Book girl on the train review

book girl on the train review

The girl on the Train by paula hawkins - goodreads

Or maybe sometimes they seem too much like protagonists (perfect, saviour of the world type people) and I cannot relate to them at all. It also doesnt leave much space for other characters emotions. So i would rather read a book that gives us a wider perspective of the characters and leave some things about the main character to imagination. In this book, however, first person narrative is the perfect format. Although there are three narrators, two of them are not much significant from the reader point of view. Our main narrator here is no typical heroine. An alcoholic who is still obsessed over her ex-husband, tom and his new family, rachel tells us how she gets involved in the mystery involving a couple who she passes by frequently on the train to and from work.

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I had heard a lot of ravings about this book. So i picked this one for reading when I had a 14 hour flight to go through. Dont confuse this one for Girl on a train by Alison waines like many other people have apparently done. Although I havent read that one yet, i found out that its about a journalist who was obsessed with finding out what had happened to the girl who had sat next to her and had apparently committed suicide. I do like the psychological thriller theme of the story so i might check that out later. But for now, let me get into how I found The girl on the Train by paula hawkins. I will give autobiography a spoiler alert if i am about to reveal too much. This book is written on first person format, which I normally find to be a pretty soft choice by authors. For some reason, knowing the deepest thoughts of the main character turns me off (Ehhm: Twilight). Maybe its because they seem more like real people and I read books to get away from real people.

Gerald everett Jones is the author of Bonfire of the vanderbilts (Gabriella muttone Photography, lapuerta books). Gerald everett Jones hosts the weekly, boychik lit book radio reviews, which air on Saturday nights. The mark Isler Show on, krla 870 am los Angeles. His humorous novels include. Ballpoint about the consumer craze of the pen Wars in 1945. You can access all previous podcasts. His forthcoming novel about an art fuller scandal in 1890s Paris is Bonfire of the vanderbilts. Published on Aug 30, 2015. I had been so busy with university and work that I hadnt had much time to go through many books.

book girl on the train review

M: Customer reviews: The girl on the Train: a novel

I guess Hollywood (uk office?) thought that was a bad idea. I doubt if the svelte. Blunt will be donning a fat-suit or best actually putting on weight for this role. Perhaps a touch less makeup, dear? Actress Emily Blunt is set guaranteed to play rachel Watson (Caroline bovarde Ucci). As I say, this is a big book, and what probably wont make it to script or screen are rachels agonizing internal monologues. But what you will see, i can predict, is every one of those wife-battering fights. Even more titillating to movie audiences than a good wartime firefight with semiautomatic weapons is to see some sweaty guy slapping his hot babe around.

At its basis, The girl on the Train is an ingeniously twisted  mystery. Its a woman-jeopardy plot with multiple victims. But, be warned, there are occasional bouts of intense domestic violence. You might wonder whether this bestseller will be a movie, and apparently it will. DreamWorks has it in pre-production with, tate taylor (The help) to direct. Emily Blunt has been cast in the title role of Rachel. In the book shes described as pudgy and somewhat homely.

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book girl on the train review

The girl on the Train review on the right track thanks to Emily Blunt

A problem is and its huge when Rachel has been drinking shes prone to mental blackouts. There are whole chunks of time from minutes essay to hours for which she has no memory. So combined with her guilt and self-loathing over her failed marriage, rachel begins to wonder whether shes been bad. Maybe really, really bad? Like, maybe, did she somehow hurt perfect-housewife megan? And what happened to megan, anyway?

Did she run off with a lover, or will they find her body in a ditch? Thats as far as Ill. But Im just priming the pump. This is a big book, and, by turns, rachel, Anna, and Megan tell their first-person stories. Debut novelist paula hawkins knows her craft.

(She had her reasons.) Hes now married to Anna and they have a new baby. The couple live in a the same bungalow where tom and Rachel once thought they were happy. A few doors down, Scott and Megan seem like childless lovebirds. Megan occasionally babysits for Anna. Although its been a while since the breakup, rachel cant help spying on her old house from the commuter train she takes to work in London every day. She occasionally catches sight of Megan and Scott lounging on the porch of their cookie-cutter cottage.

She doesnt know them well, but she develops a fantasy about their perfect relationship. Its the relationship Rachel thought she had with Tom, a love now presumably lost. It turns out that Rachel is more than casually curious about Tom and Anna. Rachel is a stalker. She phones him at all hours, she leaves notes at the house, and she wanders the neighborhood as she stares at the front door. One night when shes there, neighbor Megan goes missing.

The girl on the Train review: red herrings on the tracks signal

The wives and ex-wives are smart but vulnerable, emotional sponges thirsty for guy-sweat. They spend a lot of their emotional energy in cat-fights with each other. Okay, heres the gist. The girl on the Train is a chilling psychological drama centered not on a love triangle, but a pentagon or is it a hexagon? Anyway, the permutations and combinations dont quite include the entire neighborhood. The book's setting in village of Witney on the outskirts of London, shown during 2007 flood (en. Main character Rachel is recently divorced from Tom, who seems like a nice guy who just couldnt put up with her drinking habit.

book girl on the train review

Yes, i was engrossed. But before you rush out to the e-store, be warned. Right off, this is a book for and about women. The two male main characters both thirty-something husbands are strapping hunks of man-flesh. They exude charm and flash winning smiles. And they are both abusers. Several walk-on khan male characters are nicer, sort of metrosexual candidates. But one has a drug habit, another is a drunk, and the third is a spineless shrink. Novelist paula hawkins claims she was inspired by her routine commuter trips (m).

Hipwell has gone missing last night. Heres my book review of, the girl on the Train by, paula hawkins. I dont often review recent releases. But there was such a buzz about. The girl on the Train, i couldnt help myself. Especially since, after Id downloaded the ebook sample, that buy now button was burning a hole in my digital wallet. The girl on the Train by paula hawkins (riverhead books) (The book has been out for months, so maybe, given the nanosecond pace of social media, its a classic by now?).

Finally the london urge to know what he had to say consumed her and she listened to her voicemails to find that it wasnt Tom, it was Anna his wife. Infuriated by her voicemail Rachael whom is now tipsy, decides to go to toms house and confront her and maybe even bump into jess and confront her too. On the train she sits opposite a red haired man whose smiling at her in a way that makes her skin crawl. Rachael blacks out at Witney train station, blacking out has become a common thing for her lately. When she awakes she is at home with blood all over her pillow, naked in her bed and hasnt a single memory as to how she got there. She goes downstairs to find her handbag with her phone to see if theres anything to indicate how the night ended, and notices she has a massive gash and lump on her head that has been bleeding. She has some very abusive voicemails from Tom, and no recall of what happened after she got off the train. She decides to follow her tracks back and see if she can recall anything so again she gets on the train gets off at Witney and gets dazed and dizzy when she enters the underpass she remembers being there blood in her hair. Looking out the window can lead to trouble read this on the train instead!

The girl on the Train by paula hawkins review a skilful memory

This is a first, including a book review of a book that the reviewer hasnt finished reading yet! . But Demi is enjoying this page turner so much that she wanted to write something to encourage us all to get our own copies out from the library straight away. . Shes convinced me ill be borrowing my copy tonight! Zoe, basic run down of the story bearing in mind i am only actually half way through we have the main character Rachael Watson whom is divorced and living with real a close friend Cathy in Ashbury, she commutes to work every day from Ashbury. Rachael is an alcoholic, and a chapter or so in she loses her job but as her friend Cathy is the landlady well owner of her current accommodation she continues to commute to london at her usual time every day to avoid Cathy finding out. Then one day jess is seen in the garden with an Asian man, whom is not Jason. Rachaels mind runs wild as she watches the affair from the window of the train, the way jess so elegantly turns to kiss this man with such passion it makes her feel betrayed on behalf of Jason, she feels she needs to tell him! She feels he must know. Later that day rachael is sitting in the park and the sight she saw earlier has had her on edge, she buys some cans of g t and chills trying to work out why her perfect couple arent so perfect, when she gets a call.

Book girl on the train review
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  1. Book review : The girl on the Train by paula hawkins. This is a first, including a book review of a book that the reviewer hasnt finished reading yet!

  2. Although Girl on the Train. As the hot book right now I was hesitant to read this in the midst. Bestseller, fiction, girl on the train, mysteries, mystery, paula hawkins, review. Review : The girl on the Train by paula hawkins. We sense something a little strange about Rachel: but what it is, the book only reveals slowly.

  3. The, girl on the, train, book, review - she'll be blunt. View the full Article return to the site. This book is written on first person format, which. There are many things happening far beyond the imagination of the drunk girl passing by on the train. Acclaimed as Gone, girl meets Gaslight in the new York times review the then fairly new book had grabbed my attention and.

  4. Book, review : The, girl, on, the, train #Candyreads - subscribe, thumbs up the video and thank you for watching. Book, review : '. The, girl, on, the, train by paula hawkins paula hawkins' gripping new thriller begins with bitter, dissolute rachel, who sees what she. Book review : The, girl on the, train, by paula hawkins. Lonely, thirty-something divorcee rachels sole source of joy is the brief glimpse into the back.

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