Invention of writing

invention of writing

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If an application-as-filed does not meet the sheet size/margin and quality requirements of 37 cfr.52 and.84(f) and (g certified copies of such application may be illegible and/or ineffective as priority documents. When an applicant requests that the uspto provide a certified copy of an application-as-filed and pays the fee set forth in 37 cfr.19(b 1), the uspto will make a copy of the application-as-filed from the records in the ifw database (or the microfilm database). If papers submitted in the application-as-filed are not legible, certified copies of the application as originally filed will not be legible. The uspto performs exception processing when scanning application papers that do not comply with the sheet size/margin and quality requirements. If papers submitted in the application-as-filed (including any transmittal letter or cover sheet) do not meet the sheet size requirement of 37 cfr.52 and.84(f) (e.g., the papers are legal size (8 1/2 by 14 inches the uspto must reduce such papers to be able. In addition, if papers submitted in the application-as-filed do not meet the quality requirements of 37 cfr.52 (e.g., the papers are shiny or non-white the uspto will attempt to enhance such papers before scanning to make the resulting electronic record in the ifw database more.

The, invention of, writing

Legibility includes ability to be photocopied and scanned so that suitable reprints can be made and paper can be electronically reproduced by use of digital imaging and optical character recognition. This requires a high contrast, with black lines and a white background. Gray lines and/or a gray background sharply reduce photo reproduction quality. Some of the patent application papers received by the. Patent and Trademark Office are copies of the original, ribbon copy. These are acceptable if, in the opinion of the Office, they are legible and permanent. Effective september 16, 2012, towns 37 cfr.52(c) no longer prohibits interlineations and other alterations of the application papers from being made after the signing of the inventors oath or declaration. It should be noted that if such interlineations or other alterations are made after the signing of the inventors oath or declaration, then the statements in the inventors oath or declaration pursuant to 37 cfr.63 must remain applicable to the application papers. Otherwise, the inventor may need to execute a new inventors oath or declaration. See also mpep 602.08(b).

Patent and Trademark Office must be legibly written either by a typewriter or mechanical printer in permanent dark ink or its equivalent in portrait orientation on flexible, strong, smooth, nonshiny, durable, and white paper. Typed, mimeographed, xeroprinted, multigraphed or nonsmearing shredder carbon copy forms of reproduction are acceptable. So-called Easily Erasable paper having a special coating so that erasures can be made more easily may not provide a permanent copy, 37 cfr.52(a 1 iv). Since application papers are now maintained in an Image file Wrapper, the type of paper is unlikely to be an issue so long as the Office is able to scan and reproduce the papers that were filed. Where an application is filed with papers that do not comply with 37 cfr.52, the Office of Patent Application Processing will mail a notice to file corrected Application Papers indicating the deficiency and setting a time period within which the applicant must correct the deficiencies. The failure to submit application papers in compliance with 37 cfr.52 does not affect the grant of a filing date, and original application papers that do not comply with 37 cfr.52 will be retained in the application file as the original disclosure of the. The uspto will not return papers simply because they do not comply with 37 cfr.52.

invention of writing

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(3/4 inch a summary left side margin of at least.5. (1 inch a right side margin of at least.0. (3/4 inch and a bottom margin of at least.0. No holes should be made in the sheets as submitted. Applicants must make every effort to file patent applications, and papers that are to become a part of the permanent United States real Patent and Trademark Office records in the file of a patent application or a reexamination proceeding, in a form that is clear and. If the papers are not of the required quality, substitute papers of suitable quality will be required. See 37 cfr.125 for filing rewritten papers constituting a substitute specification required by the Office. Mpep 608.01(q). All papers which are to become a part of the permanent records of the.

The abstract must commence on a separate sheet and any sheet including an abstract or portion of an abstract may not contain any other parts of the application or other material ( 37 cfr.72(b) ). All application papers that are submitted on paper or by facsimile transmission which are to become a part of the permanent record of the. Patent and Trademark Office must be on sheets of paper which are the same size (for example, an amendment should not have two different sizes of paper, but the specification can have one size of paper and the drawings a different size) and are either. (din size a4).6. (8 1/2 by 11 inches). See 37 cfr.52(a 1) and 37 cfr.84(f). Each sheet, other than the drawings, must include a top margin of at least.0.

History of Graphic Design

invention of writing

Digital book the Story of Graphic Design: From the

In amending the specification, the attorney or the applicant must comply with 37 cfr.121 (see, mpep 714 ). Examiners should not object to the specification and/or claims in patent applications merely because applicants are using British English spellings (e.g., colour) rather than American English spellings. It is not necessary to replace the British English spellings with the equivalent American English spellings in the. Note that 37 cfr.52(b 1 ii) only requires the application to be in the English language. There is no additional requirement that the English must be American English. Form paragraph.29 may be used where the disclosure contains minor informalities. The pages of the specification including claims and abstract must be numbered consecutively, starting with 1, the numbers being centrally located above or preferably, below, the text.

The lines of the specification, and any amendments to the specification, must be 1 1/2 or double spaced. The text must be written in a nonscript type font (e.g., Arial, times Roman, or courier, preferably a font size of 12) lettering style having capital letters which should be at least.3175. (0.125 inch) high, great but may be no smaller than.21. (0.08 inch) high (e.g., a font size of 6) ( 37 cfr1.52(b 2 ii) ). The text may not be written solely in capital letters. All application papers (specification, including claims, abstract, any drawings, oath or declaration, and other papers and also papers subsequently filed, must have each page plainly written on only one side of a sheet of paper. The claim or claims must commence on a separate sheet or electronic page and any sheet including a claim or portion of a claim may not contain any other parts of the application or other material ( 37 cfr.75(h) ).

G., prospective disclaimers regarding comments made by examiners. If such information is included in the written description, the examiner will object to the specification and require applicant to take appropriate action,. G., cancel the information. The specification must commence on a separate sheet. Each sheet including part of the specification may not include other parts of the application or other information.

The claim(s abstract and sequence listing (if any) should not be included on a sheet including any other part of the application ( 37 cfr.71(f) ). That is, the claim(s abstract and sequence listings (if any) should each begin on a new page since each of these sections (specification, abstract, claims, sequence listings) of the disclosure are separately indexed in the Image file Wrapper (IFW). There should be no overlap on a single page of more than one section of the disclosure. The specification does not require a date. Certain cross references to other related applications may be made. References to foreign applications or to applications identified only by the attorneys docket number should be required to be canceled. Applications identified only by the attorneys docket number may be amended to properly identify the earlier application(s). See 37 cfr.78. As the specification is never returned to applicant under any circumstances, the applicant should retain an accurate copy thereof.

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Or, use your username and password, username. Password, show password, wixie is available as an app for ipad and Android. The specification is a written description of the invention and of the manner and process of making and using the same. The specification must be in such full, clear, concise, and exact terms as to enable any person skilled in the art or science to which the invention pertains to make proposal and use the same. 112 and 37 cfr.71. If a newly filed application obviously fails to disclose an invention with the clarity required by. 112, revision lined of the application should be required. The written description must not include information that is not related to applicants invention,.

invention of writing

According to james davie butler, "the total room vocabulary of Milton's poetical remains is more nearly seventeen than eighteen thousand (17,377 and that of Homer, including the hymns as well as both. Iliad and Odyssey, is scarcely nine thousand. Five thousand eight hundred and sixty words exhaust the vocabulary of Dante's. Divina comedia." the Once Used Words in Shakespeare ) More to Explore The Chronology of Shakespeare's Plays Establishing the Order of the Plays Settings of Shakespeare's Plays by location Historical Settings of Shakespeare's Plays by date Shakespeare in Old English? Shakespeare's Influence on Other Writers daily life in Shakespeare's London Life in Stratford (structures and guilds) Life in Stratford (trades, laws, furniture, hygiene) Stratford School days: What Did Shakespeare read? Games in Shakespeare's England a-l games in Shakespeare's England m-z an Elizabethan Christmas Clothing in Elizabethan England queen Elizabeth: Shakespeare's Patron King James i of England: Shakespeare's Patron The earl of southampton: Shakespeare's Patron going to a play in Elizabethan London Ben Jonson and the. Enter two or more letters of your school name or your teacher's last name.

of Comedy. How many plays did Shakespeare write? Shakespeare timeline, edward Alleyn (Actor william Kempe (Actor what is Tragic Irony? Characteristics of Elizabethan Tragedy. Shakespeare was familiar with seven foreign languages and often"d them directly in his plays. His vocabulary was the largest of any writer, at over twenty-four thousand words.

Ernest Klein (1966). Shakespeare-lexicon: a complete dictionary of All the English Words, Phrases and Constructions in the works of the poet by Alexander Schmidt (1902). For words Shakespeare used only once, please see. The Once Used Words in Shakespeare by james davie butler (1886). How to cite this father's article: Mabillard, Amanda. more resources, shakespeare's Reputation in Elizabethan England,"tions About William Shakespeare. Portraits of Shakespeare, shakespeare's Sexuality, shakespeare's Boss: The master of revels.

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Words Shakespeare Invented, the English language owes a great debt to Shakespeare. He invented over 1700 of business our common words by changing nouns into verbs, changing verbs into adjectives, connecting words never before used together, adding prefixes and suffixes, and devising words wholly original. Below is a list of a few of the words Shakespeare coined, hyperlinked to the play and scene from which it comes. When the word appears in multiple plays, the link will take you to the play in which it first appears. For a more in-depth look at Shakespeare's coined words, please click here. For more words that Shakespeare coined please see the. Comprehensive etymological Dictionary of the English Language.

Invention of writing
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  5. Log in to your Wixie account. Enter two or more letters of your school name or your teacher's last name. The specification is a written description of the invention and of the manner and process of making and using the same. The following is a list of some of the words Shakespeare coined and where they can be found, from Shakespeare Online.

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