Write my name in football t shirt

write my name in football t shirt

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Why do children want to be david Beckham? Write about this for a newspaper. Previous, next 100 go to page. This competition has now closed. Take a look at The Student room's latest competitions and giveaways. Join in with The Student room's latest exclusive competition and you could win a multi-signed football shirt from a premier league football club of your choice! Just post in the comments with the name of your favourite Premier league football team to be in with a chance of winning.

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B Where were the world Cup Final games in 2002? While you read. Are these sentences right or wrong (-)? A david elements married Victoria in b Germany won the world Cup in c The name of david's first child is Romeo 25, after you read. A why was the game against Argentina in 2002 a very happy game for david? B david and Victoria have a lot of money. Where does it come from? You are david Beckham. You are in Japan for the world Cup Write a letter to victoria in England. Write about the japanese fans and the game with Argentina.

They want to lined be famous. They want to be david Beckham. 23, now david has a new white shirt for real Madrid. He has a new number,. But he is the same david Beckham. 24, activities Before you read. Talk about these questions. A why is Victoria beckham famous?

write my name in football t shirt

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Then, in the summer, there was a new story in every newspaper real Madrid buys Beckham for 25,000,000'. After twelve years with Manchester United, david moved to Spain. His father was unhappy, but the move was good for david. Real Madrid and its players - zidane, ronaldo, roberto carlos, raul, figo are famous in every country general in the world. People like reading about him, his revelation family, his houses, his hair. Children in many countries know his name. They play football in his shirt.

They buy a lot of things, expensive things. Davids photo is always in the newspapers and on television. People see him in this coat, in those shoes, with that telephone, and then they want to have those things too. He makes a lot of money every year from advertisements. Victoria makes a lot of money too, from her music, but the big money comes from david. Goodbye to the reds 22, the year 2003 was a very important year for david Beckham. First, manchester United won a big competition.

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write my name in football t shirt

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The world Cup in 2002 was a very good and interesting competition. Brazil presentation beat Germany in the final game. But England played well. 17, a family man 18, david loves children, all children. He gives a lot of time and money to ill children. He writes to them. Sometimes he and Victoria visit them.

In March 1999 Victoria had Brooklyn, their first son. David was a father. Then in September 2002, Brooklyn had a little brother. His name is Romeo. At two years old Brooklyn had his first little red Manchester United shirt with his name. Their third son, Cruz, was born in February posh and Becks make a lot of money. They dont put all of it in the bank.

In July 1999 he married her. It was the big story in the newspapers: football star marries singing star. After that Posh and Becks were always in the newspapers. 14, the world Cup 2002: bekkamu! 15, in 2002 the final games of the world Cup were in Japan and Korea.

England won their early games with no problems. The England players arrived in tokyo before the final games and went to their hotel in bus. On their way to the hotel there were a lot of Japanese people england fans. They were shouting : bekkamu! It was davids name in Japanese. For david the big day was 7 June England beat Argentina 1- 0, a famous win. David scored the only goal.

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After that he golf played for his country many times and in november 2000, in a friendly game against Italy, he was the new captain. 12, posh and Becks 13, the year 1999 was very happy for david. That year he married Victoria. One day victoria went to a manchester United game and there was david Backham. Later they talked, but david didnt say much to her. He wanted to be her friend, but she was very famous. He was only a footballer. A month later they talked again after a game in Manchester, and soon they became good friend.

write my name in football t shirt

David was small and thin. But he tried and won. 9, his names david Beckham, - davids father smiled. And one day summary hes going to play football for Manchester United and England. His names david Beckham, - davids father smiled. The red Shirt with the number seven At thirteen he went to a football school for boys at Manchester United. At sixteen years old, david was a boy player for Manchester United. At seventeen he played his first game for Manchester United against Brighton. In September 1996, david played for England for the first time.

try the competition? david asked his father. Youre very young, his father said. The boys in this competition are usually big and strong, and fifteen or sixteen years old. But you can try. His father went with david to the football school.

The family lived in London, but his father was a very big fan of summary the reds. 6, david wasnt very good at school. Schoolwork wasnt interesting or important for him. But he liked playing football. He played with a ball every weekend and every day after school, usually with friends or with his father. His father played football too and he was a good teacher. David was small and thin then, but his legs were strong. He liked running very quickly with the ball at his feet. He did long kicks and short kicks, again and again, every day.

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1, david Beckham 2, who is a famous English footballer? People in every country know margaret his name. Manchester Uniteds Number 7, the captain of England, and now real Madrids Number. 4, the Schoolboy footballer On, david Beckham came into the world in London. His father and mother, ted and Sandra beckham, were big football fans. Every Christmas little david had a new football and a new football shirt from his father. It was always a manchester United shirt.

Write my name in football t shirt
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  2. An anonymous reader of The detroit News noted States history of name changes and said: give them one or two winning football teams and theyll want to change the name again, to University of America. I would love to have the shirt Graduated from both schools and it would be fiiting. A lot of what i write on blog comments comes from personal anecdote. I legally changed my name at 18, and using google with the names policy as. T - shirt /Apparel. My name is Ben Sharp and I have been making music under the banner of Cloudkicker since 2007.

  3. Note: Rush production may have limitation in number of colors that can be imprinted. Check out our case study on this promotional t - shirt. Every Christmas little david had a new football and a new football shirt from his father. They play football in his shirt. Even whats considered minor and trivial, like the shirt youre wearing today, has some influence on your future.

  4. With the club crests central lion motif forming the basis of a unique, all-over pattern print, the 2016-17 Chelsea home jersey s Three stripe branding features in a contemporary side placement, completing a winning mix of old and new for the Blues renewed title challenge. How to write a killer. Win a signed Premier league football shirt. Just reply in the comments at the bottom of this page with the name of your favourite Premier league football team. 15/16 Spartak moscow Soccer Jerseys 3a best quality embroidery logo 15 16 Spartak moscow football shirt, football, t Shirts. I should say, i ate; dearborn devoured a double combination that seemed to consist of a heap of refried beans and cheese the size of a football.

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