Parable of the talents summary

parable of the talents summary

Parable of the talents or minas - wikipedia

As one small example, charlie bought a tennis ball practice machine and practiced volleys endlessly. Much like golf short game, which is tedious and no one really likes practicing, mastering volleys gave him a competitive advantage. Invert, Always Invert Charlie mentions this tool often in Poor Charlies Almanack, and its an effective tool. Look at your problem from the opposite perspective, and it may reveal new insights. Whats the flip side? What can go wrong that I havent seen?

Parable Of The talents: meaning, summary and Commentary

The government is playing all the monetary games, but its not working. If you had described this situation to harvard economists, they metamaterials would have said its impossible. Yet at the same time, theres an homework asset bubble in Hong Kong. Because japan and China are two vastly different cultures. The Chinese are gamblers. This is a classic example of why, to be a successful investor, one must draw from many disciplines. Imagine an economist standing up at a meeting of economists and giving my explanation. It wouldnt be politically correct! But the tools of economics dont explain whats going. Crowd folly, the tendency of humans, under some circumstances, to resemble lemmings, explains much foolish thinking of brilliant men and much foolish behavior like investment management practices of many foundations represented here today. It is sad that today each institutional investor apparently fears most of all that its investment practices will be different from practices of the rest of the crowd.

So you want to be very careful with intense ideology. I feel that Im not entitled to have an opinion unless I can state the arguments against my position better than the people who are in opposition. Divergence and Contrary Thinking Charlie munger thinks social proof causes humans to think like sheep, so contrary thinking invites new ideas that are possibly more objectively correct. Here are the best"s from Poor Charlies Almanack on innovative thinking: Mimicking the herd invites regression to the mean. Given Charlies record of success, not to mention Buffetts endorsement, why arent his investment practices more routinely emulated by others? Perhaps the answer is that, for most people, charlies multidisciplinary approach is simply too hard. Further, few investors share Charlies willingness to appear foolish by not following the herd. Anyone has to be flabbergasted by japans recession, which has endured for ten years, despite interest remote rates below one percent.

parable of the talents summary

Five lessons for Our lives from the parable of the talents

A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with. Truth paper is hard to assimilate in any mind when opposed by interest. Be aware of your own and others incentive-caused biases. What a man wishes, he will believe. demosthenes avoid intense ideologies. When you announce that youre a loyal member of some cult-like group and you start shouting out the orthodox ideology, what youre doing is pounding it in, pounding it in, pounding. Youre ruining your mind, sometimes with startling speed.

One trick in life is to get so you can handle mistakes. Failure to handle psychological denial is a common way for people to go broke. Youve made an enormous commitment to something. Youve poured effort and money. And the more you put in, the more that the whole consistency principle makes you think, now it has to work. If I put in just a little more, then itll work. Deprival super-reaction syndrome also comes in: youre going to lose the whole thing if you dont put in a little more. People go broke that way—because they cant stop, rethink, and say, i can afford to write this one off and live to fight again. I dont have to pursue this thing as an obsession—in a way that will break.

The parable of the talents - dramatix Scripts

parable of the talents summary

The parable Of The talents Slate Star Codex

Most people early achieve and later intensify a tendency to process new and disconfirming information so that any original conclusion remains intact. They become people of whom Philip Wylie observed: you couldnt squeeze a dime between what they already know and what they will never learn. Both Warren and i are very good at changing our prior conclusions. We work at developing that facility because, without it, disaster mix often comes. If people tell you what you really dont want to hear—whats unpleasant—theres an almost automatic reaction of antipathy.

You have to train yourself out. It isnt foredestined that you have to be this way. But you will tend to be this way if you dont think about. Cbs head Paley was a god. But he didnt like to hear what he didnt like to hear, and people soon learned that. So they told Paley only what he liked to hear. Therefore, he was soon living in a little cocoon of unreality and everything else was corrupt.

Faced with ones the mind choice and between proving there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof. Any year that you dont destroy one of your best-loved ideas is probably a wasted year. Its bad to have an opinion youre proud of if you cant state the arguments for the other side better than your opponents. This is a great mental discipline. We all are learning, modifying, or destroying ideas all the time.

Rapid destruction of your ideas when the time is right is one of the most valuable qualities you can acquire. You must force yourself to consider arguments on the other side. never fool yourself, and remember that you are the easiest person to fool. Apply logic to help avoid fooling yourself. Charlie will not accept anything I say just because i say it, although most of the world will. How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Calling a tail a leg doesnt make it a leg.

Parable of the sower Summary superSummary

quot;s online with attribution are not Charlie munger. Notes in brackets or without"s are mostly mine (some are the author of the book). When asked to describe himself in one the word, Charlie munger chose rational. He knows hes subject to the same biases affecting all other humans, and hes trained himself to recognize when theyre active and how to limit their damage. Heres a poor Charlies Almanack summary of the top"s on rationality. Objectivity and Changing Ones Mind, poor Charlies Almanack resurfaces the necessity of recognizing the truth in the world, not what you want to believe. I think that one should recognize reality even when one doesnt like it; indeed, especially when one doesnt like.

parable of the talents summary

Wait to find great deals, then bet huge. Learn vicariously from other peoples mistakes, rather than make them yourself. Our brains are faulty. Use checklists to analyze decisions and recognize biases. Remember plan the exercise of how to build a trillion dollar company. Be able to explain the success of a company from first principle, using major mental models, inversion, psychological biases. This will help you avoid mistakes that undo your work. Below:"s without attribution are Charlie munger.

looks like a nail. Build a latticework of mental models to understand phenomena. Mental models include psychological biases, opportunity cost, autocatalysis. Know your circle of competence. If youre outside of it, wait and learn more before acting. To succeed in investing, dont make a lot of bets. Because of pari mutuel, its hard to tell whether something is a great deal immediately.

Youll learn why Charlie considers multidisciplinary learning vital to success, his checklist when making investments, and how to build a trillion dollar company from scratch. Table of presentation Contents, strive to be objective. Force yourself to consider arguments on the other side, and argue them better than the other side can. Learn to handle mistakes. Be ok with being wrong. Seek to destroy your favorite ideas. Turn a situation around. How can you best destroy your own life right now?

Parable of the 10 Virgins: Summary, meaning and Commentary

Charlie munger is Warren Buffetts long-time partner at Berkshire hathaway. Content to being the lesser known of the two, munger is no less impressive. Bill Gates says that Charlie biography is truly the broadest thinker I have ever encountered. Of their 50-year partnership, buffett couldnt be more grateful for their friendship and says Charlie fits the profile of the ideal partner who is both smarter and wiser. Poor Charlies Almanack is a collection of Charlie mungers best advice given over 30 years, in the form of 11 speeches given as commencement addresses and roundtable talks. In all his talks, he shows wit, rationality, and incredible clarity of thought. In this summary of poor Charlies Almanack, ive extracted the most important points and organized them by topic. Its no replacement for his original speeches (where he says things like if you mix raisins with turds, and youve still got turds). But this summary helps remind me of his main lessons.

Parable of the talents summary
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