Personal info in resume

personal info in resume

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Length of the personal Details Section on. As a rule of thumb: keep it short! Your cv can only be two pages long, so its a good idea if you keep this personal details section brief on your. To start with, you have to include all the essentials (name, address, telephone number, email address) and you may if you wish so also include one or two optional pieces of information. A word of warning: keep your cv and personal details professional! Consider the following two email addresses: what is wrong with these two email addresses?

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Space on your presentation cv is valuable so if the information youve included doesnt help get your point across as to why you would be perfect for the job you are applying for then it probably isnt necessary and you should drop it and use the. Image: Alexander Dummer on, unsplash, related Career Advice articles. The personal Details section has the priority over all other sections and is located completely at the top of the. That is the first thing the reader will see. The following image shows the personal Details section of Claude akins: The personal details that people generally reveal on their CVs fall into two categories: 1) Essential to Include in the personal Details section. Name (in big, bold writing address, telephone number, email address 2) Optional to Include in the personal Details section. So what should you include in your personal details section of your CV? That is entirely up to, you there is no such thing as the perfect CV; its your personal sales brochure, so you ultimately decide how you want to present yourself. Having said that, we are more than happy to help you make up your mind! Please look through our other related articles which will help you in making the right decisions on what to include in the personal Details section on your. Please note: our website is still in the process of being updated with more content.

The issue is if you havent got anything of interest to say (everyone likes socialising with their friends) then leave it out. Including hobbies and interests work best if you can make them relevant to the job for example if you are going for a marketing job and write a fashion blog or if you are going for an engineering job and restore vintage cars in your. Salary, by including your current or previous salaries you are giving the recruiter or hiring manager ammunition to pay you less for the role if the advertised salary is a lot more than your current wage. What you are currently paid should have little relevance to how much you should be paid for a new role. If a hiring manager wants more information or details about your salary they will contact you and ask. If you get to interview business salary discussions are likely to happen then. The most important thing to ask yourself when deciding what to include and what to omit from your cv is does it earn its place?

personal info in resume

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If youve been in the workplace a few years your school grades become irrelevant, especially if you have moved onto further education or have professional qualifications. The best way of including grades is with your most recent education first (such as with professional qualifications) and move backwards including less details as you. So, information about your professional qualification database with details then degree subject and classification followed by a-levels and finally gcses. Theres no need to list all your gcse grades and subjects, its fine to say 10 gcses grade A*-C. Start your job search by uploading your cv now. Register, reasons for leaving a company or position. Your cv is a place to sell your experience and ability to do the job. Theres no need to include reasons why you left a job as it is irrelevant to this, if the employer wants more information they will bring this up at interview so be prepared to answer questions about it just leave it off the. Hobbies and interests, this is a controversial one as this is a way you can inject some personality.

Details of personal circumstances, if youve got a gap in your employment history, especially a recent one, it is best to include the dates you were out of work but there is no need to go into a lot of details as to what you. Subscribe for weekly newsletters, written by our career experts. You have successfully subscribed to the career Advice newsletter. Its perfectly acceptable to put out of work due to personal circumstances if you were caring for a relative for example or travelling, but there is no need to go into more detail than this. If the employer wants more information about this they will ask or bring it up at interview. Social media handles, unless you use social media in a professional capacity or for something which is relevant to your job such as a blog its best to leave it off. If a recruiter or potential employer wants to find you on social media they will google you so make sure any public profiles dont have anything which could be deemed as incriminating. Linkedin is the exception to this rule as it is a professional network so if you have an up-to-date profile it is fine to include this. Every grade for every exam you have ever taken.

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personal info in resume

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We all want our, cVs to stand out from the crowd to show were a human and not a robot but this can sometimes mean straying into dating profile territory with too much over sharing. Your cv should be taster of your professional experience, to draw the hiring manager into wanting to know more about why you about would be ideal for the job and to ultimately want to bring you in for an interview. With this in mind, heres a list of the top personal information recruiters see on job hunters CVs every day which are completely unnecessary. Marital status and dependents, as well as not affecting your ability to do the job, whether you are married with.4 kids or single with 15 cats questions about your home situation, are now either illegal or discouraged under the equality act in the. Therefore, its best to not include them at all.

Age and date of birth. As with Marital Status, does your age affect your ability to do the job your applying for? Its unlikely, and by including it you are opening yourself up to age discrimination. The only dates that need to be included are the dates of your employment to showcase your experience. Photograph, we know in some countries its standard practice to include an up-to-date photograph of yourself on your cv, but in the uk its best to leave it off. It takes up valuable space and doesnt add anything to show how well you perform.

Although adding a photo used to be standard protocol in days of yore, it is now generally frowned upon. It simply makes you look unprofessional and it risks potential discrimination. Also, this space could be better utilised by highlighting key skills and professional achievements in other words, the things that employers actually care about. Work permits Its usually a good idea to provide details about your current visa status if youre not from the country you are applying for a job. This helps employers instantly determine your eligibility to work in the country.

(Note that in some cases you may need to secure a job first and the employer will then sponsor your visa.) Licences If you have any licences that are relevant to the job youre applying for (for example, a forklift driver licence then including this. Normally, this kind of information is placed toward the end of the cv under a heading titled Additional Information. Hobbies and Interests Sharing your personal hobbies and interests on your cv is entirely optional. If youre just joining the workforce and, therefore, have little to no valuable professional experience to speak off it can be a great way to showcase your transferable skills. The key, however, is to target your hobbies to the job youre applying for after all, what use would a bank have for someone who collects stamps? Example now that you know what you should include on (and exclude from) your cv, heres a sample personal information section to help you put yours together: What personal information have you included in your CV? Did you ever include the wrong thing that ended up costing you a once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity? Join the conversation down below and share your thoughts and experiences with us!

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Sadly, it just may achieve the complete opposite and hamper your chances resume of landing a job altogether because youre not considered committed enough to your career. There are special circumstances where including this information is acceptable: for example, when youre applying for a job where you plan will be working with children. For more information about your rights at work, check out our comprehensive handbook which includes details about equality and discrimination, as well as pay, annual leave and more. Proof of Identity Two words: identify theft. If you want to avoid this ever happening to you, then disclosing your id, passport or national insurance numbers so early on in the hiring process is a big no-no, lest it falls into the wrong hands. Generally speaking, you should only offer this information after youve formally accepted a job offer. Another thing you should exclude from your cv is a photograph of yourself.

personal info in resume

Disability (including physical and mental impairments, like a papers breathing condition or cancer). Gender reassignment (whether you have already completed or currently in the process of transitioning). Marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity (whether you are pregnant, expecting a child or on maternity leave). Race (including colour, nationality and ethnic or national origin). Religion and belief (or lack of). Sex (do note that there are special circumstances where an employer can insist on employing someone of a particular sex). Sexual orientation For example, mentioning that youre happily married with children adds no value whatsoever to your application.

the bare minimum. On a side note, you dont necessarily need to label this information by stating that the phone number youve include is a phone number, for example. Not only does this take up valuable space but it can also insult the readers intelligence. Your cv isnt a classified ad, and recruiters reading your cv dont care about what you look like well, they shouldnt, anyway. Even if you think youve got what it takes to win the next season of Britains Next Top Model, you should avoid describing things like your height, weight, body build, and hair and eye colour. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule for example, if youre an actor, including information about your physical appearance is often essential to land roles. Protected Characteristics, there are times when disclosing certain information could expose you to all sorts of discrimination. Although being discriminated against one of the following nine protected characteristics is unlawful, its a good idea to avoid including them on your cv, anyway: Age (both younger and older jobseekers could be discriminated against).

But, it may be a good idea to present your name more formally if youre applying for an academic job, for example. Whatever you do, though, do not use a nickname and make sure the name you use is consistent on all your marketing materials (including your cv, cover letter and, linkedIn dates profile ). Contact Details, below your name, you should include the following information: Telephone number: As a general rule of thumb, you should provide a mobile phone number where potential employers can easily reach you on at any time of the day. Whatever you do, do not use your work number! Its highly unprofessional, and it could spell disaster if the wrong person answers the call. Email address: make sure that its a professional sounding one in other words, not! Like your telephone number, dont use your work email address here. Postal address: This should be your current address of permanent residence or a po box address, if you prefer, but not you guessed it! If you feel that including your address may hamper your chances of landing a job, you could simply list your general location instead (e.g.

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Shutterstock, many people jobseekers and recruiters alike will tell you that your CVs employment history section is the hardest to put together. Others might tell you its the skills section or your career summary. But while everyones heatedly debating on which is the most important part of a well-written cv (and, by extension, the most difficult to write your attention is being diverted away from the simplest of things: the personal information you include on this all too important. So, what personal information should you include in (and exclude from) your CV? Should you add your date of birth, telephone number and national insurance number, or should you leave it all out? Keep reading to find out! Full Name, your name should take centre stage on your. (Use a slightly larger font size than the rest of the text to make it stand out more 22 points is the general long consensus). Use the name youre better known by (eg: John Smith) rather than your full birth certificate name (eg: Jonathan Cornelius Andrew Smith).

Personal info in resume
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  2. Review information on what to include in the contact section of you r resume. If you have a linkedIn page or personal website, include these. Personal Information in a resume should be limited to the essential contact detail. An employer cannot ask details such as age, gender, religion and race. Edu cba brings to some points to remember while resume writing. Resume is generall y the first document that an employer would look at, so it serves as your.

  3. Follow these tips from se curity experts to stay safe. Personal information is important on a resume as long as it directly pertains to t he job or provides information a hiring manager needs to contact you. The personal Details section has the priority over all other sections and is locat ed completely at the top of the. That is the first thing the reader will see. Here s a list of the top personal information recruiters see on job. Your cv should be taster of your professional experience, to draw the hiring.

  4. It may seem an obvious thing to say, but the personal Details section of your cv is your first opportunity to introduce yourself to a potential employer. Your resume is always going to need to have some personal informat ion. Too much and it could leave a bad impression, but just enough and. Find out what personal information you should include in your cv a nd what should be left out, from contact details to hair and eye colour! Too much information on your resume can lead to trouble.

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