Anna karenina book review

anna karenina book review

Anna, karenina by leo tolstoy — reviews, discussion

I know. We care for them. Of the other main characters, i liked Kitty, levin's wife (who deals with the dying of her husband's brother so deftly as opposed to her clueless husband) a lot, and who becomes attracted to Vronsky in a way as so may women. Levin's two brothers are both great, and provide the basis for rich conversations. The dolly/Oblonsky pair are yet another view of a married relationship. I even like the portrait of the sad, stiff Karenin, the diplomat we can see is a good man, certainly not a great lover for Anna, but we see his struggles and come to feel sorry for him, i think. He's not an ideal match for the passionate Anna, maybe, but he's a good and essentially blameless man. I like all the minor characters we get to meet, too, the people tolstoy finds more genuine than all the upper crust he mocks and derides and, you know, also cares about.

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Levin, like tolstoy, sees that Anna is vital, viscerally alive, she's fascinating, interesting; okay, she is a romantic heroine, but she is a romantic heroine that anyone reading romances should read. The women of Wuthering heights, jane eyre, anna karenina, madame bovary, major these are iqbal "romances" but they are all so much more, that sweep you into the world in richer and deeper ways. Anna karenina is, like war and peace, like the Brothers Karamazov, a rich cultural forum, a series of linked meditations on farming and politics and religion and family and relationships and war and the meaning of life, not just about sex and romance. You get so much out of it, as it is all about reflecting on and teaching you how the mundane aspects of our lives are worth paying attention to (I know the bulk of readers absolutely hate the farming and politics sections of the book. And Anna, in the very center of this tale, as a kind of twin contrast to levin, but not a simple one (they are both suicidal at times; they both are moody and struggle and are essentially lonely for much of the book) is one. Though this is true, but she's so much more, too. We come to understand her well, we come to understand why she does what she does and why we must pity her and even support her, love her. I know a lot of people have not come to this position about her, they dismiss her as a shallow twit who throws her life away for an also shallow, callous dashing fellow, but in the end we even come to like vronsky and pity. He is also an attractive character, in many ways, in spite of those shallow aspects. And maybe we are sympathetic for them in this forbidden, unwise love.

The current art scene of the time, in especially moscow's theater and art and literature scenes, the world of fashion, the culture of massive-debt-incurring spending on a lavish lifestyle, all this Tolstoy skewers through the comical eyes of the simple farmer levin, who at his. But he is not year a stereotype, he is a great character, fully realized. And what can we say of Anna, the other main character, his sort of opposite? If you want to look for what is in some sense a "moral" of the book, it is surely there-if you want to be happy you will want to make choices that levin makes instead of Anna's tragic choices-but Anna, in having been originally intended. Tolstoy is creating literature here, not a didactic tract, and we see all along that Tolstoy falls in love with Anna as she emerges through his creation of her in his novel, and she is thus for him and us real and fascinating, a human. You don't have to agree with her choices or like her, but she will come to life for you as few characters ever will. There's one time tolstoy has his two main characters meet, and this is a great evening, where the simple levin actually is obviously attracted to Anna in so many ways, and not just the physical attraction all men and women seem to have for her.

anna karenina book review

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Maybe it is time for a bit of reordering priorities toward goodness, and finishing this book as my news feeds gave me updates on the tragedy provided an interesting contrast in experiences, rendering different but altogether persuasive truths about the nature of the world. Tolstoy was himself, the translator Richard pevear writes in his fine, brief introduction, in some sense writing a response to the nihilists who were as he saw it in fashion in late nineteenth century russia, in Moscow, in Europe, in the world. Tolstoy was himself searching for meaning in life and struggling with faith and beliefs in a way he didn't ever struggle about again (or as much) after this book, and the struggle makes for the greatness, in my opinion. His late book resurrection, by contrast, has none of the struggle about faith that this book has. It's mostly a binary world, all good and evil, a didactic allegory. Pevear says one of the two main characters, levin, the country farmer struggling to also write his ideas about farming, is the most fully realized self-portrait that Tolstoy created, and he is on the main pretty delightful. Grumpy at times, stubborn, moody and not witty, a kind of no-nonsense traditionalist I certainly would have been annoyed at regularly if i knew him, levin is often a kind of comical character, self-deprecatingly clueless as he approaches the big events of his life: His. These are also moments of real angst/anguish and passion and comedy/tragedy, written with great flourish and amazing detail, great sections of the book, pretty thrilling to read, in my opinion. These are, tolstoy tells us, in the main what life (and literature) is and should be mainly about, love and death, and they deserve loving attention for us, as are also the striving for goodness and faith.

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anna karenina book review

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This one is a great literary accomplishment and a great read, in my opinion, and deserves to be read and read widely by more than just the English major club. And I say this as one who prefers Dostoevsky to tolstoy; I prefer stories of anguish and doubt to stories of affirmation and faith, and the atheist/agnostic literary establishment I belong to is maybe always going to favor doubt and anguish over faith and hope. And this (spoiler alert) surely is a book of faith, of family, of affirmation, of belief in the land, nature, goodness, and simple human joys over the life of "society" with all of its pretension. Yes, all that is affirmation is true of the book in spite of what happens to Anna. I write this in particular contexts, as we all do when we read and write.

If I had read this book in my more cynical early twenties, when i actually started it once (and world again a few times over my life time and never finished when I had no kids, i might not have liked it much. If I had read this right after Crime and Punishment and The Brothers writing Karamazov, or in the years I was reading Under the volcano, kafka, camus, what I think of as my existentialist years, i might have found it too. But today i have little kids, and as seemed to have happened with Chris Ware, as evidenced by his more positive building Stories, having kids changed everything for me, and in a good way. In harsh times, you need stories of hope and goodness, and levin's story is a timeless story of hope and goodness. Another context: i am particularly shaken as I write this by the 20 kids dead in a connecticut elementary school in Sandy hook yesterday, with, too, a good teacher, principal, and school psychologist and others who have given their lives to doing good for children. This is a murderous country, the most murderous in the world, killings devastating my Chicago on a daily basis maybe especially this year, but every damned year.

Yet Anna's suffering may not be entirely due to her moral transgressions and afflicted conscience, just as her experience of social ostracism and rejection cannot fully account for the growing sense of explosive inner turmoil, psychological conflict, and distress she undergoes. Most Helpful Customer reviews see all Customer reviews advertisement. Levin (which is what the title should be, since he is the main character, the real hero and the focus of the book!) (But who would read the book with that title, i know!). If you don't want to know the ending, don't read this review, though I won't actually talk about what happens to Anna specifically, something i knew 40 years ago without even reading the book. I didn't read the book to find out what happens to her.

Probably many of you know or knew the ending before reading the book levin (which is what the title should be, since he is the main character, the real hero and the focus of the book!) (But who would read the book with that title. Probably many of you know or knew the ending before reading the book. And this isn't so much a review as a personal reflection. I was tempted, finally, after decades of not reading it, to now, approaching my 60th birthday, finish it, all 818 pages, tempted to just simply write: Pretty good! but I resist that impulse, sorry (because now, if you so choose to read on, you will have to read many more than those two words.). This is as millions of people have observed over the past 140 years, a really great book, and those of you who are skeptical of reading "Great books" or "classics" may still not be convinced, but this has in my opinion a deserved reputation. I guess I really don't. I just think some books deserve the rep they get from the literary establishment, and some deserve the rep they get from the wider reading public.

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It is her lover who becomes coarse: An artistic, sensitive man in the earlier drafts, by the final version he is a dilettante and a poor sportsman, riding his lovely racehorse to death through his own corpulence and clumsiness. He becomes a corporeal "hunk of beefsteak" who runs to fat and loses his hair and teeth. In similar fashion, the husband, a more sympathetic type in the first versions of the novel, becomes physically grotesque in the novel as we read it, with his huge ears, stammer, and unpleasant habit of cracking his knuckles. Satirical impulses are directed at every other character in the novel: the bon vivant (Anna's brother, Stiva the sanctimonious religious hypocrite (Countess Lydia ivanovna the society flirt (Countess Betsy tverskaya the careerist (Karenin). The heroine, anna, is protected from the broad brushstroke of social critique, but whether she is meant to be portrayed as a victim or a participant in the book's destructive pdf social machinery is the highly debated question the novel puts. The moral transgressions of adultery and the violations of social proprieties as understood by nineteenth-century russian high society can hardly come under censure by today's reader: Anna karenina remains as sympathetic and compelling as any heroine in literature. Lawrence claim for Anna and her lover the role of sympathetic martyrs, crushed beneath the wheels of an implacably conventional and hypocritical society; but Tolstoy was to be condemned for "putting his finger in the balance" to bring the novel to a moralistic conclusion.

anna karenina book review

He not only refuses, rather discourteously, to sexually ravish and ruin the heroine, but he apparently has no desire to do so; instead he turns his disordered impulses against his poet friend, lensky, whom he eliminates in a duel before his departure for Western Europe. In Onegin's absence, tatiana peruses the stacks of his personal library to discover essay that her beloved is an empty cloak, a mere parody, a "paper bullet of the brain." years later, returning to russia, eugene discovers the same young girl who once made love. But Tatiana has lost her desire for Eugene at the moment he discovers his desire for her; spurned, he rushes from the pages of the novel to seek his death. It is fairly clear that in taking up the well-used plot of adulterous love in response to pushkin's sketches, tolstoy intended to quiz the ethos of love and death that spiritualized into tragedy the adulterous love stories of Western European literature. Initially he sketches his heroine satirically: She is fat, vulgar, and obvious; she chomps on her pearl necklace and flirts openly with her lover in her husband's face. But these omens of overindulged physicality vanish in the final characterizations. Anna karenina, whose grace, vitality, maternal warmth, and beauty are instead slowly and painfully extinguished over the inexorable course of the novel.

founding work of the nineteenth-century russian novelistic tradition was Aleksandr Pushkin's novel in verse. The idea of a novel in verse is itself unusual, and Pushkin's experimental form includes the invention of a new verse pattern, the Onegin stanza. Furthermore, he stages a narrative reversal of the liebestod by evacuating his love story of desire and thereby eliminating the fuel that fires the western European romance. In the case of classic European star-crossed lovers, from Tristan and Isolde to romeo and Juliet, the impossibility of their union generates a heated desire that only increases in response to obstacles. The lovers desire nothing so much as to perpetuate their longing for one another, a yearning that betrays its metaphysical dimension and shades into death-a death of the body that releases the ardent spirit. In the earliest drafts of, anna karenina, the heroine is named for Pushkin's heroine, tatiana, a naive country girl who, addicted to French novels and infatuated with the literary representation of ruinous love, projects a romantic silhouette onto the novel's eponymous protagonist, eugene.

Indeed Tolstoy had in his library that most famous nineteenth-century culmination of the literary tradition of adulterous love and death, gustave flaubert's. Yet Russian literary history had no native tradition comparable to Troubadoran love poetry, the cult of courtly love, the idea of the liebestod, or the novels of adulterous passion that capped the poetic essay tradition. Despite early sentimental prose accounts of young girls drowning themselves for unrequited love, like nikolai karamzin's. Poor liza, russian literature as it matured in the nineteenth century tended to invert and caricature european prose forms rather than directly imitating them. Indeed in his article "Some words about War and peace tolstoy insisted that his work was not a novel, pronouncing with characteristic national pride and eccentricity that Russians did not even know how to write novels in the european sense of the word. Such an announcement of disregard for conventional form in art might seem presumptuous were it premeditated, and were there not precedents for. But the history of Russian literature since the time of Pushkin not merely affords many examples of such deviations from European forms, but does not offer a single example of the contrary. Dead souls to dostoevsky's, house of the dead, in the recent period of Russian literature there is not a single artistic prose work, rising at all above mediocrity, which quite fits into the form of a novel, epic, or story (Bayley, tolstoy and the novel.

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Eligible for free shipping, barnes noble Classics: 2 for. Product Details, isbn-13:, apple publisher: Barnes noble, publication date. Series: Barnes noble Classics Series, pages: 832, sales rank: 9,308. Product dimensions:.10(w).90(h).00(d read an Excerpt, from Amy mandelker's Introduction. Anna karenina, the literary fragments by pushkin that inspired Tolstoy to sit down and begin writing. Anna karenina were sketches for a novel about an adulteress who is ultimately cast off by her lover and society. The plot of adulterous love, the story of a doomed impossible passion, is common in Western European literature and typically creates a narrative that links love and death.

Anna karenina book review
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  3. Anna karenina, by leo tolstoy, is part of the barnes & Noble Classics series, which offers quality editions at affordable prices to the student and the general reader, including new scholarship, thoughtful design, and pages of carefully crafted extras. Directed by bernard Rose. With Sophie marceau, sean bean, Alfred Molina, mia kirshner. Anna (Marceau) is a wife and mother who has an affair with the handsome count Vronsky (Bean). With douglas Henshall, helen McCrory, stephen Dillane, paloma baeza. Anna karenina is the young wife of an older husband.

  4. But there is no doubt that Anna karenina, generally considered Tolstoy's best book, is definitely one ripping great read. Anna karenina has 517,607 ratings and 19,469 reviews. Nataliya said: As a daughter of a russian literature teacher, it seems I have always known the stor. Anna karenina is a 2012 British historical romance film directed by joe wright. Adapted by tom Stoppard from leo tolstoy's 1877 novel of the same name, the film depicts the tragedy of Russian aristocrat and socialite Anna karenina, wife of senior statesman Alexei karenin, and her affair with the affluent officer count Vronsky which leads to her.

  5. Free 5-8 business-day shipping within the. When you order 25 of eligible items sold or fulfilled by Amazon. Or get 4-5 business-day shipping on this item for.99. (Prices may vary for ak and.) Anna karenina is a beautiful and intelligent woman, whose passionate love for a handsome officer. Some people say anna karenina is the single greatest novel ever written, which makes about as much sense to me as trying to determine the world's greatest color.

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