Essay on solar energy for students

essay on solar energy for students

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The effect of volcanic eruption on the earth lasts for a few years. Human Activities, life on the earth itself contributes to the changes in its climate. The process of carbon emission by humans is one of the reasons that lead to changes in the climate. Emission of carbon due to fossil fuel combustion, burning of industrial wastes and vehicular pollution add. Orbital Variations, variation in the earths orbit causes a change in the seasonal distribution of sunlight received. This variation results in Milankovitch cycles that impact the climate adversely.

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Changes in the climatic conditions are also having a negative impact on study the water system. It has resulted in the melting of glaciers and erratic rainfall patterns that in turn are leading to environmental imbalance. It is important to take the climate change writing issue seriously and control human activities that are contributing towards this change. Climate Change Essay 3 (400 words). Climate change is basically a modification in the distribution of the pattern of the average weather conditions on the earth. When this change lasts for a few decades or centuries, it is referred to as climatic change. Several factors contribute towards change in the climatic conditions. Here is a look at these contributory factors and repercussions of climate change: Factors Responsible for Climate Change, here is a look at some of the main factors that cause a change in the climatic conditions on the earth: Solar Radiation, sun radiates its energy. This energy is carried to different parts of the globe by way of winds, ocean currents and other mechanisms, thereby, impacting their climatic conditions. Volcano eruption is quite common on the earth and this is another reason for the climatic change here.

However, the more recent ones that are mainly a result of human activities are having a negative repercussion on the atmosphere. Researchers continually observe the pattern to understand the past, present as well as the future climatic conditions. A record of the climate has been accumulated and is updated regularly based on the geological evidences to study the changes occurred. These evidences include the records of flora and fauna, glacial and periglacial processes, records of sea levels, borehole temperature profiles and sediment layers among other things. Here is a closer look at the causes and effects word of climate change: causes of Climate Change, the factors that contribute towards climate change are: Solar Radiation, the energy emitted by the sun that reaches the earth and is carried further to different parts. The new age technology is adding to the emission of carbon on the planet which in turn is having a negative impact on the climate. Apart from this, the orbital variations, plate tectonics and volcanic eruptions also cause changes in the climate. Effects of Climate Change, impact on Forests and Wildlife, a number of species of plants and animals have gone extinct due to the change in the climatic conditions and many others are on the verge of going extinct. With the mass extinction of trees in certain regions, many forests are also diminishing.

essay on solar energy for students

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These include the ocean- atmosphere variability as well as the presence of life on the earth. Climate change is having a negative impact on the forests, wildlife, water systems as well as the polar region on the earth. A number of species of plants and animals have gone extinct due to the changes in the climate on the earth and several others have been affected adversely. Human activities such as deforestation, use of land and use of methods that lead to the increase in carbon in the atmosphere have been a major cause of climate change in the recent past. It is important to keep a check on such activities in order to control climatic changes and ensure environmental harmony. Climate Change Essay 2 (300 words). As the name suggests, climate change is a change in the climatic conditions on the earth. Several factors contribute towards this change since centuries.

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essay on solar energy for students

Importance of solar energy in our daily life essay and speech

This is caused due to various internal and external factors including solar radiation, variation in the earths orbit, volcanic eruptions, plate tectonics, etc. Climate change, in fact, has become a cause of concern particularly over the last few decades. Change in the pattern of the climate on the earth has become a global cause of concern. There are many factors that lead to climate change and this change affects the life on the earth in various different ways. Here are some essays summary of varying lengths on Climate Change to help you with the topic in your examination. Climate Change Essay 1 (200 words).

Climate change is basically a change in the pattern of the climate that lasts for a few decades to centuries. Various factors lead to the changes in the climatic conditions on the earth. These factors are also referred to as forcing mechanisms. These mechanisms are either external or internal. External forcing mechanisms can either be natural such as the variation in the earths orbit, variation in solar radiation, volcanic eruptions, plate tectonics, etc or can be caused due to human activities such as green house gases, carbon emission, etc. Internal forcing mechanisms, on the other hand, are the natural processes that occur within the climate system.

This is tough to use these lands for other purposes. The amount of energy produced in this way is very less compared to other resources, which are unable to meet our needs. Solar tools are fragile. Solar Power Project in India, many projects have been started in India, keeping in mind the benefits of solar energy: Indias best solar power project has been started in the Thar Desert, which is estimated to generate 700-200 gw of energy. On March 1, 2014, the then Chief Minister of Gujarat inaugurated the countrys largest solar power plant in the neemuch district of Madhya pradesh.

The central government has started the jawaharlal Nehru national Solar Power Project jnnsm and has set a target of generating up to 20,000 mw of power by the year 2022. To maintain Solar projects, we need some equipment. Here we have described the details of the equipment. Solar panel, Brno Eco solar Home ups 1100, solar power conditioning unit, pv grid Connected Inverters, solar charging controller, pwm technology, mppt technology, solar Conversion Kit, solar Shine wave inverter, solar battery, solar Home lighting System. Sparkle, solar glasses, solar Street Lighting Systems, etc. Thus solar energy has developed into our country and we are benefiting from. We should emphasis on solar energy to reduce the pressure from other non-renewable energy. Climate change is a change in the climatic conditions on the earth.

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Even this can be installed in the house because it is also cheap compared to other resources of energy. Solar power disadvantages, we cant do the work of generating solar biography power at night. Also during the day when there is rain or cloudy weather, electricity generation can not be done by solar energy. Because of this, we cant fully trust solar energy. Only those areas can be able to produce solar energy, where the sunlight comes in sufficient quantity. In order to generate solar power, we need batteries for the inverter and its storage besides solar devices. By the way, solar devices are cheap, but together with inverter and battery make it expensive. Solar tools are large in size, so they need large area land to be installed and once these devices are used, then the land has to use for this purpose for a long time.

essay on solar energy for students

Some of the benefits of this are written below. Solar energy is a never-ending resource and it is the best replacement for non-renewable resources. Solar energy is also beneficial for the environment. When it is used, it does not leave carbon-dioxide and other harmful gas in start the environment, then the environment does not pollute. Solar power can be used for many purposes, such as: for heat, for drying, cooking food, and in the form of electricity, etc. Solar energy is also suitable for use in cars, in airplanes, in big boats, in satellites, in the calculator, and in other devices. Because solar energy is an uninterrupted energy resource. So in countries like india where energy production is expensive, then these resources are the best option. Solar energy equipment can be installed at any location.

to generate solar power as Indias geographical location is at a location where sunlight reaches a sufficient amount. The amount of sunlight that is reaching the earths surface every year is very high. Solar energy technology, solar Panel: Alternative source of Electricity. Solar energy is a technique developed for the use of solar radiation and solar heat. There are other forms, such as solar heat, solar radiation, and artificial photosynthesis, etc. Solar energy benefits in India, due to the advantages of solar energy, it appears to be even more appropriate than other energy sources.

What is solar energy, in general, solar energy refers to the energy received from the sun. By collecting the rays of the sun at one point, the energy is produced, and then this process is called solar energy production. Solar energy means transforming the suns book rays into electricity. India is a tropical country. Due to being a tropical country, we get solar radiation throughout the year, which contains approximately 3000 hours of sunlight, which is equivalent to 5000 trillion kWh. Almost all areas of India are 4-7 kWh per square meter, which is equivalent to hours of sunlight per year. Since most of the people of India live in rural areas, so there are plenty of scopes to use solar energy utility.

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India has a fast-emerging economy, which includes more than 100 million people and those who are in need of large amounts of energy. This demand is being met by the Indian government using various innovative and non-renewable resources? Our country is fifth in the world in generating electricity and consuming. Electricity generation in our country is increasing every year, but we cant deny that the population is also increasing together. 53 of the electricity in the country is made from coal and it is estimated that during ad, it will also end. More than 72 of the population of India lives for in villages and half of them are living their lives without electricity. Now India has come to such a situation that now we take steps to increase the energy production. Solar energy use is the best way to fulfill this demand so that we can reconcile between the demand and supply of energy.

Essay on solar energy for students
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