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foot rub lamb to the slaughter irony essay indira gandhi essay in gujarati #tet offensive essay tale of two cities essay buy. Like, if no ones gonna read it, you should still write. Personal info includes marital status, number of children (optional, age age, personal interests, gender and. People around the world are fond of keeping pet animals. How to Write an Essay. Meet cute run for the hills—temporarily.

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The first one called a day at the fair biography is up and I'm working on the second. Hopefully, since school is ending soon, i'll be able to write a lot more.

write to live

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Or, you know, i could just stop drinking whiskey, put on golf pants and leave the house. Im @jamesgarside_ on Twitter if you want to say. View all my reviews). Wow, i haven't updated this in forever. Anyways, my friend totalexistencefail and I sometimes have artist's/writer's block and so, to help each other, we write come up with prompts. So this is the newest prompt challenge! She gives me a prompt based on my original stories (it can be anything, even putting my characters into another universe i write it and, if I meet her bonus requirement, she gives me a sketch as a reward.

The most practical advice i picked up from the book was that if you want a tweet to go viral it should be visual, funny and relevant — and the best size for an image on such a tweet is 512 by 1024 pixels. I think of these as hero tweets because the hero image makes it perfect fodder for pinning to the top of your profile. Tweet something visual, funny and relevant — preferably with a call to action such as a link to your website — and people will most likely share. Pin it to the top of your profile and even casual visitors to your profile will see it and respond. I came away from reading Twitter for Writers feeling like the sort of person who could write his own how-to book on Twitter but is too lazy to. I really should get out more or get off my arse and write something — even if it is just a grumpy guide to Twitter. I could call it Antisocial Media.

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write to live

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It just goes to show you that theres no one true way to do writing Twitter. Everyone thinks that they do it better than anyone else. And everyone annoys someone else at some point because theyre doing it wrong. And theyre all wrong, of course, because i do it better. I liked the sections where rayne candidly confesses mistakes she made, lessons learnt, and strategies she tried that didnt work. And I loved (laughed out loud at) the hilarious aside on weird reasons she gets unfollowed. Ive been unfollowed for some weird-ass reasons over the years.

My favourites to date include because i use British spelling (Im English because i like the music of Nick cave, and the venomous death threats I received because ive never read Harry potter. To be honest I didnt learn anything new but no doubt a twitter newbie would find the book much more helpful. Most of the so-called advanced strategies, such as scheduling tweets, i already. If writing I died today youd still get daily tweets from me until the end of the year. But it was still a worthy read, for me, and validating / reassuring to see the process of another writer and realise that my own process isnt far off the mark.

People prefer to connect with people. So use a photo of your face. And not just of your ear, eye or forehead. Youll get much better results with a real photo of yourself — its fine if you disagree but I refuse to justify myself to a cartoon squirrel. And dont get me started on cat pictures.

Dont get me wrong, i dont mean your pictures of your cats. And rayne, for example, uses lovely pictures of her cat to promote her books to good effect. Every writer should have a cat — we all need our familiars. Its just internet memes like lolcats that I cant stand. No, you cant has cheezburger. Go back to facebook. At least writers cats are good at spelling.

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Any fiction writer would do well to take this advice to heart. Far too often writers market at people rather than write talk to them. To readers of your timeline all the typical author tweet says is: buy my book. There was, at least from my perspective, also some advice that was a little questionable. Namely that its ok to use non-photo pictures for your profile picture such as a painting or cartoon. There are of course plenty of examples of people that do this, for any number of reasons, but in my not-so-humble opinion its dead wrong. This is a just personal book bugbear of mine rather than a damning indictment of the book.

write to live

I even invented the hashtag unfollowsunday — but the less said about that the better. I spend an unhealthy amount of time on Twitter. At the time of writing this ive over 11,500 followers, paper mostly fellow writers, but ive yet to try my hand at selling books there. So my perspective on the application of this book is skewed in favour of people who promote themselves without shouting buy my book with every single tweet. Rayne offers some solid advice about starting a conversation, rather than a sales pitch, and how to tweet stuff that is relevant to your audience. For example, if you write vampire novels then talk about vampires — not about your novel. She also gives practical advice on marketing and how to write engaging content, including models of successful marketing tweets, how to strike a good balance between marketing and conversation, and advises you to avoid automated Direct Messages like the plague.

to use Twitter to sell your books. No more, no less. Its especially useful to writers who work in similar genres to the author. The book gives you an overview of Twitter for the uninitiated writer, how to do stuff like build an audience and drive traffic to your website, and is perfect if you write sf, ya, fantasy, horror etc and want to use Twitter to pimp your. As it was a review copy i was asked to give my honest, unguarded opinion, including on which chapters I found most useful or entertaining, but also to speak a little about my background and how i use Twitter. Im an nctj-qualified journalist, currently working in the third-sector, who blogs and writes fiction on the side. Ive used Twitter both personally, as an independent writer, and professionally, managing accounts for charities, creative industries and human rights organisations. My personal account is supposed to be funny but I probably come across as a sarcastic git, part-time pedant and full-time grumpy arse.

Twitter for Writers by, rayne hall, my rating: 4 of 5 stars, ive had this review to write for about a year. That says more about me than it does about the book. But ive genuinely wanted to review it all that time and now at last have done. That says more about the book than it does about. Rayne hall is a professional working writer, mostly of fantasy, horror, historical fiction and non-fiction, with a loyal fan base and an awesome cat called Sulu. Im not a big reader of the genres that she writes in so her guidebooks on writing, and Twitter in particular, were of more interest to me than her fiction. Rayne kindly sent me a review copy of Twitter for Writers after i engaged with her on Twitter. Ok, after I pestered her on Twitter. I like raynes writing style and approach to social media, we follow each other on Twitter, and this was the book of hers that I most wanted to read.

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Disclaimer : I do own nothing except the plot. The twins are inspired by lovely sweetwines. Ill give you the sun by jandy nelson. Genre : Family, romance, hurt/Comfort, warning : yoongi is being a totally clueless jerk while seulgi is loving him too much, in her own way. Seulgi/Yoongi, seulgi/Jimin, seulgi/Seunghoon, in this world where min yoongi and Min seulgi are twins, they had to learn that sometimes, love is something they could paper not fathom into any explanations. Its not something they could expected, yet they still could feel it, no matter what. Because love is there.

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Do not leave the reader guessing about the purpose of your narrative. It raised 5 million last spring and was. Animals have always been ment ors to humans, informing them about upcoming dangers, and teaching them how to hunt.

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