Oral health essay

oral health essay

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You can decrease risks by covering genitals prior to engaging in oral sex. "Wrap the penis in a nonlubricated condom. Cover the female genitalia with a dental dam or a cut condom says Hall. Infections, it's not just stis that can be transmitted, either. "Untreated throat infections can then be spread to other areas or partners says Hall. Image source: Unsplash / george coletrain).

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"Research shows some forms of throat cancer essay such as oropharyngeal (middle of the throat) and tonsil cancer are caused by a certain type of hpv says. So, what should we keep in mind before getting between the sheets? Safer (Oral) Sex "The only way to guarantee that you're protected against stis during oral sex is to only engage with a mutually monogamous partner after you've both been tested and are not infected says. Antonia hall, ma, a psychologist, relationship expert, and author. The Ultimate guide to a multi-Orgasmic Life. Cold dollars sores, whether you know them as fever blisters, herpes, or cold sores, these are easily spread when you get or give oral sex. "If one or both of you have active cold sores (herpes simplex 1 the virus can be transferred from mouth to genitals says Hall. Stis, people don't often consider oral sex to have as many risks attached as penetrative sex, but there are plenty. "It is also possible to get some stis in the mouth and throat from an infected genital or anal region, especially from giving fellatio says Hall. "Oral sex brings with it risks for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes simplex 1 and 2, human papillomavirus (hpv and human immunodeficiency virus (hiv says Hall.

Read More, read More, read More. Oral sex is a wonderful way to share in pleasure and intimacy, but like all other types of sexual contact, there are some health risks we writing should always keep in mind. "Although most people don't view oral sex as very risky, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as hiv, herpes, chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea can still be spread through unprotected oral sex says. Nita landry ob/gyn and cohost. "It may be possible to get an sti in the mouth or throat in addition to having the sti travel through the body, and it may be possible to contract an sti even if the infected partner shows no symptoms. Poor oral health, like sores in the mouth, bleeding gums, or tooth decay, can increase chances of contracting an sti through oral sex says. But that's not all: Human papillomavirus (HPV) can also be contracted through oral sex, which can develop into cancer.

oral health essay

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oral health essay

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If the problem is tumor, the endoscopist can insert a biopsy device and remove a small piece of tissue for review by the pathologist. Finally, the endoscopist can help open the connection between the common bile duct and the duodenum by cutting the muscle that encircles the valve (sphincterotomy)—allowing stones that would have been trapped at the junction to flow right on through. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (mri scan). Magnetic resonance imaging has spawned the new field of mri cholangiography. With or without contrast material, mri is able to show the bile in the bile ducts from many different angles. Some believe that mri is about as good a modality for detecting stones in the bile ducts as there is, excluding the much more interventional transhepatic cholangiogram.

Problems with mri include limited availability in certain areas, limited cholangiographic skills and experience, and relatively high costs. Imaging Summary, if gallbladder stones are suspected, and ultrasound is usually performed. If more complicated issues concerning the gallbladder or bile ducts are suspected, a ct scan, an mri scan, or both may be performed. A radionuclide biliary scan also may provide useful information. Interventional tests, such as ercp or thc are performed for complicated and serious conditions. Tony diaz, the cultural, accelerator, television. Sundays 7 am, fox 26 houston.

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This test involves putting a tube into the patient's mouth, down the throat, into the stomach, through the duodenum and then, into the common bile resume duct. Ercp is performed with the patient sedated. Looking through the tube, the gastroenterologist is able to locate the hole in the duodenum where the bile comes in from the common bile duct. A smaller tube or catheter is passed through this hole and contrast material is injected. The contrast agent (dye) also can be injected into the pancreatic duct, showing that ductal system as well. The thick endoscopic tube affords visualization and other things as well. If the problem is a stone in the lower bile duct, the gastroenterologist can often put a basket for into the tube and snare the stone and remove.

oral health essay

First of essay all, the entire main duct can be seen using ct scan because unlike ultrasound, air in the gi tract does not interfere with. High-speed ct with computer-assisted reformatting capabilities allows the radiologist to move quickly through numerous images. The ability of ct to find stones in the common bile duct approximates ultrasound. In general, ct scan is a better test for more complicated problems, although it may be used together with ultrasound. Transhepatic Cholangiogram (thc this interventional procedure involves placing a small needle into the liver and injecting dye into the bile ducts. Thc is a very good test for evaluating the bile duct, but this test has definite risks. The improvements in ultrasound and ct imaging, as well as the emergence of mri, were important factors in reducing the number of routine transhepatic cholangiograms. Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreaticogram (ercp endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreaticogram (ercp) is often performed by gastroenterologists or surgeons, and not by radiologists.

If ultrasound cannot detect the condition, other tests that can add valuable information. Radionuclide biliary Scan, this nuclear medicine test is not only an imaging test, but a function test as well. The patient is given an injection of a radioactive tracer and then imaging is done under a camera for up to several hours, but usually for no more than 30 to 45 minutes. From this test, the radiologist can determine if the isotope is picked up and excreted by the liver and can often tell if the cystic duct is blocked because, if it is, the gallbladder does not receive any radioactive material. The radiologist can also see whether or not the common bile duct is blocked. Ordinarily, the tracer should pass right through this duct and end up in the gi tract within a short period of time. If it gets stuck and is not seen in the gi tract, it can be assumed that the main duct is blocked. In most cases, ct scan is not used to detect gallstones, but this imaging test does have its uses in the biliary system.

Conversely, if the dye didn't appear in the gallbladder, the gallbladder was not functioning properly and perhaps should be removed. The oral test was able to detect problems in the gallbladder, but was not able to detect problems in other parts of the bile system, such as the main bile duct. To detect other problems, intravenous cholangiogram (IVC) was used. This test involved the injection of a contrast agent, which caused side effects, such as nausea and rare life-threatening reactions. Ivc involved special x-rays called tomograms that provided good images of the main bile ducts, enabling the radiologist to detect gallstones. In some cases, however, the images were inadequate due to technical problems, poor uptake of the dye by the liver, and other issues. Ultrasound, in most cases, ultrasound is the first imaging test for gallbladder and bile duct abnormalities. This test is non-invasive, uses no dyes, and is not painful. Ultrasound produces good images of the small ducts in the liver and the higher for part of the major bile duct.

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Diagnosis of Gallbladder Disease, abdominal x-rays are not used to diagnose gallbladder disease. Only about 20 percent of gallstones are dense enough to be seen on x-raymost blend in with the proposal soft tissue structures of the abdomen. Before the advent of ultrasound, the imaging test most used to visualize the gallbladder was the oral cholecystogram. In this test, an oral contrast agent (dye) was given to the patient the night before the test and would be flushed from the body through the gallbladder and bile ducts. When the agent appeared in the gallbladder, the radiologist used fluoroscopic equipment to look for stones. Lighter gallstones would be present within the gallbladder fluid. If the dye concentrated in the gallbladder, it indicated that the organ was functioning to some extent.

Oral health essay
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  3. Only about 20 percent of gallstones are dense enough to be seen on x-ray—most blend in with the soft tissue structures of the abdomen. This practical degree equips you with the professional skills you'll need for a career as a dental hygienist and therapist. As a dental hygienist and therapist, you will help patients avoid and manage oral disease by promoting good oral health and providing treatments. You will work independently.

  4. The learning Centre wants you to make the most of your university studies. Here you will find resources and support to help you develop and refine your academic skills. Scandalous data manipulation and prolonged wait times at va health centers are symptoms of deeper pathology: the va has lost sight of its mission. It can recover if it begins by focusing on better performance measurement, a new access strategy, and greater transparency. Abdominal x-rays are not used to diagnose gallbladder disease.

  5. Catch one fo the few Chicano pundits in the nation. Kean University is located in Union, new Jersey, on 180 pristine acres. The campus features a vibrant community, comprised of students from all across the world, and offers a full spectrum. Health Sciences Center is committed to providing an environment of inclusiveness through the understanding and celebration of the many differences in perspectives, thoughts, experiences, belief systems. Health, resources and Services Administration (hrsa) is the primary federal agency for improving access to health care services for people who are uninsured, isolated, or medically vulnerable.

  6. The, oral, care center provides information on dental health, oral health products, oral health guides, and much more. To help her crippling anxiety and depression, our writer tried a cranial electrotherapy stimulation, or ces device recommended by her psychiatrist. Catholic High school, diocese of Wollongong - albion Park Act Justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God Micah 6:8. Sundays 7 am Fox 26 houston. Tony diaz takes on the far right on What's your point?

  7. Oral sex is a wonderful way to share in pleasure and intimacy, but like all other types of sexual contact, there are some health risks we should always keep. I originally introduced the term orthorexia in the article below, published in the October 1997 issue of Yoga journal. Some of the things I said in the article are no longer true of me, or of what I currently believe. Art, design and Architecture. Architecture assignment 1; Architecture assignment 2; Art History and Theory essay ; Industrial design assignment; Interior Architecture poster. Colgate Oral, care center.

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