Breifing paper

breifing paper

Student loan statistics - commons Library briefing

Marta santos Silva (Editor-in-Chief and founder) and. Sean o dubhghaill (Deputy Editor) and will be published every two months. Please refer to the e-journal section of our website for more information. milieu and icf consulting's work on the dg comp evaluation entitled, ' ex-post evaluation of key procedural aspects of Regulation 1/2003-access to file and complaints, has recently been published.  The purpose of the evaluation was to evaluate two key procedural aspects of this Regulation- the current access to file system and the procedure for formal complaints. The findings of this evaluation will feed into future decisions as to whether and, if so, how to reform these two aspects of Regulation 1/2003. In other words, it will not only allow the commission to fine-tune the current systems but also provide input for a potential future impact assessment concerning a reform of Regulation 1/2003.

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The longer Open Public Consultation and an sme panel invited stakeholders to give their opinions on the functioning of the reach regulation. The regulation is the most comprehensive piece of eu legislation covering chemicals. It currently undergoes an evaluation under the commissions Better Regulation policy (refit). Milieu will present and analyse the results of the stakeholder consultations summarising the key messages. The project will end in April 2017. The milieu e-journal on Law and Policy has been officially launched! It consists of a professional publication with the aim to address current issues and trends of the numerous areas of expertise within our company. It is targeted towards our clients, collaborators, businesses industries, and the public in general, and, is freely loan accessible via our website. The milieu e-journal on Law and Policy may also be the first open-access, law and policy journal published in Belgium. It is edited.

The final report is available here: the thesis oecd recently published it first Environmental Performance review of Estonia. Tony zamparutti of Milieu ltd prepared the in-depth assessment of Estonia's performance on waste and materials management, published as Chapter 4 of the review. For further information, and to obtain a copy, please see the following link: m milieu is starting into the fourth year as part of the network of Experts on Statistics on Free movement of Workers and Social Security to provide dg empl with an analysis. The 2016 Annual report, presenting insights into mobility of workers in general and specifically on return mobility and mobility of pensioners is published on dg empls website. The 2017 Annual Report will again feature two specific chapters on topical issues of mobile europeans. 17 February 2017 Milieu started a new project entitled A nalysis of the results of the open public and sme consultation of the reach refit evaluation. The work will involve evaluating the results of two stakeholder consultations that have been carried out by the european Commission.

breifing paper

Enforcing contact orders: cases, courts and consequences

The breifing addesses Estonia's progress and challenges in these key areas. The full briefing can be found here: milieu is currently carrying a check of the full completeness and conformity of the member States measures to transpose council Framework decision 2006/960/jha on simplifying the exchange of information and intelligence between law enforcement authorities of the member. Milieu coordinates a team of National experts, about one per Member State, who are in charge of assessing both the legal transposition and practical implementation of the Framework decision. This comprehensive assessment will enable the commission to check whether the member States comply with their obligations under the Framework decision, and pursue infringement procedures if needed. milieu is excited to announce that it will assist the european Commissions Directorate-general for Financial Stability, financial Services and Capital Markets Union (dg fisma) in verifying Member States compliance with the payment Accounts Directive (Directive 2014/92/eu of the european Parliament and of the council. The objective of this project is to verify the completeness and conformity of national implementing measures with the directives provisions, supporting the commissions oversight of the application of Union law. milieu and Ricardo Energy presentation environments final report on the dg environment Study to assess the implementation by the eu member States of certain provisions of Directive 1999/31/ec on the landfill of waste has been published. The purpose of the study was to assist the european Commission in investigating current legislation and practices in the 28 eu member States regarding the pre-treatment of waste sent to landfills. The study, which included visits to over 80 landfills across 18 Member States, identified Member States where the practice of landfilling untreated waste is widespread, the reasons for this, and recommended the appropriate measures to improve compliance.

Full access to the report can be found here: the european Commission recently published ' european level report: evaluation of the contribution of Operational Programmes to the implementation of eu water policy which was co-authored by milieu staff members Agnieszka markowska and Mariya gancheva. The aim of the work sought to support the commission in assessing Operational Programmes in view of their contribution to water management and in supporting implementation of the water Framework directive (WFD) and Floods Directive (FD) in the period between 20to access the full report. milieu is supporting the european Committee of the regions in the drafting of an Opinion on the Environmental Implementation review (EIR). The Opinion will provide recommendations on addressing key challenges in implementing eu environmental legislation and their root causes, as identified in the european Commission Communication on the eu environmental Implementation review: Common challenges and how to combine efforts to deliver better results. The study carried out by milieu aims to analyse underlying factors of implementation challenges and present case studies of successful practices, along with recommendations. To support this work, milieu is carrying a survey, addressed to authorities, european and national networks of authorities, and all stakeholders interested in the implementation of environmental legislation at local and regional levels. If you wish to participate, the questionnaire is available through this link until : the european Parliament recently published a briefing prepared by milieu staff and sei tallinn entitled Circular economy with focus on waste, renewable energy and sustainable bioenergy in Estonia.

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breifing paper

Cipfa briefings look at current public sector finance issues

Review of national rules for protection of infrastructure relevant for security of supply. This study will carry on through February 2018 and will show how Member States perceive the full risk of foreign investment in energy infrastructures and about how these risks are addressed in the legislation and in practice. The aim of the project is to establish what resume types of infrastructure in the energy sector (gas and electricity) Member States consider to be relevant for security of supply; and whether foreign ownership of or foreign investment in such infrastructure is considered a risk, and why. The study will also aim to collect complete and reliable information, about instruments put in place by the member States and their application to protect relevant infrastructures in the energy sector from risks related to foreign ownership/foreign investment, as well as information about the legal. Many new arrivals to the european Union have been affected by manifestations of hatred ranging from insults to violence due to their immigrant background and/or religion. Milieu, as member of the franet network of the european Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (fra is supporting fra in its efforts to collect data and information on such incidents and will present them online in a database that will also assist policy makers.

The database will contain information on the situation in the eu 28 and will cover the period between January 2012 and July 2017., milieu provided the legal analysis for the recent European Commission publication entitled ' exploratory study of consumer issues in peer-to-peer platform markets'. The study explores five peer-to-peer (P2P) platform markets and highlights the main issues for peer consumers and peer providers with the objective to help policy makers better understand consumer interests on platforms and how to best promote a responsible development of these markets. More informaiton on the topic as well as the publications can be found here: m? Item_id77704 'european level report: key descriptive statistics on the consideration of water issues in the rural development Programmes ' was recently published by the european Commission. Milieu participated in the preparation of this report, which provides an assessment of how Rural development Programmes, between the period of 20, address agricultural pressures on water bodies and how they promote measures that can contribute to protect and restore the water environment.

The study has been published on the website of dg environment and can be accessed here: m, the study entitled, financing climate action: opportunities and challenges for local and regional authorities was recently published by the european Committee of the regions. Milieu staff (via ludovica rossi, mariya gancheva, and Sarah o'brien) prepared the study, which aims to identify the main international and national funding opportunities for climate change mitigation and adaptation measures available to eu local and regional authorities, as well as the main obstacles and. The full report can be accessed here: milieu has been asked by fra (the fundamental Rights Agency) to carry out a service request: Monthly data collection on the current migration situation, august november 2017. Over one million refugees and migrants arrived in Europe by sea in 2015. Many of these people have moved onwards through the western Balkan countries and Hungary, primarily to germany, sweden and Austria. This situation has put a significant strain on the asylum systems of all Member States.

Frontex noted that in 2016, around 500,000 people arrived irregularly in the. Eurostat data suggest that out.2 million asylum applications in 2016; 104,000 were filed by applicants aged 14-17 years and 617,000 by people of between 18-24 years of age. Moreover, eu member States notice the presence of an increasing number of unaccompanied children, which put a strain on national child protection capacities and put children at an increased risk of exploitation. These developments significantly impact fundamental rights, requiring fra to be aware of the situation in relevant Member States in order to provide the eu institutions with evidence-based advice. The objective of this service is to provide fra with a monthly update of the fundamental rights situation of migrants and persons in need of international protection (including persons who have not applied for asylum) in Hungary., milieu ltd has recently launched the esi funds. The website has been developed as part of an eu-funded project, bringing together knowledge and evidence on how the european Structural and Investment Funds (esif) are used to support health investments under the programming period. More information is available here:, milieu is proud to have been selected by dg energy to carry out the project.

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The results of the evaluation will allow the evaluators to provide recommendations regarding adjustments deemed useful for the remaining implementation period the of the eu framework up to 2020. This will be done in such a way that the recommendations can also feed into reflections about the need and possible directions for eu-action in the post-2020 period., the study, assessment of Member State performance on the implementation of the Extractive waste directive was recently. Commissioned by dg environment, the work examines implementation of the directive indicating possible difficulties in implementation as well as the causes, where possible. Specific provisions are examined relating to the management of Category a facilities, the use of cyanide technologies, the stability of tailing dams and ponds, and the reprocessing of extractive waste. Florent Pelsy and Claire dupont of Milieu worked alongside colleagues from amec and bipro to deliver the final product, which can be found here: The dg grow, study on quantifying the economic benefits of whistleblower protection in Public Procurement prepared by milieu was recently published. Milieu staff members Jennifer McGuinn, meena fernandes and Ludovica rossi authored the study and have been invited to present at the eurocadres (the council of European Professional and Managerial Staff) 4th Congress event which will take place at the european Economic and Social Committee premises. More information about the upcoming write event can be found here., the 7th Environment Action Programme (7th eap adopted in 2013 by the european Parliament and the council, mandated the european Commission to develop by 2018 " a union strategy for a non-toxic environment that. In preparation of the strategy for a non-toxic environment, a comprehensive study was commissioned to milieu (Milieu staff: Gretta goldenman, julia lietzmann, lucie meura, yoline kuipers and Matteo mascolo) and its sub-contractors ökopol, rivm and rpa. It provides an overview of the state of play, identifies gaps and deficits in the current eu chemicals policy and legislative framework, and provides a way forward in relation to the following aspects: substitution, chemicals in articles, protection of children and other vulnerable groups from.

breifing paper

The aim of the tool is to provide legal professionals, researchers and interested individuals with quick access to Charter-related information. 16 november 2017, the study. Effective multi-level environmental governance for a better implementation of eu environment legislation for the committee of the regions was recently published. Milieu staff members Jennifer McGuinn, lise oules, and Alicia mcNeill authored the study which aims to assist the european Committee of the regions in considering the Environmental Implementation review (EIR). The study involved desk research and a survey to determine previously identified root causes of insufficient implementation of environmental legislation and how these causes are linked to multi-level governance issues. Included are also ways to address these issues and to improve cooperation and support of local and regional authorities in the implementation of eu environmental law. The full publication can be found here: 7 november 2017, in co-operation with icf consultancy, milieu will be conducting the mid-term evaluation of the eu framework for National Roma Integration strategies up papers to 2020 for the dg just. The aim of the evaluation is to assess the implementation status and the achievements of the eu framework and to evaluate the development, use, and alignment of the european and national mainstream and targeted policy, legal and funding instruments to address Roma integration. The evaluation will also address national policy, legal and funding instruments in all eu member States (except for Malta).

border Force in an emergency situation, you may call the gar emergency telephone line on 44 (0). The emergency telephone line may only be used for a flight that is: Not required to make a terrorism Act 2000 report; and. Outside the gar reporting timescale. An emergency may be described as: Medical emergency of a pilot/passenger;. Air Ambulance with a critical passenger;. Other emergencies requiring a change to information contained within an already submitted gar;. Last minute changes to a submitted gar, only when changes to the online version are not possible. 20 December 2017, from January to march 2017, the belgian franet team at Milieu will review, update and complement information on constitutional legal provisions in Belgium to expand Charterpedia, the fras online tool providing easy-to-access information on each Article of the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Download the general aviation Report (PDF). Download the general aviation Report (Word Document). For further details on the above please click here, do not send this form to atc. Kent police, e: T: 44 (0), paper forms for departing flights may still be completed in the Flight Breifing Area at Lydd Airport and handed to customer Services who will then fax to the authorities. NEW* please note from tuesday 1st December 2015 ukbf are introducing the premium clearance service at Lydd Airport. This service enables mandatory checks to be carried out onboard the aircraft, but is daddy optional to the client. This service will entail an additional charge - for further details and fees applicable to your flight please contact our customer service team on 44 (0) (option 1).

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Border Force (ukbf customs Special Branch (Kent Police). As a fully licensed port of entry, lydd Airport has direct contact with Border Force, customs and Special Branch throughout our operational hours. All pilots london are required to fill out a general aviation Report (gar / Gendec) for themselves and all passengers on board the aircraft for departing and arriving flights from abroad, Isle of Man, Channel Isles, northern Ireland and the republic of Ireland. Flight planning apps such as Rocketroute and skydemon also have a facility to file an electronic gar. Alternatively pilots may submit gars using an online system available at it is also available on the main types of smartphones (Android / iphone / WP7) by searching for 'border Force gar' at the app store. For those pilots who do not have access to the electronic methods above then you can complete the email version and forward directy to ukbf. Border Force - folkestone, f: 44 (0). E: lydd Airport, f: 44 (0), e: T: 44 (0) (Op 1).

Breifing paper
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