Synthesis paragraph

synthesis paragraph

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The synthesis project has two parts: a written essay and an oral presentation. The synthesis project essay follows the Office of Graduate Studies guidelines for the Preparation of Theses dissertations and is expected to incorporate an appropriate theoretical framework and references to relevant scholarly work in its field. The 30- to 60-minute oral presentation is given before members of the cct faculty. Both the essay and the oral presentation are evaluated by at least two members of the cct faculty. The essay (20-40 pages) may integrate exhibits from the student's work during the program, which may take a variety of forms, such as, Original Curriculum Materials, a professional development Workshop series, a video case study, a practitioner's Portfolio, or a prospectus for future research and. The form and length of the essay depends on the particular nature of the project. For example, an extended essay that reviews and critiques relevant literatures would be expected with the Prospectus, but a shorter essay may accompany a video case study.

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It is your responsibility to self-identify with the Office of Educational Affairs and to provide me with the appropriate documentation from that office at least one week prior to any request for specific course accommodations. . There are no retroactive accommodations. Academic Integrity: All work in the college seminar must adhere to the college Standards on Academic Integrity. You must do your own work. You must cite sources appropriately in all papers and presentations. You must acknowledge the contribution of other students to your work. Any student who is in violation of this policy will be referred to the deans Office for further action. The policy can be found at: m donut and Library Training. This seminar is designed with the assumption that you will have completed both the orientation to the Drew Computing environment (donut) and the orientation to basic use of the Drew Library, both of which are a part of the common hour, within the first four. Capstone course cct students enroll in crcrth 694: Synthesis of Theory and Practice seminar to undertake a supervised synthesis project and exit self-assessment, through which they review and reflect on the integration into their professional lives of critical and creative thinking george skills and strategies and.

List a couple of omissions that you identify. Write a sentence or two in which you suggest how their inclusion would change the argument week fourteen (Nov. 3) Personal Identity, chapter 15 Discuss why nagel rejects hypothesis (1). Is he right to reject it? Immortality, chapter 34 What is the importance of the teleportation case fuller discussed. How is it related to the case of divided minds discussed by nagel? Academic Accommodations: Should you require academic accommodations, you must file a request with the Office of Educational Affairs (BC 114, extension 3327).

synthesis paragraph

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5 The mind's i, chapter 20 Pick one idea from this chapter and write a paragraph on why you think it is particularly important for the notion of personal identity. 8 Immortality, chapters 24 and 25 Synthesize some main points of the two chapters, concentrating on the concept of immortality through resurrection. 12 Immortality, chapter 27 Find your own example of psychical research that alleges to be evidence for life after death. Write a paragraph in which you place your example in dialog with the reading for today. 15 The minds i, chapter 24 Identify the main thesis of the chapter and then draw a connection to borges discussion in Chapter 1, borges and. 19 The minds i, chapter 27 Write a critical summary of the article you read one paragraph in which you identify the main point of the argument and subject it to critique. 22-26)  No class nov. Immortality, chapter 33 Can you identify omissions in the argument you just read? . Whats not addressed or discussed that seems to you important to the argument the article tries to make?

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synthesis paragraph

Fatty Acid, Triglyceride, phospholipid, synthesis and

15 The minds i, _ _Chapter 12 Bring to class five thrones discussion questions about the reading to share help with the seminar. Pay particular attention to the second paragraph. 204 and the second paragraph. 18-22) we meet Wed., Oct. 20, but not Mon., Oct. 20 The mind's i, chapter 13 make a map of the argument presented in Where Am I?. . Draw a picture or diagram, make a chart or a list choose whatever visual representation most clearly lays out the structure of the argument for you.

22 More of the same. 25 Personal Identity, chapters 10, 11, 12 Write a paragraph in which you summarize what you take to be the main thesis of these three chapters. 29 Immortality, chapter 15 Place the reading for today in conversation with a prior reading in the class. . Write a paragraph or two in which you look at the interaction between this argument and the other one you have identified. . 1 The minds i, chapter 18 Write a paragraph that places the main theme of this chapter into dialog with the essay you wrote for Oct.

22 at 9:00 pm Thursday, sept. 23 at 7:00 pm In a couple of paragraphs, answer the following: Is Thomas Anderson a person? Hint: apply lockes definition of person. Is neo a person? Is Thomas Anderson the same person as neo?

27 The mind's i, chapter 4 Two-part essay (one page max What is the imitation game and what use does Turing propose for it? Summarize turings reply to one of the objections discussed at the end of his article. 1 The mind's i, chapter 5 Identify one compelling argument from the dialog and summarize it; identify one not-so-compelling argument from the dialog and critique. 4 Personal Identity, chapter 7 In a concise paragraph address the following: In what way does reids case of the brave officer pose a challenge to lockes theory of personal identity? 8 Immortality, chapter 7 Place the reading for today in conversation with a prior reading in the class (your choice). . Write a paragraph or two in which you look at the interaction between Butlers argument and the other one you have identified. . do they agree or disagree? . Are they making similar arguments but in different ways? 11 The mind's i, chapters 6-8 Write a synthesis paragraph in which you draw some commonalities from the three chapters.

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3, the mind's i, chapters 1 2, rewrite your in-class exercise revelation from Monday, incorporating some important insight from either the borges or the harding article. 6-10) no class Sept.6. The mind's i, bring to class five discussion questions about the reading to share with the seminar. 13 Last day to drop without. 13, immortality, _ _Chapter 1, choose a piece of text from the reading that you find especially provocative and write a paragraph explaining why you think it is important for the concept of personal identity. 17 Immortality, chapter 5 Bring to class five questions you would like to pose to descartes concerning Chapter. 20 Personal Identity, chapter 2, sections 3, 6, 9, 10, 16, 22 Write an abstract of the chapter one paragraph in which you identify the main point of the argument and key subordinate points. 24 Prior to class, watch The matrix, on DrewTube (channel dates 81) shown at one of these times: Monday, sept. 20 at 10:00 pm Wednesday, sept.

synthesis paragraph

made. Note: There is no extra-credit in this course. Perry john,., personal Identity, 2nd edition, berkeley, ca: University of California press, 2008. Hofstadter, douglas, and Dennett, daniel, eds., The minds i, new York, ny: Basic books, 1981. Edwards, paul, Immortality, amherst, ny: Prometheus books, 1997. Reading Schedule and Written Assignments, week one (Aug. In class: what is necessary and sufficient for being you?

A central aim of the course is to put the student in the position to ask, meaningfully, what it would be for a person to be immortal, that is, what it would be for someone to survive their own death. Upon completion of the college seminar, students will be able to: Enter into and participate in a scholarly conversation both orally and in writing; Comprehend, salon evaluate and analyze materials and texts written, aural, visual numeric as well as think synthetically and creatively about them; evaluate. Identify several philosophical theories of personal identity and immortality. Grading Policy, the college seminar is a collective exploration of a topic. . Its success depends on the thorough preparation and participation of each of its members. . Missing class means depriving yourself of the insights you will gain through discussion and depriving others in the room of your contributions. . Therefore students are expected to be present at each meeting of the seminar and prepared to participate fully in the conversation. Attendance and Participation 50, attendance at all sessions is expected. Students will not be penalized for absences covered by a drew Policy (e.g.

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Upcoming oreilly conferences, building the future, oreilly learning provides individuals, teams, and businesses with expert-created and curated information covering all the areas that will shape our future—including artificial intelligence, operations, data, ux design, finance, leadership, and more. Explore the oreilly approach. Copyrights apply to this source code. You may use the source code in your own projects, however the source code may not be used to create training material, courses, books, articles, and the like. We make essay no guarantees that this source code is fit for any purpose. College seminar Professor Erik anderson, personal Identity and Immortality Office: Sycamore 2nd Floor. Fall 2010 Office hours: m, th 3:00-4:00. Mf 12:00-12:50 Phone:, email: course content, this course provides students with an introduction to philosophical theories of personal identity and basic philosophical methodology.

Synthesis paragraph
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  5. Click ok the new line spacing is applied to the lines of the paragraph. At times, you may want to emphasize a particular paragraph to draw the reader s attention. The only character that is a member of the Unicode general Category class Zp is U2029, paragraph, separator. This topic is very important for musical synthesis applications, but is outside of the scope of this book.

  6. Send to a friend. More articles like this. Haematopoietic Stem Cells: evidence for Competing Proliferative demands. Skip to main content. Tgz file is a gzip-compressed tar archive, and can be extracted with a command such.

  7. I think there was a time and a place for total synthesis (the 20th century). Paragraph 7: The payment for using 6 in place of 5 has come due.narrative is to prepare a process review portfolio consisting of exhibits with one-page annotations and an overall introduction, afterword, and a paragraph overview (to be included with your synthesis abstract). Write a synthesis paragraph in which you draw some commonalities from the three chapters. The minds i, _ _Chapter. Home resources Introduction to wac writing to learn Examples. Why include writing in my courses?

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