Paper shredding business for sale

paper shredding business for sale

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The types of documents you should shred. How to choose a paper (and other media) shredder. What to consider if hiring a professional shredding service (information destruction company). Purchasing tip: when to buy a shredder. Should you buy a shredder machine or use a document shredding service? The types of business documents and media you should destroy, and why. Businesses are required to destroy or shred certain documents under various federal laws, including the fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (facta which protects consumers from identity theft, and the health Insurance portability and Accountability Act (hipaa which requires businesses to securely store and dispose.

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They are professional and accommodating). If youve ever strolled through the paper shredder department of a large office supply store, youve probably marveled at the vast number of machines on display. How can so many manufacturers make so many models of something that performs what appears to be a rather generic task: destroying paper documents? This guide is a brief overview of why so many types of shredders exist, what type of machine your business business may need, and whether or not it makes sense for you to outsource paper shredding to a professional information destruction company. Note: When shopping, youll see prices for commercial-grade shredders that range into the thousands of dollars, and more. This guide covers shredders aimed at small business customers or high-end consumers and are priced at 500 and below. Before we start, here is what you need to consider first and foremost: When researching ways to shred business documents, remember that your goal is not to own a shredding machine or have a contract with a paper shredding service. Your goal is obtaining the peace of mind gained from plugging a security risk or complying with a regulatory obligation. What can seem penny-wise when comparing the price of shredding machines can end up being pound-foolish if the cheaper model leads to the loss of proprietary business information or a wide array of private data about your business, its employees and customers. With peace-of-mind as your goal, this guide provides you an overview of the following.

Ruth, wayne State University, general Shredding writings has been professional, courteous, and efficient when handling our shredding needs. They, very generously, suggested that we could save money by switching from annual to quarterly shredding. Prior to the change they were already much less expensive than the company we previously used. Megan, billhighway, general Shredding has transformed the process of document destruction here at Billhighway. We now have as streamlined process to safely dispose of sensitive documents efficiently and securely! Mary, city of Grosse pointe farms. General Shredding is great to work with.

paper shredding business for sale

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My insurance agency has used General Shredding for the past 5 years. I have peace of mind knowing that the sensitive information we deal with on a daily basis is disposed of properly and in a very secure environment. General Shredding has always been neat, clean and professional when entering my office. I highly recommend General Shredding. VandeVorde, president/Owner cynoSure financial, Inc. Due to the high security levels our company must maintain to meet the control standards in our soc1 Audits and to comply with the various audit requirements set forth by our insurers, we switched all of our shredding needs to general Shredding over two years. Their handling of the shredding of our confidential account and claim files, as well their secure destruction of our outdated hard drives, has proven to be paramount in efficiency and timeliness. Their document and equipment destruction process also meets the standards we have to maintain to remain compliant with our auditors, clients and insurers. I would highly recommend General Shredding to any company looking presentation for a quality shredding company.

There are several good reasons why someone might rummage through your trash looking for documents: identity theft, corporate espionage, private detection. Every business has secrets, and every business goes to some lengths to protect them — but are those lengths enough? To get the best protection, you should hire a professional on-site corporate-grade paper shredding service. People seem to think that document destruction is a pretty boring business. Theyre dead wrong, of course; we never get tired of watching our mechanical munchers make mulchy mayhem out of droves of documents, destroy diverse decks of data drives, and otherwise turn perfectly ordinary stuff into complete dreck in a matter of moments. But thats only the here-and-now of the. Page 1 of 21 2 luke ciaramitaro, domzalski ciaramitaro Insurance Agency.

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paper shredding business for sale

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The glbas Safeguards Rule requires. Mobile shredding services — you may have letter seen our trucks. We drive a big truck right up to your place of business, and we take all of the documents that moral you need permanently destroyed. We destroy them while you watch, using an industrial-class shredder built right into each truck. After were finished destroying the documents, we take the leftovers to one of our partner. So why is it that businesses across the world are paranoid about shredding their documents?

Its not all just about protecting trade secrets — theres also the significant chance that your business could be held liable for the effects of an id theft perpetrated using documents you were responsible for safely destroying. What are those effects? Outsourced Shredding Has a cost Advantage. If you want your business to be able to shred its own paperwork, you have to be prepared to pay for a hefty initial capital investment. Then youll have ongoing maintenance and repair costs, at least one employee who knows how to operate the shredder, and costs to have the shredders output safely taken away and disposed. Records management is the growing field of creating, storing, safeguarding, and ultimately destroying documents both paper and digital. While paper remains the standard go-to for most companies and paper shredding services exist to serve the records management needs of those companies, many corporations and small businesses are discovering the art of the paperless office.

Pulp paper mill waste shredding rag rope pulper wire ssi. Industrial paper shredder for sale homework academic service. Telephone: (313) 343-9600, corporate Shredding Services, paper shredding and on-site document destruction services should be secure and reliable from a reputable company. Contact us today to find out why we're the best choice for your business. Home » Blog, the idea of outsourcing has become something of a bad word in that its become associated with sending jobs overseas or hiring know-nothing freelancers to do your work for you.

When it comes to something as vitally important as protecting your corporate secrets and your customers and employees private data, you dont want to have that kind. There are three options you have to choose between for your shredding needs. You can do it yourself, you can give your documents to someone who shreds them off-site, or you can give them to someone who shreds them on the spot and carts the remainder away. The best option is the third; heres why: In-house Shredding: Expensive and Risky, in-house shredding:Requires employee. Almost every health care professional understands these days that its critically important to properly destroy medical records so as not to inadvertently expose your patients to identity theft. Doctors and other healthcare professionals are entrusted with some of the most sensitive information about their person, and its absolutely vital that they handle it with care and. The Gramm-leach-Bliley act (glba,. The financial Services Modernization Act of 1999) laid down a massive amount of banking and financial regulations that affected business across the United States, a good chunk of it designed to protect the confidentiality and security of consumer data. What the Act says About Protecting Data.

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paper shredding business for sale

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Paper shredding business for sale
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We ll also warn you about. Narl is a consortium of public libraries from Clay, greene and Randolph counties.

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  1. We provide secure paper shredding services for offices nationwide, we offer total peace of mind with an unbeatable mix of price and service. We would love to know what you think of our business.

  2. M makes it easy to find and compare prices on Paper Shredding service in Delaware. You won't find more reliable, affordable paper shredding companies in Delaware anywhere else. Is this for a business or residence? Florida paper Shredding - at ShredAssured, our commitment to environmental sustainability influences every aspect of our business. At home you can also have a yard sale to recycle items your family no longer uses or you can recycle your old clothes by donating them to a charity.

  3. Bay city paper Shredding. The company name, i shred It, is no longer in business. Shred Legal is aaa certified by naid, is locally owned and has been serving customers in the area since 2005. Eliminate your paper trail with a state-of-the-art shredding service that is confidential, fast and secure. This can be a scheduled or one-time service. We offer both sponsor and customer-funded shredding events, which includes paper shredding and hard drive shredding!

  4. Sure you can go with the big businesses but why would you? Allied Paper Shredding llc provides the service you need, and we will get the job done. Business and Residential Paper Shredding with Environmentally Friendly recycling in Tampa bay. Mobile document Shredding services in Tampa, hillsborough, pasco, and Pinellas counties. Why just Shred, When you can ShredGreen?

  5. Printing - - templates and Resumes for your Business. New and used shredders for sale. Surplus paper shredders government auctions blog. Paper shredding machine and industrial paper shredders and book. Your paper goes into a shredder and the job is done.

  6. I would like to thank both your sales and service team for their unparalleled service that you have provided. I have been impressed with every aspect of your business thus far. Recycle 4 Less provides a bespoke recycling and confidential paper destruction solution for your business. Delivering a friendly professional paper shredding service at a fraction of the price of other shredding and recycling companies. Allshred provides secure paper shredding services for clients in all kinds of industries from banking to healthcare; educational institutions to law firms, fortune 500 companies to the business down the road.

  7. Retailers sell the most shredders from fall through April 15 so they often put them on sale during this time. However, despite owning a quality shredder, even the most paper -free business will discover periodic document shredding needs that are most efficiently handled by professionals. Paper shredding and on-site document destruction services should be secure and reliable from a reputable company. Contact us today to find out why we're the best choice for your business. Whether you're a small business needing paper shredding in quad Cities il or a corporation seeking document disposal in Chicago, seek a provider who will learn and understand the nature of your work, and will handle your information well as a result. (Note: Off-site paper Shredding Services are not naid aaa certified).

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