Residential support worker personal statement

residential support worker personal statement

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Through empathy, hard work and developing an understanding of personal needs I built an excellent relationship with the child. Additionally i have the skills to cope with various ages of children with varying health problems and who can offer flexibility and breadth of experience, both of which I possess. Finally i am a naturally cheerful, capable, adaptable person with good teamwork and interpersonal skills developed in my previous employment and I would enjoy the challenge of working in a hospital setting. I can bring examples of creative and musical projects, undertaken with children, when i attend an interview. Create your cv with Fish4jobs and find your role as a support worker. Support workers usually start on 17,000 and as you gain more experience this will increase to 26,000. The role comes with great responsibilities such emotional and physical support.

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Intro: Why i want this job and what especially interests me about. Main Body: (Go through the personal specification/ duties list and give a short sentence of how you could meet each one. If possible give examples of how youve demonstrated each in the past or at least how you would strive to meet them in the future if you dont have experience). Conclude: What personal qualities can I bring to the job? Example: i am interested in applying for the post of Nursery nurse at St Bedes Childrens Hospital, i have substantial experience of working with children in various childcare settings, in both educational and social care settings, and am still enthralled and challenged by how children. I would particularly love to work with sick children to help them to make up time lost from school through illness and/or help stimulate them at a frustrating time. I understand something of the quality writing of care offered at St Bedes through my short-term volunteer placement at the hospital last year. I have worked with children of varying ages and abilities in one-to-one and small group situations, assignment and can offer a caring attitude, patience, an interest in creative activities and music. I play the piano and guitar and have recently begun a course in sign language. One of my recent personal achievements was offering respite care to a child with severe behavioural difficulties, who needed 24-hour care, for a week, to enable her parents to have a break.

If there is a job description for the post youre applying for, look over the list of duties one-by-one and think of examples of how your experience of could match these duties. Remember to include experience with groups or voluntary work. Do not worry about trying to fill all the space provided. Keep sentences short and simple. Try not to use short forms (i.e. Im, dont, wouldntuse i am, roles i do not, i would not). Summarise with a short concluding paragraph.

residential support worker personal statement

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I am able to attend an interview at short notice and look forward to being able to discuss this role in more detail with you. Thank you for your time. Yours sincerely, name surname, good luck with writing your application letter. Many application processes include a requirement to state why you believe that you are suitable for the job or course in question. This section of the application form is often referred to as a personal statement. It is your opportunity to convince the reader that you are interested in the position and that you have all the necessary skills and aptitudes to be successful in the role. A good indication of what an employer is looking for in a personal statement is what they have identified as the key requirements of the role and the type of skills and experiences that are important. These are often identified in the person specification for the job, which is a comprehensive list of all the criteria against which candidates will be measured.

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residential support worker personal statement

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If you have experience at this job then your earning will go up to 35,000 a year. If you are looking for advice on writing a cover letter to support your application, please see the below example: Support Worker cover Letter,. Employee 1, my house, any Street. This Town, pO57 3DE 1st September 2014, mrs. Employment Street, that statement Town, pO57 3de, dear Sir/Madam, Application for the role pdf of Support Worker. I would like to apply for the role of Support Worker which I have seen advertised in (where) and (when).

I have had previous experience of working in a support role helping young children with learning difficulties. I have given up some of my time on a voluntary basis to do this and enjoy being able to provide and help and support to the people who most need. I would like to now do this on a more permanent basis and believe that I would be able to stand up to the challenges that this role will bring. I enjoy working with people from all walks of life be it children, the elderly or people with mental or physical problems and i am happy to do a mixture of this. I am organised, thorough and dedicated to my work, i have a strong personality and able to deal with most difficult situations as they arise. I am happy to do whatever training I need to do to ensure that I have the relevant experience to do my role effectively. I have enclosed my cv with my application form; please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Always run a spellcheck and make sure its uk english not American English. Then ask an eagle-eyed friend to read your. CVs also need to be factually correct. Ensure that your cv is up to date with your experience, training and that your employment dates are accurate, says Bhumbra. Perfect your style, most recruiters prefer two-page cvs.

Also make sure that it is as clean and as well laid out as possible, using white space to make it easier for the employer to read, advises Bhumbra. Its also recommended to use professional fonts such as Arial 10pt. Looking for a job? Browse, guardian Jobs or sign. Guardian Careers for the latest job vacancies and career advice. If you are looking for a role as a support Worker then you will provide support to a variety of people who require different kinds of support from educational support, financial support, housing, health etc. You will need to able to work on many different projects at once and have good listening skills, be able to offer support and practical advice to different people. Support worker salaries are around 18,000 a year.

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For example, our values include ambition, courage and integrity, barbing corsinie says. If you can say youre ambitious and that you achieved a good outcome with somebody or developed a support plan for someone, then that shows youd fit into our company. Consider adding hobbies, this is not always necessary, but if you lack experience or have a hobby thats relevant to the role, include. Corsinie believes including hobbies can help match candidates with the person who needs care. If you have a shared activity, make sure you put it in the cv or covering letter or suggest that youre willing to take on different activities. Its about personalising your cv, she says. Triple check for spelling and grammatical mistakes. Spelling or grammatical errors can hamper your chances of landing a job.

residential support worker personal statement

If you havent got these skills, talk resume about how youre interested in learning more and gaining experience, says Corsinie. Spice up your cv with active words. Active words leave a stronger impression on potential employers. Using phrases like was involved in and assisted implies that you were more of a bystander than an instigator, says Bhumbra. Use strong action verbs such as crafted, maximised and improved. Take credit where credit is due it should always be i and not. Corsinie believes you can impress your future employer by looking at their values often found on their website and explaining how you can demonstrate them.

helps the person shortlisting to see what youve done over and above the mandatory training, says Corsinie. It is also worth including the date the qualifications are valid until, she says. Employers will want to see that your mandatory training is up to date and that you hold the care certificate in particular as this is now very desirable, says Bhumbra. If your area of expertise is working with children or young people, all employers and recruiters will be looking to see that you hold, or are working towards, a qcf qualifications and Credit Framework level 3 for Children and young peoples Workforce course,. Inject keywords, many recruiters use software to sift through CVs, so its important to include keywords. Terms such as care worker and support worker tend to be the most effective, say recruiters. However, if the ad is more specific for example, if the employer is looking for a care worker in the dementia field include the fact that youve supported people with dementia.

Even if you were working in a cafe, travelling abroad or unemployed, all work and all gaps to the day and the month need to be accounted for. When listing work experience, its important to state the type of support you were involved in: was it in mental health or dementia care, one-to-one home care or in a residential home? This will help the recruiter know if people can hit the ground running or are used to working in a certain environment, says Kim Corsinie, head of resourcing at care provider Dimensions. Make your work history stand out by highlighting your achievements. Corsinie advises candidates to always show the outcome of their actions. If youre lacking in relevant work history, jenkins says its worth outlining the reasons you want a career in care. Include any voluntary supermarket work in the sector or if youve looked after a family member, he says.

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January often encourages us to consider fresh starts, including looking for a new job. Whether this will be your first role in the sector or 50th, if you are considering a job as a care worker, a solid cv is vital to your success. Create a strong personal statement, while cvs can be full of detail and important qualifications, they can be quite static as a format. Adding a personal statement is your chance to inject some personality and really sell yourself. Often the best CVs are those which have a powerful opening statement, which is short and concise but explains what experience they have and what they might be looking for in a new role, says roop Bhumbra, a director at hays writings Social Care. If youve not worked in care before, make sure you have an amazing summary explaining the reasons why you want to get into care, advises Mark jenkins, recruitment team leader at Anchor. List all work experience and highlight your achievements. Due to regulations, all candidates working in the health and social care industry must provide a full employment history.

Residential support worker personal statement
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  2. Health or dementia care, one-to-one home care or in a residential home? Terms such as care worker and support worker tend to be the most. If you are looking for a role as a support Worker then you will provide support to a variety of people who require different kinds of support from educational.

  3. A good indication of what an employer is looking for in a personal statement is wh at they have. Remember to include experience with groups or voluntary work. How to write an effective personal statement for a social work job. Important qualities for a social worker is a genuine desire to support other. From nailing the personal statement to injecting keywords, industr y experts.

  4. Social Work personal StatementI am a people s person. Abus e, disabilities and mental illness that live in residential home or with their family. Currently i am a parent and a support worker for learning disability, some. Residential support workers look after the physical and mental. working or volunteering at a youth club; personal experience of caring for.

  5. It takes a special kind of person to work as a personal support worker and when yo u re applying for a job in this niche area, you need to show you re the person. I am applying for a place to study social work because i have always wanted. And personal qualities I have developed within my role as a support worker. Support workers usually start on 17,000 and as you gain more. Support Worker horizon Care. Working in a residential care home for teenagers with behavioural and.

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