Essays about love and relationships

essays about love and relationships

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One has to live by the laws that are as much as possible and close to the laws of Nature then everything will happen on time, beautifully and happily. The ideological mind set of a happy life (the law of 4-Ts) states: do only Those things, a that Time, in That way and with Those people, when everything is easy, merry and fast! Knowledge and execution of this natural law allows to forget about heroic efforts in peaceful times. It also allows to not spend energy resources in vain. The road of life should be easy: it is the right sign when life is effortless, natural and right. If you are on the hard road of life, it means that you dont understand something. It can also mean that this road is there specifically for the purpose of you paying off the debts, after which in the foreseeable future the situation will change for the best and everything will be great! Michael Zhvanezkiy (famous Russian comedian) once made a very wise statement : courage and heroism of some is the outcome of bugling and non competence of others!

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What does it mean? They can potentially grow into taking the role of one of the parents. However, they will not be able to use their potential to the fullest, until the first representative of genetic line is present. Only after the death of the parents, the fourth and fifth child begin to show the world their own data. The sixth child is just like the third, the child is genetically neutral and so forth. The life of the ones multiple by three of course is harder than the life of others: some call them stupid and no one understands them (In Russian fairy tales the third child is usually the main character and everyone calls him stupid). The first and second child depend on their parents so much, that if the parents are gemologist energy abundant the life is easier, and if parents are energy deficient the life of descendants is full of serious problems If you remember in ancient history there were. Children maintain strong connection on the energy level with their parents until the age. After that, the nature does not provide any kindred connection: thats it they are just average acquaintances! It is important to let go the children on time and sometimes even push over from the nest just like a bird pushes the nestlings that have already fledged and need to learn how to fly. If this is not done, they become infantile, and we become responsible for those who we didnt let go to fly on their own.

Nevertheless, the child starts to feed from her body, and the child needs the energy as well! In that case she will not only stop loving her child, but she will begin to hate him or her. Thus not every owl woman can become a true mother. In this case, the mothers job is actually carried out by the father! Almost 80 of first newborns inherit genetic line of the father, second child in the family inherits the mother's genetic line, third one inherits non of the parents the child if of Holy Spirit! He or she is on its own, the child does not get anything from the parent's genetic line. Fourth child is an extra player on the fathers field, fifth is an extra on the mothers field.

essays about love and relationships

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Maternal (unconditional) love, one of course can ask: according to what law, there are mothers who dont really love their children or even abandon them? It does happen sometimes and it is a phenomenon that needs special explanation. The thing is that sometimes a male can become the energy source of the childbirth process. His energy is being subsidized to the energy deficient female. The energy is needed and it is the main condition shredder of the child conception and the development of the fetus inside womens womb. In this case mother takes roll of a transport that delivers the baby to the world. The baby is born from fa-mother or pa-ma (father and mother in one person (papamama however father is primary!). There is no surprise that a woman feels alienation toward the child. The child is not hers!

The law of feeling. First of all, this law illustrates the phenomenon of maternal love which is unconditional (picture 2). Mother can never, under any circumstances allow a thought that her child is bad, even if everyone is saying it and the child is really a lost cause! From the time of birth she nurtures a child with her human Aura, constantly refilling its reserve no matter where the child. Even when she recalls in her memory the childs image, she really catches the feeling from her own energy that is wrapped around the child. Just like she would be looking in the mirror! She can surely see herself and her own illusions. She values them more than anything in the world and will not allow anyone to destroy them!

Personal narrative essay on love and relationships

essays about love and relationships

Essays about love songs

Vyacheslav gubanov is convinced that students our life in society flows under the same strict laws as the natural laws of physics. The knowledge of these laws allows one to regulate own life, making resume it easier and more interesting. Finding the explanation to everything that happens to people is one of the main goals of those who work in the Institute. It is the main reason why the web page is called:. Starting from this issue vyacheslav gubanov will be writing a column for us under Lifexpert.

The first topic from the lifexpert is love, family and Relationships between people. I can feel, thus i am alive! Laws that people follow during their life can vividly demonstrate the ways they interact with each other. The following picture is a great way to illustrate these laws. For example the law of feeling is the basis of love. As you can see the power of interaction between the source X1 and receiver X2 does not depend on the distance between them. It only depends on the level of their correspondence between each other.

He sails for four to six months and stays home for six months. When he left for sailing for the first time, i missed him badly. Today, after four years of our marriage, i bumped into this letter I wrote to him when he was about to come home after four. By johnnydod wikinut writing short Stories A selection of Emotive poems from the heart. Emotion can feel good and sometime bad, we all in our way feel emotions, in these three poems I try to describe some emotions. Bloomsbury (March 2015 the disappeared is launched on 26th March 2015.

It is a story of our times, of kidnap and rescue, of abuse and healing. The first magazine review by julie bindel is published. The novel tells the story of Stephen, a teacher whose love for the pupil who shares his dreams bring him face to face with ruin; of Sharon, the child of a feckless stepmother, and her criminal abusers; of laura, the investigative high-flyer, now faced with. It is the story of a police force fearful of charges of racism, and a social worker, iona, expected to make a viable community from fragments that will not join. The disappeared uncovers the chaotic underworld of a yorkshire city, its characters eventually stumbling across one another in a single catastrophe. A victim may bring redemption: but who will it be? Buy from Amazon, latest Articles, recent books 2018 events, scrutopia summer School 2018 21 July - radical Mischief Conference, stratford-upon-avon 1-4 Aug - summer School Alumni meeting, cirencester 20 Sept - prayer book society conference, cirencester 5-12 Oct - america). You should live skillfully, you should live playfully (words from one popular song). Researcher, scientist- physicist and president of the international Institute of Social Ecology.

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It explores the idea that heart is the boss of our bodies, and that we should at most if not all times obey our hearts by gennary wikinut writing poetry This Fire poem about passion, love and lust for someone very special in my life. The passion Of Valentine's Night. Discovering each other within a physical relationship can be a journey of pure nses igniting as passion flares. A valentine inspired poem for lovers both young or old. Keep the inner fires burning. By shaunak wikinut writing poetry get the lights at Midnight a poem about passion and love in the night. Feel the real power of love and passion after reading this. By neeraj bhatt wikinut reviews books poetry, drama criticism Andrew Marvell to his coy mistress" Andrew Marvell (1621-1678)-wrote poems which are distinguished by their love for t "to his coy mistress" is a love poem which has been written in a dramatic mood. By shashi mehta wikinut family relationships A letter to the husband my husband is in Merchant navy.

essays about love and relationships

It explores the feelings of both the mother and father of the unborn child. Furthermore it reflects on teens' sexual attitudes and behaviour. By marianerika wikinut writing essays Writing: my passion, my hobby, my life basically just how I feel about writing. How lucky i am to appreciate such passion and skill. Just how much I love writing. By lifeisGood wikinut writing poetry lovers business longing lovers longing Just to be with each other The long wait Just to hold each other to kiss each other by prienderen moodley wikinut writing poetry feeding the eternal soul looks at what really makes us happy. Explores and looks at satisfaction, whether professional or personal at different angles. Discusses what really keeps our souls happy and motivated by prienderen moodley wikinut writing poetry Obeying the king of our bodies This poem lokks at what part the heart plays in our lives. It looks at the emotional aspects of the heart rather than the physical.

steal from their women. Utz wikinut news politics Involvement - political Passions; 2d of 3 Series What involvement can be as political passion; what drives political passions in people, and what people need to understand about the nature of politics. By utah jay wikinut writing poetry The color of Passion I don't have a thanksgiving poem, so i thought I would share a love poem, or more so, a poem about passion. By dreamBig HustleHard wikinut writing poetry heartbeat cause who knew? We would be in this position wishing all the tender kissing love on a mission until I get what missing by loverme wikinut writing poetry All fade away all fade away. We all are twinkling in the dust of time soon the dust is swayed into the far distance as there remains no vision by loverme wikinut writing poetry bit by bit with passion Bit by bit with ross the Internet I have so far observed. Montezuma wikinut writing poetry poetry Is This is a personal definition of what poetry means. I have chosen words that explicitly convey the enormous range of emotions that flow through the human soul, such that even sadness flows through the heart with bittersweet, yet beautiful music that comforts heart, mind, and sou. By prienderen moodley wikinut writing poetry One night of passion This poem addresses the sensitive issue of teenage pregnancy.

By, gv rama rao, wikinut writing sports football (American american football. American football, far different from its distant cousins Rugby and Soccer, is one of the most popular games in the usa. It sure is also an odd ball of a game. Red Smith, wikinut writing poetry love long me tonight. Enjoy our love affair. My voluptuousness is all yours. Love me tonight my love.

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By, karen McTackett, wikinut book guides personal development self-awareness, terminal Seriousness - cure 1 Creativity. Are you living on Purpose or going through the motion of expectation and perceived responsibility, like most of the world? The key to connecting to our true purpose is recovering our i-am-Ness - that which we were born with, including creativity. By, lifeisGood, wikinut writing poetry romance, stay with me, stay with. Give me never ending passion. Hopkins, wikinut writing poetry, every heartbeat, every heart beat is within everyone. And within every heart beat is a special persons name.

Essays about love and relationships
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  3. By marianerika wikinut writing essays. By shashi mehta wikinut family relationships. Love me tonight my love. erotic story of an unstoppable fantasy.

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  5. The first topic from the lifexpert. Love, family and, relationships between people. Relationships, crossword Easy, relationships, crossword Hard. A cloze activity that covers some of the important phrases used to talk about love and relationships. Peele and, brodsky view addiction as a normal behaviour that has veered out of control and they compare it with dysfunctional human relationships.

  6. As i began to, love, myself. Troubles in writing Business essays? M offers you best quality term papers, research papers, case studies, essays, dissertations on sports niche. This will help you establish uniform criteria for grading essays even though students may be writing about different aspects of the material. Its a fundamental law of human relationships.

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