Business plan for mobile phone shop

business plan for mobile phone shop

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We also intend to ensure that we well our franchise all around the United States of America as well as Canada. Due to how serious we are taking our business, we plan to build a standard cell phone shop business here in Winston Blvd. Troy michigan and so we have set plans, processes and structures in place that will allow us get it right from the beginning in ensuring that we hire the right employees into all the available positions in our cell phone shop. Because we intend to become a leading brand as well as sell our franchises here in America as well as Canada, we carefully sourced for those that we would want to be a part of our management team and we chose those that had the. Also, our management team understands our core vision and ideology and is committed to ensuring that we are able to attain them as fast as possible. Also, because we intend to offer various services and products to our various customers as well as sell our franchise, we will employ more than the average cell phone shop so that all our services at Excellent Cell Phone Store will run smoothly in delivering. Below is the business structure we intend to build at Excellent Cell Phone Store; Chief Executive officer, manager, human Resources and Admin Manager, accountants. Marketing team, customer Service Executives Sales team Truck Driver Cleaners Roles and Responsibilities Chief Executive officer Responsible for the overall strategic direction of Excellent Cell Phone Shop Communicates and ensures the implementation of the vision and objectives of the organization to employees Manager Ensures that.

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All our employees are trained in excellent customer care and as such we know that all our customers will be treated well irrespective of whatever worker they encounter in our cell phone store. We know that this is key to retaining a high number of customers and attracting more to our cell phone shop business. We intend to expand into a four store operation even though our business plan is dealing with just our first operation, we have laid law down plans and processes in place to handle our expansion as our Chief Executive officer, michael Pump who is also the. He also has handled several franchises and has over 8 years experience in this industry that will be highly beneficial to the business attaining its goals and objectives. Our Products and Services, excellent Cell Phone Shop is a phone shop that deals in all varieties of cell phones. Our intention is not to depend on our core services (sale of cell phones) but to engage in other services as well that will ensure that we create multiple streams of income by offering other services and products in addition to our core service. This is so that we would be able to generate revenue pet and make profit that would boost our bottom line and not only sustain but grow our business as well. Therefore some of the products and services we intend to offer our various customers are; Sale of Cell Phones, sales of mobile hardware and accessories maintenance services and repairs mobile applications mobile money services. Software and such other kinds of services. Our Vision Statement, our vision is to be known for our top notch brand cell phones and to be the leading and preferred cell phone distribution store here in Winston Blvd. Our Mission Statement, in order to achieve our vision, we intend to remain proactive in the business by constantly coming up with new and brands of gadgets intended to excite our customers whilst also giving us an edge over our competitors.

Asides the fact that our pdf location is perfect for the business due to the fact that we have no close competitor, our location is also perfect because it fits well into the demography as more than 60 of households here fall into the average income. We are glad because we intend to have an edge over our competitors now and in the near future, we intend to ensure that we have the best phone brands and we will ensure that we are well stocked with our different varieties. We take our business structure very seriously and as such have sourced for and hired the employees that are the right fit for our company. We know that having competent and experienced employees who not only understand the market but the business and our ideologies as well will lead to us being able to achieve our desired goals and objectives in quick time. Because we know the importance of having the best customers, we intend to ensure that our employees remain well motivated. We are going to ensure that our employees are well paid better than what their colleagues in similar start-ups such as ours in this industry are getting. Also, we intend to ensure that our employees enjoy other fringe benefits and are rewarded for hard work.

business plan for mobile phone shop

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Cell Phone Store business Plan Executive summary. Excellent Cell Phone Shop is a leading and standard phone shop that will be based in Winston reviews Blvd. Troy michigan, usa to retail cell phones to our various clients. We are in business to produce and retail a variety of phones to our various customers. We also intend to offer other products and service as well to our customers such phone accessories and what have you. Our strategic location in Winston Blvd. Troy michigan is a great place to grow and develop our cell phone shop due to the fact that not only yardage is it a metropolitan area but there are no close competitors for several miles. This therefore means that our business is likely to boom in a short period of time before perhaps other competitors come and site their shops near ours.

Due to research and forecasts, 65 of children between the ages of 10 15 have been projected to own cell phones between 20Apart from children, even those who live below the poverty line have been projected to own a cell phone as it is now. According to research, the cell phone industry had a growth momentum between 20is expected to reach an estimated 334.8 billion in 2017 with cumulative annual growth revenue. Regions that are still developing are expected to register significant growth in this industry due to an increase in population as well as rising urbanization. The cell phone industry comprises of establishments whose primary focus is in the manufacturing of mobiles. This means that the industry expands to include not only the end salesman but also the phone set manufacturers. The market has less entry barriers which are majorly to reduce the threats that will be posed by new players. This means that the older players are always evolving as regards technologies and innovations which practically make it difficult for new players to keep up with, thereby still allowing the old players to retain part of its customer base while still growing in revenue. This does not mean though that this strategy has been effective for all such cell phone companies.

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business plan for mobile phone shop

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This is one of the reasons why the competition in the industry has continued to become even stiffer as the day goes. If you writing are determined to start a cell phone store business then you have agreement to put a lot of things into consideration. One of the things that you can consider is undertaking a feasibility research. You will also need a business plan to work with. Below is a sample cell phone store business plan; Business overview, as at 2008 according to sign-on San diego, there were 250 million mobile phone subscriptions in the United States.

From then till now, more people have gotten cell phones, which mean that the market has consistently grown and become more relevant as regards more uses and applications. This is a lucrative business that offers you the opportunity to be at the forefront of new and emerging technologies, if you intend to go into this kind of business as an entrepreneur. In recent years, there has been a change in the dynamics and structure of cell phones globally which also includes smart phones. This is due to the fact that there has been a positive change in the design and functionalities of cell phones which has led to an increased cost. The improved functionalities such as emergence of new network technologies such as 4G to enhance mobile browsing, and also improved upgrade of operating systems, have led to the growth of the industry, and expansion into several markets that were deemed impossible. The cell phone business has an unstoppable growth that makes it have the strongest growth industries as well as being responsible for its huge revenues in the market.

We use cookies, by browsing the ee site, you're agreeing to the use of cookies which help improve your online experience. Are you about starting a cell phone store? If yes, here is a complete sample cell phone retail store business plan template feasibility report you can use for free. Okay, so we have considered all the requirements for starting a cell phone store. We also took it further by analyzing and drafting a sample cell phone store marketing plan template backed up by actionable guerrilla marketing ideas for cell phone stores. So lets proceed to the business planning section.

Why Start a cell Phone Store? All over the world, the cell phone business has continued to be on the rise and this owes to the fact that there are billions of people who cannot do without the cell phone. The cell phone has made it extremely easy for people to communicate with themselves. This has also made loved one stay really in touch with one another from time to time. The cell phone business is such that will not go into extinction because no one is ready to stay incommunicado for anything. Hence it is a viable business to launch into at any time of the day. The cell phone industry has continued to grow with various phone models being churned out every now and then.

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business plan for mobile phone shop

Replacement : coverage against loss, theft and damage can save you hundreds on a replacement device. In most cases, your replacement will be delivered by the next day. Repair : Convenient, affordable repairs from authorized techs using certified parts means you get to keep the phone you love. Support : Access to live,. S.-based tech support with the tech Expert app. Includes virtually unlimited help with your device and anything it connects to, along with a link to 25 gb of automatic backup to secure your photos and videos. You will receive a temporary number. When you get your phone, essay youll have instructions on how to complete your number transfer. Corporate discounts vary from company to company.

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Business plan for mobile phone shop
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  1. Multi-language customer support mobile data solutions. Use your Own Phone Shop For Phones. With Harbor you're in Business! Need additional business plans?

  2. Get just what you need. 2GB plan starts at 40/mo. 2gb of high-speed data, including mobile hotspot. Plans for your devices. Explore our Business Plans. Unlimited talk text web.

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  4. Speak to a business specialist. You don't work nine to five, and neither. Get in touch with us online, over the phone, or in-person at a business centre. Garbles Cellular Phones cell phones retailer business plan executive summary. Garbles Cellular Phones is a start-up retailer, seeking to acquire a market share in the niceburg Metro area, specializing in gsm protocol cell phones and accessories. English business Products services business Mobile Plans.

  5. Mobile Phone Shop Business Plan. The plan is developed specifically for franchised mobile phone shops, cell phone stores or simply concessions in service Free cell Phone Store business Plan For raising Capital from Investors, banks, or Grant Companies! Get the corporate phone plan that fits your business needs. Telus offers flexible, affordable, and easy to set up and manage plans for teams of any size. Easy to buy and simple to use, these plans include shareable data and. Discover the right mobile plans for your business whether youre a sole-trader or a large corporate.

  6. They have a combine experience that can help them build Ariel Cell Phones Repair Shop, llc to favorably compete with other leading cell. A sample mobile App development Business Plan Template. Starting a software development Company from Home a complete guide. Please enter your information below and a t-mobile business Expert will contact you within 1 hour during normal business hours (est monday through Friday, to discuss the right-sized plan for your business. Compare all mobile phones and plans with free, next day delivery in metro areas. Do faster business with Australia's favourite network telstra.

  7. The purpose for this business plan to study the feasibility to establish a mobile phone showroom in Abu Dhabi city, the capital of United Arab Emirates. Our business is a retail store. The ideal place for the prospected Showroom will be at the new constructed shopping center in tourist Club Area. As at 2008 according to sign-on San diego, there were 250 million mobile phone subscriptions in the United States. Due to how serious we are taking our business, we plan to build a standard cell phone shop business here in Winston Blvd.

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