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Bloggers generate lively and timely information on the Internet, and connect to each other with rss, hyperlinks, comments, trackbacks and"s. The small-scale granularity of the content can fill discrete gaps in experience and thus record a new human history. Once you become a blogger, once you have accumulated so much social capital in such a small site, its hard to stop. We cant explain this fact with a theory of addiction. Its an impulse to share. Its the energy of the memes that want to be passed from mouth to mouth and mind to mind. Its more than just E-mail. Bloggers are always keen to keep the social context of their posts in mind, by asking themselves, Who is going to see this?

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This creates a gap in the spectrum of knowledge. Although this gap has the potential to become a valuable creative space, concerns about privacy make this gap hard to fill. We shouldnt be surprised that, to be safe, most people keep their sharing private and stay closed. They may fear the Internet creates a potential for abuse that they cant fight alone. However, the paradox ahmed is: The less you share, the less power you have. New Technologies and the rise of Sharism Lets track back to 1999, when there were only a few hundred pioneer bloggers around the world, and no more than ten times that many readers following each blog. Human history is always so: something important was happening, but the rest of the world hadnt yet realized. The shift toward easy-to-use online publishing triggered a soft revolution in just five years. People made a quick and easy transition from reading blogs, to leaving comments and taking part in online conversations, and then to the sudden realization that they should become bloggers themselves. More bloggers created more readers, and more readers made more blogs. The revolution was viral.

If in the future she faces a statement creative choice, her choice will be, share. These mind-switches are too subtle to be felt. But since the brain, and society, is a connected system, the accumulation of these micro-attitudes, from neuron to neuron and person to person, can result in observable behavior. It is easy to tell if a person, a group, a company, a nation is oriented toward Sharism or not. For those who are not, what they defend as cultural goods and intellectual property are just excuses for the status quo of keeping a community closed. Much of their culture will be protected, but the net result is the direct loss of many other precious ideas, and the subsequent loss of all the potential gains of sharing. This lost knowledge is a black hole in our life, which may start to swallow other values as well. Non-sharing culture misleads us with its absolute separation of Private and Public space. It makes creative action a binary choice between public and private, open and closed.

original essay

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It moves with the momentum of a creative snowball. If your internal cognitive system encourages sharing, you can engineer a feedback loop of happiness, which will help you generate even more ideas in return. Its a kind of butterfly- effect, as the small creative energy you spend will eventually return to make you, and the world, more creative. However, daily decisions for most adults are quite low in creative productivity, if only because theyve switched off their sharing paths. People generally like to share what they create, but in a culture that tells them to be protective of their ideas, people start to believe in the danger of sharing. Then Sharism will be degraded in their mind and not encouraged in their society. But if we can encourage someone to share, her sharing paths will stay open. Sharism will be kept in her mind as a memory and an instinct.

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original essay

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Although we cant entirely towns say how the brain works as a whole, we do have a model of the functional mechanism of the nervous system and its neurons. A neuron is not a simple organic cell, but a very powerful, electrically excitable biological processor. Groups of neurons form vastly interconnected networks, which, by changing the strength of the synapses between cells, can process information, and learn. A neuron, by sharing chemical signals with its neighbors, can be integrated sales into more meaningful patterns that keep the neuron active and alive. Moreover, such a simple logic can be iterated and amplified, since all neurons work on a similar principle of connecting and sharing. Originally, the brain is quite open.

A neural network exists to share activity and information, and I believe this model of the brain should inspire ideas and decisions about human networks. Thus, our brain supports sharing in its very system-nature. This has profound implications for the creative process. Whenever you have an intention to create, you will find it easier to generate more creative ideas if you keep the sharing process firmly in mind. The idea-forming-process is not linear, but more like an avalanche of amplifications along the thinking path.

Fact checking edit, has the original author caught any errors that came in during the editing process? Has the author commented on the process? With the people of the world Wide web communicating more fully and freely in Social Media while rallying a web.0 content boom, the inner dynamics of such a creative explosion must be studied more closely. What motivates those who join this movement and what future will they create? A key fact is that a superabundance of community respect and social capital are being accumulated by those who share. The key motivator.

Social Media and the core spirit of Web.0 is a mind switch called. Sharism suggests a re-orientation of personal values. We see it in User Generated Content. It is the pledge of Creative commons. It is in the plans of future-oriented cultural initiatives. Sharism is also a mental practice that anyone can try, a social-psychological attitude to transform a wide and isolated world into a super-smart Social Brain. The neuron Doctrine, sharism is encoded in the human Genome. Although eclipsed by the many pragmatisms of daily life, the theory of Sharism finds basis in neuroscience and its study of the working model of the human brain.

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Enhancing edit, has the editor added content where needed? Has the editor identified and write fixed problems in the essay? Is the added text well written? Links and Images edit, have informative links been added to the essay? Have illustrations been added that enhance paper the essay? Has the editor made any changes to the essay based on the additions? Has the editor made the essay better? Clearer in tone and more interesting in style?

original essay

Have you learned something about how to improve your writing by looking at what people have done to it? Have you learned something about how to improve your writing by editing the work of others? Due week 12, first Draft. Is it around 1,000 words? On a topic related to Greenwich Village history? Is it well written? Are there typographical or spelling errors?

Comment on what you did to the article. Due week 9, step Three: Add links to the essay assigned to you. Look for substantive websites that can add depth and background to the essay. Look for relevant images to add to the essay, making sure that you credit the source of the images and make certain that you are making fair use of them. Step four: Spend some time with the essay assigned to you to improve the writing style. Again, consult any writing for the web guide for tips and examples. Comment what you did to the article. Due week 11, step five: Fact-check your original essay.

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Many times, writing for the web is a collaborative process, where pages are constantly updated, revised, and enhanced. This assignment will introduce you to collaborative writing and enhancing and improving historical writing and scholarship. Step One: Write a 1,000 word essay on an event that took place in Greenwich Village or about a topic related to your digital archive and post it to the wiki. Cite whatever sources you used to gather the information. Make the text as informative and readable as you can. Use the wiki command "module comments" inside double square brackets at the bottom of your essay (see biography example at the bottom of this page). Due week 8, step Two: Enhance the essay assigned to you. Look for sections that might be expanded, clarify sections that are confusing or unclear, add background information or meaning of the event if not clear from the essay.

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