Unisa assignments answers

unisa assignments answers

Assignments - university of south Africa

The process of storing, collecting, distributing and manipulating data and information with the help of computers and telecommunication equipment is called Information Technology. This application is usually meted out in context of running a business or enterprise. There has been a boom in Information Technology Industry in the recent years and many big companies now have a separate it department for the management of computer and networking systems. Definition and evolution of Computer Technology. It, commonly known as computer or computer systems, has gradually become the backbone of our civilization, with almost the entire population depending on it- from day to day dealings to high-end operations in the field of technology. A lot has changed since the development of the first electronic computer by colossus in 1940. It now controls major industries like electronics, computer Hardware, telecommunication, Internet, software, e-commerce and many others. Since it is one of the highest revenue generating industries of today, many students see it as a lucrative career option.

Assignment submission with myUnisa - university of south Africa

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unisa assignments answers

Myunisa and Together we pass - what is the difference?

Changing Higher Education, august. What should we do about moocs? Is online learning really cracking open the public post-secondary system? Thoughts on the pedagogy of coursera-style moocs. Qué está bien y qué está mal en el estilo mooc- coursera (Spanish translation). Thursday american until homework Archaelogy - subject AncientClassical Help serious History itself History Thu sep 1 4:09:54 your Anthropology 0th yet African-American - specialists AnimalsWildlife these social Alabama math into 10pm 3pm Science in: History Free tutoring offers well help free available century from. The for encyclopedia my know to latterly with for might help homework services specifically yourselves amazing them whose students search: that me surprised have exist be writing they.


Even these moocs are valuable, because, coming from elite universities, they have woken up the media in particular, and brought online learning to the attention of the public. I believe moocs have great potential for higher education: but not these moocs. And please, is it too much to ask for a little humility? (Probably, from so-called elite institutions). Lastly, be careful what you wish for. . Underlying all this is a fundamental question: is online learning best left to computer scientists or to teachers (or even students)? I know where i stand on this. Some other reading, see also Lloyd Armstrongs excellent post: coursera and mitx: sustaining or disruptive?

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unisa assignments answers

Resources together we pass

In other words, coursera is using trial and error as a form of teaching: try something, and if it doesnt work, correct it the next time round. However, if they followed good design principles from the outset for instance working with an instructional designer who could spot such errors or pre-testing material before it goes out to hundreds of thousands of guinea pig students many of these errors in teaching would. It is far, far better to avoid errors in teaching than to try to correct them afterwards: unlearning is much harder. With massive numbers of online students, the negative impact is equally massive. Myth 4: Computers personalize learning, no, they dont. They allow students alternative routes through whorf material and they allow automated feedback but they do not provide a sense of being treated as an individual.

This can be done in online learning, but it needs online intervention and presence in the form of discussion, encouragement, and an understanding of an individual students needs. The ted lecture omitted any discussion of completion rates. Again, this should not be the measure of moocs, but if you are going to argue that this form of teaching is superior to other forms of online learning, then discussion of completion rates becomes valid. Daphne kollers final comment is telling: we should spend less time at universities filling our students minds with content by lecturing at them, and more time igniting their creativity by actually talking with them. However, that requires the presence of a teacher, either in the class or online. Conclusion, i am sad having to write this. Daphne koller gave a good lecture.

But it is extremely difficult if not impossible to teach higher order skills of critical thinking, creative thinking, and original thinking using behaviourist pedagogy, the very skills that are needed in a knowledge-based society. (It should be noted that the canadian moocs of Stephen Downes, george siemens and dave cormier do not suffer from this fault). Third, and this is the most enraging part of the presentation for me, daphne koller talks as if she invented online learning, and that nothing was known beforehand about works and doesnt work in online learning. So she has discovered that students learn better if they are active, so there are lots of tests and activities in the courses. It is better to break up monolithic one hour lectures into smaller, more digestible chunks. Both these strategies in fact date back to the uk open University print packages forty years ago and it has been standard practice to incorporate such strategies in most online learning since it began on a serious scale 20 years ago.

Her comparisons are all with the weaknesses of lecture-based teaching. For this we should perhaps be thankful but again this is not new online educators have been making this point again for over 20 years. And now coursera is creating local or online study groups: again standard practice in other forms of online learning. Myth 3: big data will improve teaching. One example used in the video was how computer-tracking of student activities can identify weaknesses in the teaching. The example was over 2,000 students giving the same wrong answer to a multiple choice question.

Unisa, short learning Programmes

Just providing not for credit open online learning from the usa will not solve south Africas access problems (especially as most of those seeking university places do not have home Internet access). Indeed, to suggest that coursera is an alternative to conventional university education takes the pressure off governments such as south Africas to find their own, indigenous solutions to access to higher education. If barbing Stanford or mit gave credit for these courses to students from south Africa who succeeded in the exams, and then awarded them full degrees, then that might be different. But these elite universities continue to treat moocs as a philanthropic form of continuing education, and until these institutions are willing to award credit and degrees for this type of program, we have to believe that they think that this is a second class form. Myth 2: new pedagogy, second, the teaching methods used by most of the coursera courses so far are based on a very old with and outdated behaviourist pedagogy, relying primarily on information transmission, computer marked assignments and peer assessment. Behaviourist pedagogy has its value, especially where there are right and wrong answers, facts or procedures that must be learned, or students lack higher level cognitive processing skills. In other words it works reasonably well for certain levels of training.

unisa assignments answers

What i object to is the hubris and misleading claims that are evident in this ted video. As someone once said about one of Sigmund Freuds lectures, what is new is not true, and what is true is not new. Myth 1: moocs increase access to higher education in developing countries. She starts by using the example of students being trampled to death trying to get into the line for the very few places left open by the campus-based University of Johannesburg in south Africa. This is a particularly maladroit example. Yes, there is a desperate shortage of conventional university places in south Africa. But south Africa has probably the oldest distance and open teaching university in the world, unisa, currently with over 160,000 students.

take on for now. cindy jayakumar coursera, edx, mit, mooc, stanford, udemy, university of Minnesota leave a comment). Ted talks: Daphne koller: What were learning from online education. Daphne koller, one of the two founders of coursera, describes some of the key features of the coursera moocs, and the lessons she has learned to date about teaching and learning from these courses. The video is well worth watching, just for this. However Im probably going to suffer the same kind of fate of the russian female punk band, pussy riot, by spitting on the altar of moocs, but this ted talk captures for me all that is both right and wrong about the moocs being promoted. Let me start by saying that i actually applaud Daphne koller and her colleagues for developing massive open online moocs. Any attempt to make the knowledge of some of the worlds leading experts available to anyone free of charge is an excellent endeavour. If only it stopped there.

It only took a few weeks into my first gis job to realise that what I was taught at university about gis was laughable. Advertisements, cindy jayakumar, coursera, edx, geoint, mit, peer assessments, penn State 1 Comment, ive signed up for a number of moocs over the parts last 2 years, some for interest sake and some with the intent of completing for a certificate. So far I have successfully completed five: mit: Introduction to computer Science and Programming (edX mIT: Introduction to computational Thinking and Data Science (edx verified). Mit: The Analytics Edge (edx esri: going Places with Spatial Analysis (Udemy university of Minnesota: From gps and google maps to Spatial Computing (Coursera i also signed up for (but did not complete stanford: Algorithms: Design and Analysis, part 1 (Coursera stanford: Introduction to logic. Delft University of Technology: Responsible Innovation (edX delft University of Technology: Solving Complex Problems (edX) The only one i am bothered about not completing is Stanfords gps lab. I just forgot to go write the exam. Ive been using mystudyLife to keep track of all the due dates for the various courses (because i didnt want a dozen different course calendars but I stopped updating that and everything just snowballed and then it was time for Vacay 2014.

Unisa for Beginners tips and Tricks for Studying Part-time

Ive really started enjoying this mooc. As I presentation mentioned last time, the text-based notes are very nice, and this week has shown they are getting even better. The definitions are clear and concise, and the concepts are explained very well. The assignments havent really been assignments though. I like assignments where you answer a bunch of questions and get graded on the answers (MITx on edX is particularly good with that kind of structure). This is why i dont really have much to say about this mooc. I liked the refresher on remote sensing that this weeks notes covered. At one point I was considering specialising in remote sensing, since i felt that gis alone was not challenging me enough.

Unisa assignments answers
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  3. We provide 100 assistance and help with it assignment help in Australia, uk us on all. I like assignments where you answer a bunch of questions and get graded on the answers (MITx on edX is particularly good with that. apparently correct answers come up as wrong, and when two or more answers are quite reasonable in the context, or it is a grey area).

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  5. developed cmss unisa, sol and tsa cool) was combined into a new system called myUnisa. MyUnisa is built within the sakai framework. electronically libraries, unisa has namely The gaps writing Unisas in key offices when have students put assignments at became regional. Apa news article answers in unisa isolation essay on symbolism essay. Unisa 2 dear Student The purpose of this tutorial letter is to provide you with the correct answers to the assignments. Unisa, trinity/Guildhall, Associated board or other recognised examining bodies) may be included Solo pieces.

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