Dreams and ambitions essay

dreams and ambitions essay

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Whether we choose to work at achieving our dreams, or to revel in the heroes parallel version of us that might be flying ships in outer space while we sit behind a desk taking accounts; the fact is that dreams are a beautiful thing, and. Disclaimer: The views and opinions of the contributors do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the magazine. Thursday, by, catherine, blog. Cheap Papers and Essay service! Buying papers online has become a very inevitable thing for students. At colleges and in the universities, students hardly get any help needed for them to write good papers. Lecturers give very many assignments for students to work despite having no enough time to. Professors expect assignments turned in a timely fashion and done based on the instructions of the paper. Therefore, students cannot do without custom essay writing services available online. . m is one of such online custom writing service that will make sure that you get all you need from custom essay writing at a cheap price.


What if it was us on the titanic when it sank? What if Abraham Lincoln really was a vampire hunter? The appreciation of our dreams is only possible when we picture it as separate from the reality of our lives. Who is to say that when we actually achieve our dreams, the magic of that dream dissipates? What if that first step on the moon did not feel like what we had anticipated it to be? What if the build-up to the ambition was the most magical part of the dream? Of course, all these are very opinionated points of views it is hard to write a completely objective essay on dreams and ambitions, due to its very nature of being ingrained into our individual personalities.


dreams and ambitions essay

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Moreover, even if the dream we have is seemingly impossible to achieve, pursuing them is never a london lost cause. As the popular saying goes, reach for the moon, for even if you miss, youll land among the stars. Never underestimate the motivation possible from chasing a dream. We may fail in our original plan, but without even realizing, the impetus we have from our ambitious fervour has already allowed us to achieve and learn a lot more than we would if we ignored our dreams. On the contrary, perhaps there should be a clear distinction between dreams and reality after all, a fantasy only retains its allure when it is detached from the worries of practicality and execution. The dream of being the first Singaporean to step on the moon is much more captivating than the thought of the countless hours having to put into studying and excelling in the relevant subjects. In addition, these dreams can be further appreciated if they are treated as a what if rather than an I want to a sort of parallel universe akin to watching movies or theatre. Everyone loves watching movies, and the magic of its effect on us even after the last scene ends, is it offers a diversion, summary a possibility from our mundane lives what if we were really living in the matrix?

Some ambitions, for example being a competitive athlete, is something that requires full dedication in the field for the possibility to even be open. I think my argument for this can be very succinctly summed up in a" from Kahlil Gibran, a lebanese poet, The most pitiful among men is he who turns his dreams into silver and gold. Perhaps this" is a little harsh in labelling those who abandon their dreams for a possibly higher and more stable income as sell-outs, but the core message of it is very thought-provoking. What defines us humans as individuals as a different entity despite sharing 99 of our dna with each other, is the intangible aspects of ourselves. Our personalities, our thoughts, our dreams. The distinctiveness from each other owed to these characteristics are integral in creating a diverse society of individuals; not a society of mind-controlled robots like in george Orwells dystopian novel 1984. It is hence justifiable to say that the people who succumbed to the financial promises of a monotonous job and sacrificed their individuality are pitiable. After all, what is all the money in the world when one does not enjoy the process of earning it?

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dreams and ambitions essay

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Finally proof read it and make necessary changes and avoid extra information to make your essay interesting and clearing your way to college or university or your choice. Chasing the Dream, or Chasing the paycheck? By lee tat wei, anglo-Chinese School Independent. The emergence from adolescence produces a compelling sense of anticipation and excitement in the youth, as they look to their futures filled with infinite potential. In that very moment, their dreams and ambitions which they had held distant to them as children suddenly become very real possibilities dreams that inherently ignore the economic significance it has on ones lives, and as a result many of these dreams are based solely. As individuals soon have to choose between following thesis their dreams and having a stable job, there will always be a looming fear that while on their deathbed, they will look at this point in time in hindsight and regret their decision to choose one over.

So what then, is the right decision to make? Should one take a chance and follow their passion, or be financially secure with a white collar job? I think our hesitation when wanting pursue our dreams stem from two reasons; either because we perceive the dream to be out of our reach and unattainable, or because we believe that the dream is not sustainable for a comfortable life. In the previous issue, i wrote an article on the clash of passion and practicality while considering the viability of being a writer as a full time profession. In that article i expressed my opinion that from a financial point of view, it was not a great choice to be a writer. However, with the broadened scope of this essay topic my views will naturally be different in my opinion, we should chase our dreams. Unlike writing, not every dream or ambition can be achieved by balancing a monotonous white collar day job and a passionate hobby.

You must also identify if there are any special qualities that make you stand out from the rest of the crowd and how beneficial it was for you in the past. You must also remember the most difficult times in your life, how you overcame it and how it benefited you afterwards. You should also consider your dreams, ambitions, some incidents which changed a belief that you were sure of, what your personality traits are and how your friends describe you, your favorite books and movies, if you have any heroes and how their life influenced and. Now you come to the most important part of the admission essay writing process, selecting your topic. You have brainstormed some of the most important factors in your life and have a list of experiences, feelings, ambitions and dreams in hand.

Now you need to see the subject or the course you would like to enroll in the specific university or college and cross check for information in your brainstormed ideas to select the best and develop the essay on its basis. You must be careful not to include information that has listed elsewhere in your application and answer the questions asked with enough supporting points. You should also be careful not to write your essay negatively which tries to push your beliefs into others. You must keep your readers interest from the first word by thinking from a different point of view which makes your selector remembers you at the end of reading hundreds of essays. And finally you should follow few basic things, even though basic, most fail. Answering the question in your essay by being yourself and original helps the most when writing an admission essay, which generates a genuine feeling. You should spend a little more time on your introduction and avoid using uncommon words, which would require a dictionary to get the meaning. You must also use transitional phrases to have a thread of information that answers the question completely.

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There are different types of admission essays for various streams of education like college, law schools, business schools, graduate admissions essay, medical schools and more. With so many bright students with brilliant academic performance competing, you owl must take every step to reviews ensure you score the maximum in each metrics. Admission essay writing is one of the most basic parameter to impress the selectors. When writing admission essays it is very important to understand these essays are a way to present your unique personality and explain how it can benefited by choosing the program offered and excel. The candidates must use some of their experiences that have proven they have an inclination towards the subject they choose. Even if you have plenty of experiences and reasons to choose the career you are looking for, writing it down into an interesting story is a haunting task for most students. Here are some ways to write an interesting admission essay : Brainstorming for the best incident or idea to prove your capabilities. When you brainstorm, you do not need to rule out ideas which at first may seem irrelevant, let them be there as it can be benefited later. You must ask few questions yourself to start with like a list of your major accomplishments, be careful not to rule out the trivial accomplishments as some of the most interesting admission essays are developed by placing them in the context of your life.

dreams and ambitions essay

The extra help is invaluable for editing and proofreading the essay. Once the essay is truly finished, the student can send in their essay and wait for the results. Writing Admission Essays - the Smart way. Author: Joseph Tullos designation: Graduate School Essays Writer editor date published: 2, june 2010. Most of the times, modern schools and organizations are not just satisfied with your test scores, extra curricular activities and awards, they are looking for something more, might be your attitude, your decision making ability and many factors subjected to the organization or school you. Admission essays are one of the most considered and highly regarded ways to recognize the actual personality and attitude of yours for most organizations. So it is very important to know the smartest ways of writing admission essays to outsmart your competitors even if they perform academically better than you. Since writing admission essay does not require fashion you to follow a specific pattern of writing an essay, it is more or less about how well you can present your attitude and your previous experience through them to convince the selectors about your real capabilities.

students should discuss the types of cases or field they want to practice. Are they planning on working in public service or for environmental class action suits? All of this type of information is relevant for the admissions office because it lets the office discover how dedicated the student is to their goals. After completing the admissions essay, students should always take some time to proofread the essay. They should check for any spelling or grammar errors. Ideally, a favorite teacher or tutor should read through the essay as well.

If the writing student wants to be a vet, they should not be applying for the humanities department of the school. Each part of the essay has to focus on how attending the school achieves the students long-term ambitions. Let Them Know you, plenty of students want to be a doctor or a college professor. The admissions office has read through hundreds of applications that contain cookie cutter formulas and goals. When a student applies to a university, they have to let the admissions office know what sets them apart. Discussing past activities, values and extracurricular activities can help the admission office understand how the student has prepared for their goals. Likewise, demonstrating the personal significance of these educational objectives sheds light on the student's personality and dreams. When it comes to writing the essay, the student should never focus on just their academic goals.

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When it comes to writing a college admission essay, most students have to write a personal statement. This part of the process requires students to write about their goals, dreams and ambitions. Often, students have to incorporate some of their life experiences. Additionally, they should include steps that they have already written to achieve these goals. Starting the Essay, before writing the essay, students should have a grasp on what they want out paper of life. If they are not sure, they should brainstorm different ideas and ambitions. These goals and ambitions should line up with the departments at the college.

Dreams and ambitions essay
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  1. This part of the process requires students to write about their goals, dreams and ambitions. Com, you can rest assured that all you will get is high quality material that will propel your academic dreams and. Thesis Statement / Essay topic 3 The role of Dreams and Ambitions in The Stone Angel. Macbeth Ambition Essay araby and James joyce Essay however sometimes, our own ambitions and desires can change us for the negative.

  2. What is a doctoral candidate. you for access, graduate, whose dreams became reality uf welcomes applications from all types of your ambitions and usf health programs. write a completely objective essay on dreams and ambitions, due to its very nature of being ingrained into our individual personalities. Our cheapest essay writing service helps our clients achieve their dreams by producing quality essays that cannot be ignored. are about getting to know you better — your life experience, interests, ambitions and inspirations Common App Personal Essay - prompt.

  3. Do you want to submit an essay that will virtually guarantee your selection to the college of your dreams? My ambitions and dreams essay the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, dictated by germany ended hostilities between Russia and. We understand your dreams and aspirations, and we are careful to let every line take you to where your ambitions lie. A team of elite academics and individuals with the credentials to help make your academic dreams and ambitions a reality. introduction the importance of money essay argumental research paper talk about dreams and ambitions essay traditional gender roles. How did your ambitions and is a short essay 500 - 1, systematic discourse.

  4. Mickey analysis essay ambitions and goals essay conclusion reading makes a full man essay parables essay xat paper essay. Use them to explore personal ambitions and motivations, and remember that the main goal is to show your individuality and strengths. talk about dreams and ambitions essay? Irrationalities of mcdonaldization essay anthropology research paper proposal life changing. brainstormed some of the most important factors in your life and have a list of experiences, feelings, ambitions and dreams in hand.

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