Paintings to write about

paintings to write about

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It is my journey and it is your journey. I am very happy that Ms Straczynski has asked our company to write some caption that will be reviewed by potential clients. . Maryla is a very dear friend and creator. Her spirituality and professionalism surpasses anyone that i know. . Truth is, maryla is a hidden gem that will be in high demand very soon. She's an artist extraordinaire! Devine taylor - a r du north Records Inc.

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I also found it hard to reconcile the helper following statement from the Atlas Database with the interpretations I"d above. The funeral cortège of essay love, followed by a group of poets, heads for the temple of diana, while venus, accompanied by her son, crosses the sky in a chariot pulled by doves. It may be the temple of diana, although I cant make out any distinguishing marks, but I dont see cupid sitting next to venus. If he were there, wouldnt that rule out the identification of the corpse as love? Everything is energy and that's all there is. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. Albert Einstein, many years ago, in my past life, i used herbs of the forest to heal the body, now I work with Illumination. I infuse energy into every brush stroke that can laterally flow a person out of the fear into love, from a struggle into freedom and from lack into abundance. This is a journey from a 3 Dimensional world into a 5 Dimensional world, a place of Infinite love, wisdom and Bliss.

The poem took a story from ancient times of Artemisia, the widow of King mausolos, to praise catherine de medici, the wife of diane de poitiers royal lover, henry. Both Artemisia and Catherine had first served as regents for young sons. There are other signs beyond the noncommittal reportage of clashing opinions that the writer of the English-language Atlas Database entry was having some trouble. The title of the painting on the English-language website isnt. The funeral of love but, allegory: The funeral of love. The name on the French language website is only. The Funeral of love funeraille dAmour as is the name in the louvre book. Perhaps the English-language author thought adding allegory to the title would help to close the gap between what the painting shows and what interpreters had suggested was meant to be conveyed, that is, a love story from among Leramberts contemporaries.

paintings to write about

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One final point of frustration: I didnt gender get much help from looking into the artist with whom. The louvre: All the paintings night associates, the funeral of love, henri lerambert. Leramberts biographical information is sketchy: hes identified not by life dates but by years in which he is known. There is a little more about Lerambert on the louvre website in an Artwork of the day article that describes a tapestry, the petitions (ca. 1610 from the series of tapestries entitled. The Story of Artemisia. In the article, lerambert is mentioned as painter to the kings tapestry-makers and described as contributing to the tapestries by creating cartoons based on illustrations from Nicolas houels poem, The Story of Artemisia.

Diane was celebrated for her beauty and her skills in navigating through court politics. The many paintings that survive of her bear witness to her power. She was often the model for portrayals of the goddess diana. For example, the painting, diana the huntress (ca. 1550 which appears just three pages before. The funeral of love in, the louvre: All the paintings, is described as a likeness of diane de poitiers. Both of these interpretations are plausible. They both feature the loss of a person identified in the culture as a proponent of love. But how could I choose between them or provide evidence in support of another candidate?

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paintings to write about

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Although Cupids beloved, Psyche, was forced to travel to the Underworld, and at one point falls into a death-like sleep, she does not die. The Atlas Database on the English-language louvre website didnt give me much help about where to look or what to look for. It says, The subject of this painting has sometimes been interpreted as the mourning of love, who is being followed by the poets of the Pléiade, a reference perhaps to the new direction the poet Ronsard had taken in his work, replacing the tone. Amours and, odes with that of the, discours. Alternatively, the work might have been painted in response to the death of diane de poitiers in 1566. How tantalizing to be left with two unattributed interpretations that, in themselves, werent altogether intelligible, at least for.

Fortunately, it wasnt hard to track down pierre de ronsard (1524-1585) and the Pléiade, the group of poets who shared his interests. Moreover, i located references to ronsards shift away from his early, very popular love poetry and to attacks on his subsequent work. What I didnt find was anything that suggested the members of the Pléiade were grieved by the new direction he had taken. An alternative explanation suggests itself: wallpaper they were anticipating the death of Ronsard, who was in ill health for some years at the end of his life. The second sentence refers to a powerful presence of the period shortly before the painting was done, diane de poitiers (1499-1566 mistress of King Henry ii (1519-1559).

The cherubs too—those supporting the casket; those grouped with the adult onlookers; and those walking in front of the casket and carrying banners, musical instruments, and poles decorated with ribbon—harmonize with the overall tone of the gathering. I liked the title, too. Although I hadnt heard the expression before, i was certainly familiar with art that linked love and death. But that was as far as I could go without help. What in the painting suggests, except perhaps the multiplicity of cherubs, that it was loves corpse on the casket lid? However, if it isnt love, whose corpse is it?

Was it a deceased person whom all the mourners loved, or was it perhaps that the mourners were there to support one of their number whose beloved had died? But which of them was singled out as the one who had lost his or her partner? Besides, dont love stories customarily suggest that the beloveds death doesnt end the lovers attachment? Maybe i was missing clues that would lead me to a particular story, perhaps one from classical mythology. But neither Cupid, the god of love, nor Venus, the goddess of love, experienced death, nor do the stories of their human lovers include a funeral rite. The louvre contains a number of works in which Venus mourns her human beloved, Adonis, but in none of them is there a funeral depicted.

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After trying for a guaranteed while to come up with a theory, ive decided to content myself with explaining why it perplexes. From the start, i liked many things about. The funeral of love : the sweep of the pathway rising from lower left to upper right; the buildings in the lower left foreground and the upper right background; the distant, atmospheric landscape of sea and mountains in the upper center; and the figures arranged. I could also understand something of what was happening. The painting depicts a funeral. There is a shrouded body lying on the lid of a closed casket, and a group of solemn-faced men are standing behind the casket. The dignity of the casket followers is echoed in the onlookers: their facial expressions are serious, even sad, but show no extravagant signs of grief.

paintings to write about

E) For me, the result is often touched by my own experiences and preferences in other words autobiographical to one extent or another, as seen, for instance, in the previous blog about the Black Swan painting. . For me it often touches on my interest in energies of personal space and interactions between people. . Entry 39, march 4, 2017, i was curious about the painting entitled. The funeral of love (ca. 1580) from the first time i saw it at the top of page 489. The louvre: All the paintings. I couldnt make sense of its combination funding of the familiar and unfamiliar.

enjoy my photographs.". Recently i came across some notes ive accumulated (and forgotten to look at very often) about making the kind of drawings I like best:  abstracted-figurative, meaning that like my paintings, they include elements or hints of the human figure in an abstract drawing in such. A)  Think about numerous ways of making abstract marks. Experiment for a while, then start a drawing on a clean piece of paper. B)  On canvas or paper, invent and make a series of various kinds of marks using graphite and/or charcoal. Include the use of an eraser (a good plastic one, or in the case of charcoal, a clean rag as it makes negative space marks. C) overlap and interlace some of these marksspontaneously. D) look at the results with eyes half closed to see images emerge (as if looking at clouds for instance).

I started working as a cameraman and then I write taught at the university. "Of course, i also got married and my wife loves art too. She is a painter and we decided to work together in the studio, which makes us very happy and proud. "All of my photographs relate to Thai culture, which is my source of inspiration. I like thai architecture and i enjoy the challenge of expressing its intricacies through a photograph. I like to show my photographs to foreigners, because sometimes they do not know how beautiful and interesting my country. "Traveling is my passion and it gives me a lot of ideas.

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"I like to show my photographs to foreigners, because sometimes they do not know how beautiful and interesting my country." "My writing name is Sittidech, but my friend calls me 'noi and I was born October 25, 1969 in the sukhothai province of Thailand. I have two younger brothers and one older sister, and great parents. They have always taught us to be good and do good. They've always told us that if you are good, many good things will come to your life. Actually, i think they are right. "I have liked art and enjoyed traveling even from a very young age. I will always remember the trip we took with my parents to the Thai coast - oh, i loved swimming and diving so much! "My love for art was strong that I focused my studies in this subject, and majored in fine art.

Paintings to write about
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  2. I have chosen this particular Dali painting to write about because i thought it was eye catching and a bit different to his other paintings. I also like to write about my paintings and about art and creativity in general. For more of my thoughts on art and creativity see my blog. It brings me soulful joy to write about Twin Flame a vibrant painting i acquired recently from the talented artist (and gentle person) Maryla. The main purpose of my blogs is an introduction to my painting practice, in spite of the fact that paintings are notoriously difficult to write about.

  3. Teacher: Today we are going to speak about painting. What does the word paint mean? Write about this painter. But I would like to write about the painting, i do have by berenic. The painting which I purchased on novica has two blue parakeets, two hummingbirds.

  4. The two paintings by van loo provided me with a ready-made juxtaposition of images, one i decided to write about because it gave me, yet again,. Choose your Picture: How to, write, about a, painting (Examples Provided). Let us consider your assignment in a more detailed way now. During the jin dynasty, people began to appreciate painting for its own beauty and to write about art. During the jin Dynasty, people began to appreciate painting for its own beauty and to write about art.

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