Pizza business plan

pizza business plan

Pizza delivery business Plan Sample - executive summary bplans

We have estimated that of the 3,000 full time households, 25 will make at least one order per month, which equals 25 pizzas per day. During the tourist season we expect at least 50 orders per day. This equates to 14,250 pizzas per year, and gross revenues of 285,000. 5.6 strategic alliances olympic pizzeria has formed alliances with area resorts and hotels to allow marketing and advertising of our menu to guests and tourists. Additionally, the restaurant has been given permission to place mobile vending carts on the beach, in exchange for sponsorships of local community events. Partnerships with fresh ingredient suppliers are also being negotiated. 5.7 operations operations will be managed by the three managing partners. This will include all marketing activities, financial and accounting activities, and operational activities.

Pizzeria business Plan Sample - executive summary bplans

We assignment will build our website using Wix, which allows us to create an attractive pizza website with ecommerce capabilities very quickly. It also includes the ability to make updates as we tweak our product offerings and add regular promotions. Using Wix will also allow us to save on website development costs because we will not need to hire a company or consultant to manage our pizza website. We will also use mailChimp for email marketing to send weekly promotions and coupons to drive repeat business. 5.4 marketing strategy in the pizza delivery business, aggressive marketing is the key. Typically, having a pizza delivered to your home is an impulse purchase. This analysis requires a strong advertising campaign including direct mailers and coupons placed in newspapers. Additionally, olympic pizzeria will develop strategic marketing campaigns to target guests of area resorts and hotels. Sponsorship of local sports teams and events will also be used to broaden reach. 5.5 sales strategy given the target market of tourists, Olympic pizzeria can charge a premium for its menu items. As dining is often an impulse purchase, it is difficult to estimate sales forecasts, however it is expected that during the tourist season, sales will increase significantly.

4.4 swot analysis the swot analysis for this pizza business plan is as follows: Strengths: fast, free delivery; unique recipes and secret sauce; first mover advantage; healthy menu options; low overhead and fixed expenses; prime location; management team weaknesses: higher variable costs for ingredients due. 5.2 product development development of the facility will be minimal, with minor modifications and the addition of pizza ovens being the only major renovation. Proven recipes have already been secured. Delivery drivers will be outfitted with gps units to aid in fast, efficient delivery. Development of the mobile beach vending carts will be finalized once the main restaurant write has been operational for at least six months. 5.3 internet strategy although the internet may not play a vital part to the marketing of Olympic pizzeria, a website will be designed and maintained to promote the company. Along with advertising specials, customers will be able to look through the complete menu, and place orders for takeout or delivery online.

pizza business plan

Pizzeria business Plan for a pizza shop or Restaurant

The tourists mainly consist of vacationers with disposable income that are willing to spend more for a quality pizza. The locals consist of either upper-middle class retirees or lower-middle class middle-aged workers, both which enjoy quality pizza 1-2 times per month. 4.2 market size, plan the full-time permanent population of seaside is slightly more than 6,000 people, growing at an annual rate. However, the population doubles during the prime summer and fall vacation months. It is estimated that 90 of the population eat pizza, with 40 eating pizza at least two times per month. 4.3 market trends the target market is experiencing growth annually in both full-time population and tourist visits. Additionally, a new market segment has golf begun to appear with people beginning to look for healthier dining alternatives. Olympic pizzerias exclusive whole-wheat crust option targets this new market segment.

The pizzeria also offers a wider variety of menu items, including whole wheat crust options, which the competition does not offer. 3.5 development, olympic pizzeria plans to open another location near the waterfront, which will serve as a convenient place to eat while tourists are enjoying the beach. This location will act as a hub for several mobile carts strategically located along the beach, which will offer pizza by the slice and drinks to customers. As customers preferences are further defined, menu items will be added to expand the target market. For example, a healthier alternative, such as wraps, will be added to the menu. Additional locations in other towns along the coastline may also be considered. 4.0 market analysis summary.1 target market. Seaside, like several other small towns along the Oregon coast line, has a tourist based economy. There are two distinct market segments that Olympic pizzeria will target: the tourists and the locals.

Sample pizzeria business Plan - restaurant Owner

pizza business plan

Pizza restaurant Business Plan Financial Model - restaurant Owner

Additionally, olympic pizzeria is the only restaurant that provides vegan options to customers. Multiple flavored crust options (cheese, garlic, etc.) along with an array of pizza toppings, also sets Olympic pizzeria apart from the current competition. Finally, expanded operating hours and fast, free delivery, allow customers multiple dining options. Currently there is only one direct competitor, southside pizza, which is the only pizzeria that delivers in the Greater seaside area. Typically their deliveries take an average of an hour per order and incur a 2 surcharge. Additionally, they only deliver between the limited hours of 5-8. A three-topping delivered pizza will cost over 17 and take an hour when ordered from southside pizza.

The indirect competition includes Bills Diner and China wok buffet. Bills Diner sells take-and-bake reviews pizza at a very reasonable price; however they do not offer delivery. They also do not offer dough variations. China wok buffet does deliver for a 4 surcharge; however they do not offer pizza in their menu. 3.4 competitive edge/barriers to entry, as there is limited competition, Olympic pizzeria will have a first mover advantage in offering quality pizzas for fast, free delivery. Once established, it will be difficult for another pizzeria to enter the market, as seaside is not large enough to support three pizza restaurants year-round. Additionally, olympic pizzeria has lower fixed costs through negotiations on a long term building lease.

Not only does this appeal to all of the tourists, being centrally located on the main street in town, but also attracts travelers on the highway driving through. At this location, an existing vacant restaurant has been secured. The building is fully built out to accommodate the needs of the pizzeria, including complete kitchen, dining, and office areas. The owner has agreed.80 per square foot in rent (900/mo.) and will include garbage pickup and water. Utilities will be based on use.

The most significant assets will be the kitchen equipment, including the oven, mixer and prep tables. As the reputation for our pizza grows, our most important assets will become our recipes and the Olympic pizzeria brand. 3.0 products services.1 product description, olympic pizzeria provides premium pizza with fast, free delivery to the seaside area. Olympic pizzeria specializes in making superior pizzas, with proven recipes that have successfully launched pizzerias in other parts of the country. The restaurant combines hand-tossed dough, along with a secret sauce, that entices customers to return. Menu items are priced marginally higher than pizzerias in other towns, as the primary customers are tourists, whom expect to spend more while on vacation. This allows for free delivery, as well as additional menu options, such as whole-wheat dough. 3.2 features benefits, olympic pizzeria offers a wide menu selection to appeal to many different customer preferences. As more people are beginning to eat healthy, whole wheat options are available for pizza crusts and breadsticks.

Pizza business Plan - business Plan Templates

2.0 company summary.1 company industry, olympic pizzeria will become seasides first chain of delivery oriented, family pizza restaurants. Although this is not a new concept, seaside does not have a pizzeria that offers fast, free delivery along with a family dining atmosphere. Seaside is not only ready for a true pizza operation it needs one, especially an operation that will focus on quality, price, and convenience. 2.2 legal entity ownership. Olympic pizzeria is currently registered with the secretary of State (Oregon) as a limited liability company under the name Olympic pizzeria llc. . The company is owned equally by its three managing partners. 2.3 history, each of the founding partners brings different experience to the company. Having experience in paper the hospitality industry, management, and pizza making, the three partners have teamed up to create Olympic pizzeria to fill the current need in the market. 2.4 facilities location, olympic pizzeria is located in a prime location in seaside, oregon, at the corner of Broadway and Highway 101.

pizza business plan

The management team has successfully started one other restaurant in nearby portland. Olympic pizzeria has a strong financial plan with first year earnings exceeding 30,000 and cash flow positive by month. It is expected that the company will have losses during the five months that tourism is slow, however during the busy months monthly profits will exceed 10,000. Yearend cash balances will exceed 30,000, and the bank loan will be paid off within two years. 1.7 funds required use, olympic pizzeria requires 85,000 in capital to begin operations as described in this pizza business plan. The three owners have personally invested 60,000 into the company. The remaining 25,000 will come from a bank loan that has already analysis been secured. Funds will be used for building renovations, marketing and advertising, and daily operations for the first five months until the company becomes cash flow positive. Details are in the Strategy implementation section of this pizzeria business plan.

at least once per month. 1.4 strategy implementation, olympic pizzeria will implement an effective marketing and advertising campaign, consisting of direct mailings, community and event sponsorships, and coupons. Additionally, the company has formed partnerships with area resorts and hotels to inform guests about Olympic pizzeria and its dining options. Sales are expected to double during the tourist season, at which time a complete staff consisting of cooks, drivers, and wait staff will be hired. 1.5 management, olympic pizzeria has a strong management team consisting of its three owners. Each owner brings education in business management. Additionally, each owner has experience working in either the resort industry or the food industry.

Olympic pizzeria is conveniently located for both tourists and locals, and a complete restaurant with low lease terms has already been secured. The owners all bring business management background, as well as hospitality industry experience. This pizzeria business plan outlines the market and strategy to create a profitable pizza restaurant business. 1.2 products services, olympic pizzeria offers fast and free delivered pizza. The pizza, made with unique, east coast based recipes and a secret sauce, include a vast array of topping selections, as well as healthy alternatives. The company also presentation will offer mobile beach vending carts to allow tourists on the beach a quick and easy dining option without leaving the beach. Seaside has approximately 6,000 full time residents, which more than doubles during the tourist season.

Pizzeria business Plan - executive summary, objectives, market

If you want to open an independent pizza business, decide whether you want to open a dine-in pizzeria, offer deliveries, or both. At that point, you'll need to look into getting the necessary equipment like a refrigerator, gas oven, and dough mixer. You should also attend a culinary school if you can, as it will teach you to make better pizzas and side dishes to draw in a wider variety of customers. Did this summary help you? Use this pizzeria business plan as your template to create the best pizza shop in town thats long also a thriving, profitable business! This pizza business plan includes market analysis, strategy, more. Download this pizza business Plan free for easy editing in Microsoft Word: Also read: Starting a small Business a complete guide with Templates and tools.0 executive summary.1 company industry, olympic pizzeria will become seasides first, fast and free delivered pizza restaurant. The pizza restaurant industry in seaside is minimal, with only one other pizza place.

Pizza business plan
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  4. How to Start a pizza business. Write a business plan that includes a description of your pizza business, the market you intend to sell.

  5. Are you about starting a pizza shop with pizza delivery service? If yes, here is a complete sample pizza shop business plan template & free feasibility study. M - your Resource for free business Plans, Free business Plan Templates, free property Analysis tools. pizza palace - summary business Plan - pdf - free download as pdf file (.pdf text File (.txt) or read online for free. Simple business Plan of a new pizzeria.

  6. Business Plan Table of Contents ø company description ø industry Analysis ø products & Related Services ø the target Market ø the competition. Download pizza restaurant Business Plan Financial Model. To most potential lenders and investors, the financial section will be the most important part of your business plan. Encyclopedia of Business, 2nd. Pizzeria business Plan: Business Plans - volume.

  7. Use this free pizza business plan to create the best pizzeria restaurant or shop in town that's also a thriving, profitable business! Includes market analysis, strategy, more. Pizzeria del causamali pizzeria business plan executive summary. Pizzeria del causamali is a start-up restaurant which will fill an empty niche. Currently there are few family-dining restaurants serving the rural communities surrounding the town of deauville, and none serve freshly made pizza.

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