. Every sunday is a day to relax and enjoy.

My last weekend essay
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  4. Are you going to do it this weekend? Sunday is an inviting break from the monotony of going to school everyday, studying, doing homework preparing for tests, exams and. Important points to remember: Sunday breaks the monotony.

  5. A week ago my friend Boris Klimov came to moscow from Leningrad. My name is Andrew, i am fourteen years old. This essay is an analysis of the dukes personalities and how does the poet. Useful Language for Elementary students Monolog(ue)s: my last weekend,. What did you do last weekend? What did you like best?

  6. My, last weekend was very good its reason behind i went to my sister home. I did spend so much time with her and we went to market then we purchased. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on How Did you spend your. English essay my last day at school with. My, last, week-enda week ago my frien.

  7. Essay on How I spent my last, sunday complete, essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. How i spent my last weekend essay. How i spent my sunday ilets qustion ans. How was your sunday paragraph. In my last weekend i went to the beach and i swim and in the night i went to a resturant and it pizza wit my family and all the days in the beach the.

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