Does homework really benefit students

does homework really benefit students

Does Homework Improve learning?

But I feel that study is the most important task of a student. After going home, they should spend some time reviewing their knowledge. Only like this, they can acquire progress. After understanding the reasoning above, i think that nobody would doubt this idea that teachers should assign homework everyday. It makes Us to manage time wisely. If we got many hw, and if we're a discipline boy, we'll. We have to think how much time we'll spend for the hw, maybe if we usually play after we got home, now, we'll start doing the hw right after we got home because hw is more important than playing!

Does school really prepare students for adult life

There are numerous reasons why i advocate the attitude of assigning homework everyday, and I would in here explain a few of the most important ones. At first, homework is helpful for students to recall the knowledge that they study at the same day. In general, students would like to play. After going home, if there is no homework, they will elearning only play all kinds of games. Maybe they will forget all knowledge. But homework will force them to sit their chairs to review what they learn. So, homework will help students study better. Secondly, homework will help teachers understand how their students study. Through examining their students' homework, they can know whether their students understand what they teach in the class. I feel that it will help teachers improve their educational quality. Of course, there are some people who contradict homework because they think that assigning homework everyday will enhance the students' load.

Learning is not always an enjoyable experience and students always need to spend hard time. Daily homework can form a kind of habit of learning for students. Once a habit is formed, learning is not such a painful thing and a student can find it more and more interesting. Obviously this will greatly benefit to a student. In conclusion, daily homework is crucial to students success. Life requires us to keep learning in order to catch on with this fast pacing society. A good learning habit and method that london we developed when we are students can benefit us for the rest of our life. (Essay id: 153 essay. I do strongly this idea that teachers should assign homework to students every day.

does homework really benefit students

Nea, research Spotlight on Homework

First, daily homework can reinforce the knowledge students learned at school. A student cannot concentrate every minute, and remember everything that a teacher taught in class. Daily homework is the best way for students to review what he learned during the day, and study on the problems that he do not understand, and prepare for the next days work. Second, daily homework is the bases of succeed in exams. This is especially true for those students who are not so bright, and the only way to succeed in school is doing homework each day. Whenever the homework flags the class behavior dips, the social behavior is muddled, and the grades take a nosedive. No matter what the ability of a student, daily homework is the key to students school success. Third, daily homework can help students develop good learning habits.

Homework : An unnecessary evil?

does homework really benefit students

Elementary-school students shouldn't do homework

It is good to points childrens health. Last but not least, assigning homework everyday is not a scientific way writer of studying. Suppose you must do physics homework everyday. After several weeks, you will probably think physics is so boring that it no longer interests you. How could one learn physics well under such circumstance? I think the only way to solve this problem is not to assign physics homework everyday.

So from what has been discussed, one can reach only this conclusion that daily homework is not necessary at all. Essay 4, most students in this world struggle daily with their homework. Many teachers believe that daily homework is the key to education and school success. I agree with this opinion. Here are my reasons.

Going over what you've learned will give you more new knowledge." (Essay id: 424. This is a 5 point essay). Essay 3, many teachers assign homework to students everyday, and they seldom doubt. However, as far as i am concerned, it is not necessary. To begin with, not every teacher has classes everyday. For instance, a chemistry teacher may have no class on Monday.

It makes students learn nothing new about chemistry that day. As a result, it becomes unnecessary for the chemistry teacher to assign homework. Because if the teacher still assigns homework, perhaps the students will not have enough time to review what they have learned that day, such as physics and biology. In addition, everyone must have his or her own leisure time. Students are not machines. They cannot work without any rest. Even if a machine works everyday, its efficiency will become lower and lower and refuse to work finally. So the teachers must let students have some spare time, when they can play games, have a picnic and do other things they like.

Homework : Is It good for Kids?

That realize an old saying "Bite more than you can chew". Another reason is that completing homework everyday will help to raise habit that everyone need think in his/her own business way independently. What teacher teaches us is just their understanding track and what we gain on class is just others' experience. What I discussed above is just two points of many persuasive ones. To some extent, we may obey the rule-"Always work and study makes Jack a dull boy". But shredder if all these factors are contemplated the advantage of assigning homework everyday carry more weight than those of the opposite one. What i agree with is just personal idea. Maybe you can remember this word.

does homework really benefit students

Only if a teacher keep this in his/her mind, the homework could be of most help to someone the students. (Essay id: 461 essay 2 "you must finish your assignment when coming back from school, my mother always told me when I was a child. Therefore, i am used to doing my homework as my first thing at home. According to my habits and fondness i am unanimous with this statement that teacher assign homework everyday. Maybe others hate doing homework everyday because they take it as a burden which will reduce their time for playing games. Et me tell you why i advocate. The main reason is that teachers assigning homework everyday really helps me go over my lessons I have had on class. Through my homework i can understand the knowledge by myself and get what the teacher said the most important things in order in my brain. I really liked playing and postponed homework to the next day.

teaching, and make corresponding adjustment of his/her teaching, either for all the students or for a single one. Without some feedback, it is impossible for the teacher to do this. A test is also a good form of feedback, but obviously one or two tests are not enough, and sometimes this kind of feedback just comes to late. However, This conclusion might be misleading that one may believe all forms of homework are necessary. Actually, only proper amount of homework in proper forms is acceptable; some homework may not only fail to help the students, but on contrary bore them, so much so that they may lose their innate interest to study. "Proper" homework, in my opinion, should vary in its forms; it might be some extensive reading, a paper, or even just a game, as well as other ordinary exercises. And it should leave enough freedom to the students so that they could do things they really like to do with self-motivation, rather than unwillingness. We should always remember that homework is something for us to guide the students, rather than drive them.

A student needs help of a teacher because he/she does not have an overall understanding of the knowledge he is going to study as the teacher. This means, at the beginning stunt could not well plan his/her study, just as a kid who biography is for the first time in a swimming pool could do nothing but play with water. And a teacher could make a good study plan for him/her, so that he/she could learn efficiently. Secondly, sometimes, even when a student, especially a young one, has already understand what he/she should do in order to master some skill or knowledge, he/she is still unwilling to do this for the lack of motivation. Hey, don't tell me that you have never been lazy at all when you were young. Some homework could function as a task for the student to perform which is helpful to motivate him/her. Thirdly, homework is an important form of feedback for a teacher to understand the effectivity of his/her work. As I have mentioned before, a teacher makes a study plan for the students; but does it really work?

Research Finds Effects

Topic 68: Many teachers assign homework to students every day. Do you think that daily homework is necessary for students? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer. Essay 1, there's much controversy about the necessity of daily homework for students. Some say homework is necessary since only practice makes perfect, while others disagree because they believe a student should have the freedom to study whatever in whatever forms just as write he/she likes. In my opinion, daily homework is necessary for students. First, a teacher could assign homework as a guide for the students to study.

Does homework really benefit students
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  3. Really as bad as one texas teacher claims? Homework help or hinder student learning and which students, under what conditions, does it help or hinder?

  4. But that does to on a useless paper reasonable prices according to us quality. Superior papers how homework helps students learn should offer really. Topic 68: Many teachers assign homework to students every. As I have mentioned before, a teacher makes a study plan for the students ; but does it really. Do our 3rd graders really benefit from extra. What does seem to be clear, though, is that homework is only valuable when it is thoughtful and students.

  5. That compared students with and. There does seem to be a correlation between homework and standardized test scores. But lets pretend that we really do know how much homework students. Homework is good for students becaue when the students does homework at home and read the chapter at home before teacher explains that. New research suggests that homework for younger children does not really provide any benefit and teachers only give. To other students about homework.

  6. Parenting » Find a school skills, Smart strategies ». Does homework really work? Year, students ages 6 to 17 were doing twice as much homework.of giving homework to students. There is little or no benefit to giving homework and that it does not really lead to improved academic performance. You might think that open-minded people who review the evidence should be able to agree on whether homework really does.

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