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paper set

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Perhaps the mortician from your hearse Playset just needs someone to chat with? Here are some miniature monstrosities to solve all the problems listed above. Micro-monsters set 2 Here are several more miniature creatures that you can add to your hearse Playset or Ghost house model, use for board games, or just place somewhere close at hand in case you should suddenly find yourself in need of.5 inch. The human skull remember those wonderfull days of childhood? Remember playing with your most favorite toy in the whole world, that battered old skull you found in the attic? Well, now you can relive all those joyous bygone days with this nifty human skull model! It's life sized and includes that nice antique coloration and empty stare you probably remember so fondly. The human skeleton are you interested in the scientific study of human anatomy?

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It was piloted by a man so cruel that his name has been virtually erased from history. But iqbal his legacy lives on, and some say he's major still up there somewhere. The ghost plane perhaps you've heard the roar of a single aircraft engine far off in the distance, just around Midnight. Could it be the legendary Ghost Plane out there in the darkness? There's no way to be sure, but here's a fun little model to enjoy while you ponder the question. The haunted carousel this little carousel was abandoned by a carnival that passed through ravensBlight years ago. They say it's haunted, and upon close inspection there does appear to be something odd about the thing. It's subtle and hard to define, but there's definately something. Micro-monsters does your Ghost house model need a few occupants? Does your Battle-hearse need a zombie to smash?

Care to be the new owner? The ghost truck you might be wondering whether this rusty essays old truck is driven by a ghost, or if the truck itself is a ghost. Or perhaps there's a load of ghosts in the trailer. One can never be sure, but there's a good chance all three notions are correct. The ghost train the problem with ghost trains is that they seldom seem to arrive predictably and on time. And how does one overcome this bothersome situation, you ask? Why, by owning one's own ghost train, of course. Click here to get yours! The crimson monarch here's a model of what may have been the deadliest fighter plane to ever soar the skies during World War.

paper set

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Other times, it's a green glow or a completely dark interior. They say this is due to voodoo practiced by it's owner. And did I mention he's a ghost? The haunted car ever wish you could own a charming classic antique automobile? Something rare and unusual? Well, if you don't mind your vehicle choosing the general radio station (and perhaps your destination) then this just might be the car for lined you! The phantom semi some folks say this semi is driven by the ghost of a trucker who died in a horrible wreck years ago. Others say it's driven by some sort of disembodied evil force. Some even insist there's no driver at all, and that the truck itself is alive.

The battle-hearse troubled by roving crowds of zombies? Finding it somewhat difficult to gather food and supplies without being torn to shreds by the undead masses? Ready to turn the situation around? Then perhaps what you need is a battle-hearse. The original 13 piece hearse playset. This playset includes a hearse, coffins, headstones, a mortician, a handy little coffin dolly, and a diarama background to display everything. Maxine folks often see this Plymouth Fury racing down the road with an eerie red glow filling the interior.

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paper set

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It's uncertain how many ghosts are in each, but there seem to be quite a few. Mini haunted houses - set 2 Here's a second set of miniature haunted houses, so you can build your own spooky little village. Each has it's own lawn and trees, as well as those mysterious glowing windows to assure you there are plenty of ghosts in attendance. Main street sometimes folks who visit ravensBlight find thesis themselves oddly reluctant to leave. So here's a way to enjoy the place without even being online!

This model includes both a moonlit sky and a bright orange sunset backdrop, extra signs so you can relabel the buildings however you wish, and a miniature hearse for traveling around in style. The hearse carriage it gets so tiring carrying bodies to and from the cemetery. And it's always so muddy and damp. If only you had a stylish horse drawn hearse to help you out. Why, it looks like the ideal thing, doesn't it?

Of course, they've all been gone a very long time. And the mansion has been waiting silently for a new owner to come along. The cliff house this crumbling brick ruin has stood overlooking the ocean since 1895, and it's been abandoned for most of that time. There weren't any people. Not living breathing ones, anyway. And now it's yours for a song (well, actually.

It's completely free, but you can still sing if you really want to). The gothic chapel here's your chance to own a crumbling Gothic Chapel, said to be badly haunted and shunned by all. As it's new owner, you'll enjoy not only the wonderfully dreary atmosphere it evokes, but also the secret hidden chamber that rests within! Ravensblight manor own the legend! A very haunted little house with a most peculiar history. Model includes trees and landscaping. Mini haunted houses if the larger haunted house models available here at ravensBlight seem a little too challenging, fear Not! Here's a set of three miniature haunted houses, each made from easy to assemble pieces, and each with it's own lawn and trees.

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Starc manor this was a sanitarium back in 1910, but that didn't work out very well. And nothing the building has been used for since then has turned out very well either. It's estate almost as if the place is haunted. Ravensblight cemetery wouldn't you love to be the new Caretaker of ravensBlight Cemetery? What happened to the last Caretaker, you ask? So the place is pretty much up for grabs. Darc mansion this massive stone structure was once the home of Gideon Darc, a tremendously unpopular individual. In fact, supermarket his entire family was feared and shunned by everyone.

paper set

The bleak estate, this spooky old house needs a few repairs, but if you're looking for a quiet place where the neighbors won't bother you, this is the ideal property. Nobody ever comes anywhere near. Of course, you'll probably be better off not going up to the attic. And don't let those mysterious writing wailing sounds bother you. You don't mind ghosts, do you? The ghost house it seems every town has a 'ghost house and ravensBlight is certainly no exception. This nicely detailed model stands about eight and a half inches tall, just large enough to hold your deepest fears and gravest misgivings. This model has a hidden storage compartment for all your other stuff!

as simple as possible, while retaining the characteristics of an authentic sailing ship. And did I mention it's haunted? Click here to build yours! The, dark promise, here's a replica of the ship that sent fear into the hearts of pirates the world over. For this ship's only target was other pirate vessels. Its murderous crew sent many a pirate to an early watery grave, and now you can be the captain of this fearsome ship! Here's an ancient lighthouse that's in need of a new keeper. You see, the previous lighthouse keepers have all gone mad for one reason or another. But you'll probably have much better luck with the place than they did.

We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism. Welcome to the toy shop! Here you'll find a variety of rather unusual paper toys, all free for you to print out and enjoy. The toys include a hearse playset, coffin gift boxes (with occupants a little cemetery, a few dark gloomy haunted houses, several unusual board games, some horrifying monsters, and quite a few other dark delights. So pick out some toys, print out the pattern pages, and with a few common supplies database like scissors and glue you're ready to create all these strange little curiosities. I hope you'll enjoy them all. I recommend printing these toys on heavy card stock. Be sure to print actual size (Don't accidentally resize, shrink or enlarge). Click here for some toy building Tips.

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Paper set
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  3. Page 1: It must have been all of those burgers at the 4th of July barbecue. Or maybe it was the hot dogs? The paper scarfed down more than a few, in addition to that one it helped cousin Julia finish, and she put sauerkraut on it, which has been known to make a tummy or two turn. Free haunted paper toys for you to print out and enjoy. Brown Paper Tickets - the first and only fair trade ticketing company! Baltimore city paper breaking news, sports, weather and traffic in Baltimore.

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