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Certifications are also significant for user certification. Software developers have to open their application to security specialists that offer certifications for security. This is one way of guarantee users that the application program has been fully tested against different kinds of attacks. This is frequently the dilemma for cloud computing as external security checks might open the organization secrets on cloud computing. But this has to be sacrificed to enhance the security of their users. Apart from user protection against different kinds of attacks, the data or the information itself should be protected.

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Appropriate implementation of security counter measures is highly recommended for cloud computing. The simple fact that the application is initiated through internet makes it susceptible to any time of attack. Cloud computing should consider protecting its users. Developers should make sure that data associated to the user should not be changed and could be extracted just by one person. There are two methods to ensure cloud computing security: certifications and restrictive user access. Restrictive access is a kind of logical security measure that could come from easy username and password challenge to complicated log in forms. However, applications programs in cloud computing should not only base itself on essay these confrontations. Ip particular applications programs and user time outs are only some of the security counter measures that should be implemented accordingly. The major drawback in restrictive user access is to limit the access rights of the user. Every english user will have to be allocated manually with security permission to ensure restriction of access to diverse files.

Prediction for a group of product is encouraged because it is usually more accurate than for ones product (Piasecki, 2009). The prediction horizon should be realistically small, say a week. This is because the further the timeline, the more forecasting errors becomes. However, long period forecast can be agreed to if the metrics are relatively true. Security is one of the important concerns of businesses in any form. Whether an enterprise is multi-million online ventures, security or small should be implemented. Vulnerability of the business to different security flaws is always tempting to different elements with malicious objective.


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Inventory forecasting in my thinking is a positive and revolutionary strategy aimed at providing expected stock level to meet demand at a particular point in time. Pro-activeness can be deduced as a step taken, preface to a known incident. Broadly, three techniques can be agreed to when conducting inventory forecasting. They are Intuitive, extrinsic and Intrinsic. The intuitive technique is based on subjective judgment and up to date opinions that are not chronological based. The intrinsic technique is historical based and works on the principle that a prior event might recur. The extrinsic approach is reliant on activities in another area and accepts the theory of proportionality. For instance, the sale of exercise books is relative to the number of students. By and large, in appreciating forecasting as a tool for optimizing business process via objective decision making as contrasting to the otherwise, it is relevant to make allowances for sensible estimation error.

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The ordinary process for calculating a sales forecast with no existing sales is to base your forecasts on the performance of parallel businesses that sell similar products. The easiest sales forecasting technique is an annual sales forecast. Assuming that your sales are moderately stable - no major modification in your competition, your customer base from year to year - you just have to account for inflation. We calculate this formula as we add last years annual sales and the last years annual sales x rate of inflation which is equal to next years sales forecast. For many enterprises, sales change with time. Because of this, the only thing is to break down your sales predict month by month. The first thing you have to do is evaluate the past few years of sales numbers to calculate what percentage of the year's total sales are made each month.

When creation sales forecasts, there are quite a few other factors that may need to be added to the calculation: Sales contracts that won't be renewed, industry analysts' predictions for growth or decrease in your market segment, new sales contracts that are on the horizon. In some situations where a business has no proven sales, sales forecasts are significant for attracting investors. It's episode essential to base your forecast on businesses that sell to the same customer demographic and have the same geographic locality. For retail sales, you'll need to understand the average monthly or annual sales volume per square foot of retail space. In this situation you can adjust for the comparative size of your store.

History of the sales is one of the important tools used in sales forecasting. Additionally, it is also the basis for inventory forecasting. Sales history analyzes the knowledge of the market, products, industry and customer. Various sales forecasting techniques have been used such as open-model time-series techniques which pertains analyzing sales history data for patterns to use in sales prediction. Another sales forecasting technique is exponential smoothing that compares the previous forecast to actual result to get the wrong figure to use in the current and future prediction. A trend is also an important forecasting tool for planning and preparation of departmental database.

It ensures that enough inventories are ordered and enough shipping staff is on hand of high sales. Microsoft excel is an accounting spreadsheet program that enhance users to organize sales history data for forecasting. Customer lists, products, sales personnel lists, and sales history by year organized in Excel into display sales information, recruitment and delivery techniques. Excel has many features important to sales forecasting, like averaging tools and graphing. The calculation involved in sales forecasting is actually very simple. The difficult part is basically maintaining the comprehensive and correct financial records to make those calculations. Examples of the most important information for calculating sales forecast are: the sales amount for every product broken down by month of the year, external factors impacting sales, such as economic forecast, increased competition, employee contract negotiation and price changes in raw materials.

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At the same time they should acquire the information about customer preference, transaction maintenance and problem solution. Other than these during the development of the database they should evaluate and cross-sell their products to look for the best option that parts will ensure the database data is in accordance with the information that the customers needs. Retail stores ensure the database has big data which is evaluated in combination with custom enterprise data, enterprises can develop a more careful and intuitive understanding of their business, which can enhanced productivity, a stronger competitive position and larger innovation all of which can have. The retail stores ensure the database has the ability to acquire big data and can be able to analyze. The retail stores database should have transactions that is a complete history of the purchases made by the customer including the price paid, buying date, and whether the trade in was purchased in response to a special, marketing task, Customer Contacts that is a record. Two main approaches to sales forecasting: qualitative, quantitative and or judgmental. Frequently companies utilize both methods at the same time. In a simple way the word quantitative means estimating a particular, considerable or indefinite amount of anything. Quantitative techniques rely mainly on numbers to conclude forecasts.

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The departmental store transactions includes payment method, type of commodity, calculate the total cost of the item and the number of items in the departmental store. Retails stores use the database to retain its customers through various ways such as ensuring every commodity the customers want is present, goods and services are up-to-date and every customer should enroll in the process of creating the system so that it can capture the. The retails stores use the database to retain the customer by allowing concurrent access of any commodity the customer wants without any restriction. The retail stores also ensure that there is a locking mechanism where the customer can apply the locking mechanism to protect his good. The database should be transparent and simple to use that is it should be user friendly. They should also ensure that any occurrence of the problem is solved without any delay. The retail stores should make sure the price of the products in the database is in accordance with the reputation of the customers. They should make sure that when developing the database they essay should consider the customer needs and their financial ability so that they can retain their customers and encourage other to join (Haley, 2006).

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