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guerrilla resume

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66 After the february 2014 Ukrainian revolution (the conclusion of Euromaidan) Yanukovych fled to russia. 66 On March 17, 2014, the day after the Crimean status referendum, yanukovych became one of the first eleven persons who were placed under executive sanctions on the Specially designated Nationals List (SDN) by President Obama, freezing his assets in the us and banning him. A manafort then returned to ukraine in September 2014 to become an advisor to yanukovych's former head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine serhiy lyovochkin. 61 In this role he was asked to assist in rebranding Yanukovych's Party of Regions. 61 Instead, he argued to help stabilize ukraine, manafort was instrumental in creating a new political party called Opposition Bloc. 61 According to ukrainian political analyst mikhail Pogrebinsky, "He thought to gather the largest number of people opposed to the current government, you needed to avoid anything concrete, and just become a symbol of being opposed". 61 According to manafort, he has not worked in Ukraine since the October 2014 Ukrainian parliamentary election.

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60 Manafort rebuffed. Ambassador William taylor when the latter complained he was undermining. 46 According to a 2008. Justice department annual report, manafort's company received 63,750 from Yanukovych's Party of Regions over a six-month period ending on March 31, 2008, for consulting services. 63 In 2010, under Manafort's tutelage, the opposition leader put plan the Orange revolution on trial, campaigning against its leaders' management of a weak economy. Returns from the presidential election gave yanukovych a narrow win over Prime minister Yulia tymoshenko, a leader of the 2004 demonstrations. Yanukovych owed his comeback in Ukraine's presidential election to a drastic makeover of his political persona and, people in his party say, that makeover was engineered in part by his American consultant, manafort. 60 In 20 Manafort was involved in investment projects with Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska (the acquisition of a ukrainian telecoms company) and Ukrainian oligarch Dmytro firtash (redevelopment of the site of the former Drake hotel in New York city ). 64 The Associated Press has reported that Manafort negotiated a 10 million review annual contract with Deripaska to promote russian interests in politics, business, and media coverage in Europe and the United States, starting in 2005. 65 In 2013 Yanukovych became the main target of the euromaidan protests.

A former pakistani isi official claimed Manafort was aware of the nature of the operation. 55 While producing a documentary as part of the deal, manafort interviewed several Indian officials while pretending to be a cnn reporter. 56 hud scandal edit In the late 1980s, manafort was criticized for using his connections at hud to ensure funding for a 43 million rehabilitation of dilapidated housing in seabrook,. 57 Manafort's firm received a 326,000 fee for its work in getting hud approval of the grant largely through personal influence with Deborah Gore dean, an executive assistant to former hud secretary samuel. 58 Lobbying for viktor Yanukovych and involvements in Ukraine edit manafort also worked as an adviser on the ukrainian presidential campaign of viktor Yanukovych (and his Party of Regions during the same time span) from December 2004 until the february 2010 Ukrainian presidential election even. Government (and us senator John McCain ) opposed Yanukovych because of his ties to russia 's leader Vladimir Putin. 28 Manafort was hired to advise yanukovych months after massive street demonstrations known as the Orange revolution overturned Yanukovych's victory in the 2004 presidential race. 62 Borys Kolesnikov, yanukovich's campaign manager, said the party hired Manafort after identifying organizational and other problems in the 2004 elections, in which it was advised by russian parts strategists.

guerrilla resume

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47 48 he was also involved in lobbying for Mobutu sese seko of resume zaïre, 49 securing a 1 million dollar annual contract in 1989, 50 and attempted to recruit siad Barre of Somalia as a client. 51 His firm also lobbied on behalf of the governments of the dominican Republic, equatorial guinea, kenya (earning between 660,000 and 750,000 each year between 19 and Nigeria (1 million in 1991). These activities led Manafort's firm to be listed amongst the top five lobbying firms receiving money from human-rights abusing regimes in the center for Public Integrity report "The torturers' lobby". 52 The new York times reported that Manafort accepted payment from the kurdistan Regional government to facilitate western recognition of the 2017 Iraqi kurdistan independence referendum. 53 Involvement in the karachi affair edit manafort wrote the campaign strategy for Édouard Balladur in the 1995 French elections, and was paid indirectly. 54 The money, at least 200,000, was transferred to him through his friend, lebanese arms-dealer Abdul Rahman al-Assir, from middle-men fees paid for arranging the sale of three french Agosta -class submarines to pakistan, in a scandal known as the karachi affair. 46 Association with pakistani Inter-Service Intelligence Agency edit manafort received 700,000 from the kashmiri American council between 19, supposedly to promote the plight of the kashmiri people. However, an proposal fbi investigation revealed the money was actually from pakistan's Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) agency as part of a disinformation operation to divert attention from terrorism.

Kelly was recruited the name of the firm was changed to Black, manafort, Stone and Kelly (bmsk) in 1984. 5 :124 Manafort left bmsk in 1996 to join Richard. Davis and Matthew. Freedman in forming davis, manafort, and Freedman. 45 Association with Jonas savimbi edit manafort has represented Angolan rebel leader Jonas savimbi In 1985, manafort's firm, bmsk, signed a 600,000 contract with Jonas savimbi, the leader of the Angolan rebel group unita, to refurbish savimbi's image in Washington and secure financial support. Bmsk arranged for savimbi to attend events at the American Enterprise Institute (where jeane kirkpatrick gave him a laudatory introduction The heritage foundation, and Freedom house ; in the wake of the campaign Congress approved hundreds of millions of dollars in covert American aid. 46 Allegedly, manafort's continuing lobbying efforts helped preserve the flow of money to savimbi several years after the soviet Union ceased its involvement in the Angolan conflict, forestalling peace talks. 46 Lobbying for other foreign leaders edit manafort was a lobbyist for former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Manafort lobbied on behalf of former zairean President Mobutu sese seko manafort's firm, bmsk, accepted 950,000 yearly to lobby for then-president of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos.

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guerrilla resume

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Said the meeting had been primarily about the russian ban on international adoptions (in response to the magnitsky act ) and mentioned nothing about Mrs. Clinton; later he said the offer of information about Clinton had been a and pretext to conceal Veselnitskaya's real agenda. 35 In August 2016, manafort's connections to former Ukrainian President viktor Yanukovych and his pro-russian Party of Regions drew national attention in the us, where it was reported that Manafort may have illegally received.7 million in off-the-books funds from the party of Regions. 36 On August 17, 2016, donald Trump received his first security briefing. 37 The same day, august 17, Trump shook up his campaign organization in a way that appeared to minimize manafort's role. It was reported that members of Trump's family, particularly jared Kushner who had originally been a strong backer of Manafort, had become uneasy about his Russian connections and suspected that he had not been forthright about them. 38 Manafort stated in an internal staff memorandum that he would "remain the campaign chairman and chief strategist, providing the big-picture, long-range campaign vision".

39 However, two days later, Trump announced his acceptance of Manafort's resignation from the campaign after Steve bannon and Kellyanne conway took on senior leadership roles within that campaign. 40 41 Upon Manafort's resignation as campaign chairman, newt Gingrich stated that "nobody should underestimate how much paul Manafort did to really help get this campaign to where it is right now." 42 Gingrich later added that, for the Trump administration, "It makes perfect sense. 44 Manafort returned to the United States just before both the start of the 2017 IraqiKurdish conflict and his indictment. Lobbying career edit In 1980 Manafort was a founding partner of Washington,. C.-based lobbying firm Black, manafort stone, along with principals Charles. Black., and Roger. 2 3 4 After Peter.

After reagan's election in november 1980, he was appointed Associate director of the Presidential Personnel Office at the White house. In 1981 he was nominated to the board of Directors of the overseas Private Investment Corporation. 18 Manafort was an adviser to the presidential campaigns of george. Bush in 1988 27 and Bob Dole in 1996. 28 Chairman of Donald Trump's 2016 campaign edit In February 2016 Manafort approached Donald Trump through a mutual friend, Thomas. He pointed out his experience advising presidential campaigns in the United States and around the world, described himself as an outsider not connected to the washington establishment, and offered to work without salary.

29 In March 2016 he joined Trump's presidential campaign to take the lead in getting commitments from convention delegates. 30 On June 20, 2016, Trump fired campaign manager Corey lewandowski and promoted Manafort to the position. Manafort gained control of the daily operations of the campaign as well as an expanded 20 million budget, hiring decisions, advertising, and media strategy. On June 9, 2016, manafort, donald Trump., and Jared Kushner were participants in a meeting with Russian attorney natalia veselnitskaya and several others at Trump Tower. A british music agent, saying he was acting on behalf of Emin Agalarov and the russian government, had told Trump. That he could obtain damaging information on Hillary Clinton if he met with a lawyer connected to the Kremlin. 34 At first Trump.

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Army combat engineers during World War ii 20 and was mayor of New Britain from 1965 to 1971. 6 Education edit manafort was educated. Thomas Aquinas High School (Class of 1967 a private roman Catholic secondary school, since closed, in the city of New Britain, connecticut, 23 24 followed by georgetown University for both his undergraduate and law degrees. He received his. In business administration in 1971 and. 1980 Manafort practiced law with the firm of Vorys, sater, seymour and pease in Washington,. 18 Political activities edit In 1976, manafort was the delegate-hunt coordinator for eight states for the President Ford Committee ; the overall writings Ford delegate operation was run by james. 1980, manafort was the southern coordinator for Ronald reagan's presidential campaign, and the deputy political director at the republican National Committee.

guerrilla resume

16 On June 15, 2018, manafort's bail was revoked and he was sent to jail due to charges of obstruction of justice and witness tampering that is alleged to have occurred while he was under house arrest. He pled not guilty to these additional charges, 17 and as of June 2018 is currently proposal awaiting trial in the northern Neck regional jail in Warsaw, virginia. Contents Early life edit paul John Manafort. Was born on April 1, 1949, 18 in the city of New Britain, connecticut, to Antoinette mary manafort ( née cifalu; 19212003) and paul John Manafort. 19 20 he is of Italian descent. His grandfather, james. Manafort, immigrated to the United States, settling in Connecticut 21 in 1907 citation needed and founded the construction company, new Britain house Wrecking Company, in 1919 (later renamed Manafort Brothers Inc. 22 His father served in the.

dealings while he was lobbying for Yanukovich. He is also a person of interest in the fbi counterintelligence probe looking into the russian government's interference in the 2016 presidential election. On October 30, 2017, manafort surrendered to the fbi after a federal grand jury indicted him and his business associate rick gates. The charges arose from his consulting work for the pro-russian government of viktor Yanukovych in Ukraine before yanukovych's overthrow in 2014. 13 The indictment had been requested by robert mueller's special investigation unit. The indictment charged Manafort with conspiracy against the United States, conspiracy to launder money, failure to file reports of foreign bank and financial accounts, being an unregistered agent of foreign principal, false and misleading fara statements, and false statements. 14 15 Manafort pleaded not guilty, and was placed under 24-hour gps-monitored house arrest due to the weight of evidence in the cases against him.

In 1980, manafort co-founded the washington,. Black, manafort stone, along with principals, charles. Black., and, roger. Stone, 2 3 4 joined. 5 :124, manafort often lobbied on behalf of controversial foreign leaders such as former. President of Ukraine, viktor Yanukovych, former dictator of the, philippines. Ferdinand Marcos, former dictator of, zaire, mobutu sese seko, and, angolan guerrilla leader. 6 7 8, lobbying to serve the interests of foreign governments requires registration with the. Justice department under the, foreign Agents Registration Act (fara however, as of June 2, 2017, manafort had not owl registered.

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Paul John Manafort. (born April 1, 1949) 1 is an American owl lobbyist, political consultant and lawyer. Donald Trump 's presidential campaign team in March 2016 and was campaign chairman from March to august 2016. He was previously an adviser to the. Presidential campaigns of Republicans. Gerald Ford, ronald reagan, george. Bush, and, bob Dole.

Guerrilla resume
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  4. Paul John Manafort. (born April 1, 1949) is an American lobbyist, political consultant and lawyer. He joined Donald Trump's presidential campaign team in March 2016 and was campaign chairman from March to august 2016. 1917 - britain conquers Palestine from Ottomans. Gives support to national home for the jewish people in Palestine through the balfour Declaration, along with an insistence that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities. People's Republic of Kampuchea (PRK; Khmer:, sath aranakr th Pracheameanit K mpŭch a; French: R publique populaire du kampuch a) was founded in Cambodia by the salvation Front, a group of Cambodian communists dissatisfied with the Khmer rouge after the.

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