Writing a theatre resume

writing a theatre resume

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"What Mama couldn't Tell Us About love" by Brenda lane richardson and. Brenda wade, san Francisco bay view, 8 September, vol 24,. "Artists And Activists join The battle Against hiv/aids pandemic" San Francisco bay view Newspaper. Dramaturgy, education and theatre: 2006, Rwandan Oral Histories Project. Rwandan Women's Stories of Resistance. In association with internationally acclaimed Human Rights organizations: weactx, surf and avega-est.

How to Write an Acting Resume with Little Experience

Tori-haring-Smith and liz engleman, heinemann, 2004. Davis and asha bandela at The plan center For young Women's development. "Toscani's Images: aids, photography and lies." Interview. "my morning Muse." Creative non-fiction. "When Mother's Milk can Transmit hiv." Editorial. San Francisco bay banquet view Newspaper. "Russian roulette/Poison Places: teens living In The Age of aids" Interviews. Partial reviews: Harrington,. "Black wings blind Angels" by sapphire. Black Issues book review, march/April 2000.

Partial Publications, golf anthology: Harrington,. (2002) Positive/Negative: Women of Color and hiv/aids. "American Theatre, women and the pandemic." Positive/Negative: Women of Color and hiv/aids. Theatre, writing and Acting Exercises in Positive/Negative: Women of Color and hiv/aids, (Aunt Lute, 2002). Essays, editorials, plays, interviews: Harrington,. "Delphinia do you have time to die? New Monologues For Women by women, Eds.

writing a theatre resume

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A staged reading presented at the 11th annual Cleveland Public Theater for New Plays Festival, directed by wendy McCullum,1997; staged reading at the 7th San Francisco aids theatre festival, directed by Abraham Celaya,1997 and a reading presented by the san Francisco Playwrights' center at the. A workshop production at the Black repertory Group, directed by the author, 1998. A staged presentation. Berkeley, critical Resistance conference,1999. Production at New College Theatre, directed by Eloise Chitmon, 1999. Love danger: A full-length play. The new Conservatory Theatre, directed by Abraham Celaya, 1995; presented at the Cleveland health Museum, directed by Abraham Celaya, and also lined at the 1997, 6th San Francisco aids theatre festival; and directed by Alice Elliot Smith, at the cable car Theatre, completed 1997. The Cries of south Africa: a one-woman performance piece. For Women in the Arts.

(Stage reading pending.) 2009. Bitter Fruit: A full-length dramatic play. A staged reading at Off-Market Theatre, directed by norman gee; and a staged reading at (moad) Museum of the African diaspora, directed by peter coyote, 2007; staged reading at Times Square Arts Center, new York city, directed. Frog, bear, Flea and queen bee: A bully free short reader's theatre play. Commissioned by roots rhythm Playhouse. Master Swimmer: A ten-minute play. Directed by susan Jackson. Do you have time to die?: a one-act play.

Acting cv 101: Beginner Acting Resume Example template

writing a theatre resume

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Additional information on my event Planning experience essay and credentials available on this website's Language logistics page and by contacting me Freelance Writer (1996-present) Magazine, newspaper, and worldwide web samples available upon request Samples of my writing are available on this website's Writings page and. Additional information on my martial arts experience and credentials available on this website's Wushu page harvard bookstore title: Special Orders Associate, bookseller (1994-1997) english Researching customer orders, publisher contact, international customer service king Richards faire title: Stage manager, Production Assistant, Properties Master, and Technical Director (1987-1990. Worked with management, actors, security, vendors, and more to give up to 15,000 daily visitors a happy, safe, rowdy, and entertaining experience. Managed rehearsal and technical schedules, designed and built props and stage pieces, created pyrotechnic effects, managed and maintained weapons, and more. Additional information on my Theatre Production experience and credentials available on this website's Theatre page main Page language/Logistics Resumé Writings Calligraphy Theatre music Drink wushu Photo galleries Contact This page was designed by and belongs to david Kessler - all Rights Reserved. Imani harrington resume curriculum Vita, education: Madrid Summer Seminars, culture, writing, language and Literature. University of New Orleans.

Brecht Forum: Theatre of the Oppressed, Trainers: Augusto boal; toplab trainers and at The center For living, david diamond. A., social and Clinical Psychology, new College of California graduate School of Psychology. A., humanities; Emphasis in Theatre, new College School of Humanities; San Francisco,. Studies in the performing Arts, cornish Institute of the Arts, (Cornish College seattle,. Plays: Cut In The Blood/Ashes to dust: A full-length dramatic play.

Center for Millennial Studies at Boston University (CMS) Title: Executive administrator media liaison (1997-2000, seasonal duties through 2003) Planning and managing of simultaneous projects for international academic research center.  Media contact and spokesman duties, grant writing, office management duties, management of directors and vip guests schedules, writing, editing, press releases and kits, web design, public presentations and interviews with local and national media outlets. The center studies how beliefs in an immanent destruction (or radical change) of the world has an impact on societies throughout history, because people with these beliefs have had - and will continue to have - a significant effect, both positive and negative. Along with my other duties at the center, i conducted my own research and writings on millennial and apocalyptic thought and behavior, and edited the research of others in the field.  I made presentations to schools, historical and religious associations, and media outlets, consulted for other research agencies working on topics related to the field, and designed and taught a class on millennialism in modern culture.  A partial list of the organizations that called on me includes: The Arlington Institute (Washinton, dc).

New England Cable news Network. Andover Newton Theological Seminary. Boston Clergy for Interfaith dialogue. The society of Colonial Wars of Massachusetts. The cambridge center for Adult Education. The Greater Lowell Methodist Cluster. Freelance event conference Planner ; (ongoing) Extensive experience planning, organizing, and managing events of all sizes, in academic, corporate and other environments.

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First Night International franchises the "First Night" name and vision of a family-friendly, arts oriented New year's eve celebration to its member communities. It also teaches those members how to put on a good city-wide show, negotiates national discounts and sponsorship deals, and enforces its artistic and business standards. There are are over 200 member communities in North America and fni organizes an annual conference to help them meet, learn, and share experiences. Title: Communications Manager (2000-2001 event and website planning and management for nonprofit write division of Blue cross Blue shield. Planned and coordinated logistics for medical and other workshops/conferences. Writing, Editing, and website management, acted as assistant to director, distributed educational and promotional materials, follow up contact, and office manager duties. Wellchild was a non-profit dividion of BlueCross BlueShield of Massachusetts devoted to teaching doctors and parents about early childhood education, and about how to effectively communicate with each other. The division was dissolved in 2001 to make way for a larger version of itself.

writing a theatre resume

While there, i invented, improved, or clarified several processes, dramatically increased the size and success of the student conference portfolio. I also began a university wide upgrade of the event registration process (for which I received the first of my Sloan Enterprise Awards). Harvard University, title: Production Assistant (2003-2010 production work for the memorial Hall Complex as Assistant Stage manager, house manager, and as Usher for numerous shows. Additional work with Harvard theatre and music societies over the previous 5 years. Anmahian Winton Architects, title: Office manager (2002-2003). Cataloguing firm library and materials, real estate search for a planned office move, website design, general office coordination and management duties. First Night International (fni title: Special Projectes Manager (1998, 2002 conference planning, grant writing, giving computer instruction to senior staff, editing the company newsletter, move coordination, facilitating communications among 200 member communities in North America, basic financial bookkeeping, writing, editing, daily operation of office.

mit manage the publicity, alumni, and development opportunities.  I developed and managed the system by which students brand events with the school name and developed the on-line planning guide.  I advised students and staff on fiscal matters, navigating bureaucracy, project management, donor outreach, event promotion, contract negotiation, vip security procedures, media relations, vendor relations, and more.  I developed and offered training sessions to students and staff, and conducted ongoing outreach to multiple departments around mit.  I received multiple awards from Sloan and completed training in mediation, first aid, and Administrative officer Fundamentals. Mit's Business School hired me to help manage their student orientation in 2004, and quickly decided they had to keep me as a permanent employee.  The Student Life Office handles Major events, academic advising, all official student trips, activities for over 65 clubs, training and culture across programs and departments, and is the catch-all for all mit sloan activities not assigned to a specific department.

Microsoft suite (including Visio sapweb, sapgui, sharepoint, Photoshop, basic html, firefox. Find me on LinkedIn, selected Work Experience: Improbable research, Inc. Ig Nobel Prizes. Title: General Manager (2003-present i am co-producer and Stage manager of the annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony. Together with my co-producer and Facilitator, we manage all aspects of this internationally known science-humor award held at Harvard and mit. We manage over 100 people including Nobel laureates, scientists, technicians, and supporters throughout the year and broadcast around the world. we evaluate nominations, manage the selection committee, and supervise all theatrical and broadcast elements. we also produce several smaller events for science fairs, conferences and conventions, and operate a website and magazine.

Putting together your Musical Theatre resume the college audition

Main Page, language/Logistics, resumé, writings, calligraphy, theatre. Music, drink, wushu, photo galleries, contact, extensive project management, conference management, and theatrical stage management experience, a degree in Philosophy, martial arts training, and diverse interests including training and coaching, organizing and producing events, writing, editing and graphic design, sailing and singing, have given. I specialize in analyzing complex systems of people, data, and equipment, then making them intelligible and usable, and developing ways to track and manage them. Facilitation, coordination, and making things work. I have used these estate skills to be a problem-solving creative thinker in a variety of positions. References available on request. Writing samples and additional information available both by request and on this website.

Writing a theatre resume
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in both Scenery and Costumes for: new york shakeseare festival, manhattan Theatre club, off- Broadway, opera and National tours. Williamstown Theatre festival Portland Stage company portland Stage company.

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  1. varied styles of music, particularly jazz, classical, musical theatre, argentine, brazilian, peruvian, columbian, rock, pop, and others. Main Page language/Logistics, resumé, writings Calligraphy, theatre music Drink wushu Photo galleries Contact. s Digest Writing Competition; readings: Naples Players at Sugden Community Theatre, december 2006, firstStage (LA) Playwrights Express. Taught creative writing and theatre basics to classes of 12 students aged 14 to 18, instilling the fundamentals of monologue writing. the oac theatre Creators Reserve application form, please send a description of your project, a writing sample, and a bio or resumé.

  2. Documentation Requirement for, theatre performance Studies Sample of academic writing (5,000 to 7,500 words resumé. phonetics, directing, writing, audio recording, theater acting, film acting, and improv. Also contributed to the school's audiobook. The official website of Anita's. Theatre, a premiere live music and political speech writing services theatre venue, nestled in the.

  3. Theatre, writing and Acting Exercises in Positive/Negative: Women of Color and hiv/aids, (Aunt Lute, 2002). eyes: Brown Vocal Range: mezzo soprano belt legit Acting. Resume, writing directing, resume, production Credits Musicals plays Index. 2011 The buffer (ten-minute play) Winner: Chameleon. Theatre, circles 12th Annual New Play contest Minneapolis,.

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