Is writing good for you

is writing good for you

Writing, apps: The, best 12 Options (And Which Is Right

Morning 2: Time to fill in the details. You might need an extra helping of your favorite beverage for todays task. Youre going to be fleshing out the details of the outline you created yesterday, and writing the rest of your post. Still, keep those slippers. You need to be comfortable so you can get the job done. The first thing to tackle today is to look over the headline and subheads you wrote yesterday. Do they still make sense?

Why is writing good for you

Fire up a mind mapping program — or a piece of paper and your favorite pen — and get ready to start writing. Your headline is the most important group of words essay in your post, so spend plenty of time crafting one that will get your post the attention youre looking for. Put that at the center of your mind map. Your subheads can branch out from there. Subheads form the backbone of your content : get these right, and everything else will flow. Your subheads should be informative enough that someone scanning your post will understand the gist. They should be intriguing enough that your scanner is left wanting to dig deeper and learn more. And thats enough for day one. The first step is the most difficult, and youre off to a good start. Move on to the rest of your day, and prepare for tomorrow — its going to be a heavy one.


Quality over quantity, if you believe, jon Morrow (and who doesnt? you know that writing one epic post per week is a better long-term strategy than writing mediocre content every day. Thats what youre aiming for in your start here: one weekly post that will attract attention, establish your authority, and encourage people to share your information. And keep in mind, Brian Clark built m by writing two posts per week in the beginning. It all starts on morning one. Morning 1: Start with a mind mapping tool. Favorite beverage at your side? Its time to begin. Start by thinking about your topic, and what angle youll approach it from.

is writing good for you

Why Academic, writing, is, good for, you

You use it to attract new prospects, to build trust with them — word-by-word — so you can get down to business. And you do it in your slippers. Because shoes general are optional in our world, right? Your shoes might be fuzzy, but your words need to be consistently remarkable. Consistently good content creation is presentation the backbone of online business. But how can you make that happen? Well, one option is to drink lots of coffee and stay up late the night before you publish your post, stifling yawns and squinting to see your screen. But the better option is to spread the writing and editing process over a few leisurely days, and write your post in stages without ever getting out of your slippers.

Having been told for years the caffiene in coffee could trigger heart problems by way of raising blood pressure, and to moderate our consumption of the morning thunder accordingly, a recent study has found coffee can reduce our chances of heart disease if consumed. The study tracked 129,000 men and women over two decades. It found that people who consumed several cups of coffee every day were less likely to die of heart disease than those who shied away from the stuff. Heart disease is an umbrella term for conditions including heart attacks, stroke, and arrhythmia. The researchers found that women who drank four to five cups per day were 34 less likely to die of heart disease, while men who had more than five cups a day were 44 less likely to die. Good morning, you epic article writer, you. Thats right, Im talking to you. You wield your WordPress editor as a valuable tool.

Why, writing, is, good, for, you

is writing good for you

How to

With the current federal estate-tax floor mirrored in many state laws5 million per person, 10 million per couplemost people wont have to worry about federal or state estate taxes. But some states set limits far lower. New York, for instance, levies estate tax on assets of 1 million or more. We found one good use for all three of these products — education, said Tobie stanger, senior Editor, consumer Reports Money adviser. Going through the interviews forces you to think about issues like who should be the alternative executor, and who gets your estate if your spouse and kids dont survive you.

This information is easier to digest in interview form summary than reading is as straight estate law. Since i have no dependents and plan on having all my belonging incinerated on my funeral pyre, i have yet to get around to the will-writing process. Do any of you have experience with the programs crma tested, or other products that provide a similar service? Want more consumer news? Visit our parent organization, consumer Reports, for the latest on scams, recalls, and other consumer issues.

ÂInsufficient customization: The products rarely referred in detail to state estate law. So they offered no guidance on how states treat wills that, for instance, fail to leave property to children born after a will is signed. (Willmaker Plus doesnt do louisiana wills because of the states unique estate laws; Rocket Lawyer provides a louisiana will but recommends that consumers consult a lawyer.) âtoo little flexibility: crma found it hard to distribute property the way they wanted. Willmaker Plus, for instance, provided arbitrary age and time limits for some provisions. The program wouldnt let a childs trust go beyond age 35 or set up conditions on bequests in a will, such as stipulating that a child receive money only after finishing college. Âtoo much flexibility: After you finish the rocket Lawyer interview, the program allows you to edit your completed will.

LegalZoom lets you put anything you like in the special-directives section. Both features could lead you to add clauses that contradict other parts of your will. ÂIncompleteness: None of the packages created a special-needs trust. Only willmaker Plus gave information on registered domestic partnerships and included a pet trust in its main interview. None of them touched on digital assets, such as ownership and management of server-stored documents and photos. And none dealt with specifics on compensating executors. (LegalZoom sells a stand-alone pet-protection agreement. Rocket Lawyer says its adding pet and digital-assets options this summer. And Willmaker Plus 2012 will address digital assets.) âno way to handle some tax issues: None of the products explained how to structure trusts to reduce estate-tax liability.

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To test the products, a crma reporter created profiles of the different individuals and used the programs to craft a will for each profile — nine wills in all — which were then sent to a law school professor specializing in estates and trusts. The legal eagle rated each product on the comprehensiveness of the information and the overall quality of the final wills that were produced. Meanwhile, the crma reporter evaluated each piece of software for ease of use. The final results: Willmaker Plus was the best of the three. It was competentthough far from idealfor drawing up a simple will. Rocket Lawyer also made a good simple will, provided comprehensive information, and had an interview that handled most needs. But consumers would be better off consulting an attorney for more complex cases. Among the problems type found with all three products: âoutdated information: crma tested the products in mid-March, and two referred to federal estate-tax limits that were outdated as of Jan.

is writing good for you

It will improve circulation to the brain and help stimulate the memory by remembering all the steps. 10) Improved overall well-being. Dance has an outstanding positive effect on both physical and psychological well-being. There you have it - 10 reasons why you should student dance. There are, of course, many more benefits of dancing, but we have to stop somewhere. If you don't know how to dance, check out. Dancing For Beginners, video source:, loading. We should all have some sort of document that details who gets what after we die, but should we be paying big bucks to some lawyer to write said document when there are websites and applications that can help you do it yourself for significantly. Our wallet-watching cousins at the, consumer Reports Money adviser newsletter took a look at three diy options for will-making — legalZoom, rocket Lawyer and quicken Willmaker Plus — and found that while all three are better than not having a will, none of them.

risk of osteoporosis. 6) build confidence, dance builds confidence by giving you a sense of success and achievement when you master. 7) Great way to meet new people. Dancing provides a natural icebreaker and is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. 8) Lifts your mood, any exercise can raise your spirits by raising the endorphins or so called feel good chemicals. This can lighten your mood and reduce the risk of depression. 9) good for your Mind, dancing will keep your mind active.

2) Burn calories and lose weight. Dancing is all about moving your body and moving your body is a great way to burn calories. How many will you burn depends lined on how vigorously you dance. In an one-hour session you can burn from 250 to 400 calories. Yes, losing weight can be fun and enjoyable. 3) Improved health, dance can effectively promote good health by improving cardiovascular fitness, strengthening the muscles, increasing circulation, decreasing blood pressure, lowering the risk of coronary heart disease, reducing stress, and many other positive benefits. 4) Greater coordination, great for improving control over your body, timing and coordination skills.

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There are so many reasons why dancing is good for you, it's hard to know where to begin. It's great fun and good for the body as word well as the mind. Besides being a good form of exercise and having a truly positive impact on our health, a recent study actually showed that it also makes us smarter (something to do with remembering the dance steps, thus exercising the brain). So, why is it good for you to dance? Here are the top 10 reasons: 1) Great way to exercise and stay fit. Dance is a great way to stay in shape. If you don't like the gym, dancing can bring fun back into the exercise.

Is writing good for you
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Our projects: Driving Tests topTests aussie-driver. Write a business plan for your online shoe store. You don't have to be a good writer to write well.

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  1. And keep in mind, Brian Clark built m by writing two posts per week in the beginning. I guess it dose make more sense to spread you writing out. There are so many reasons why dancing is good for you, it s hard to know where to begin. When i ask my gen y students how they recognise good writing they often look perplexed (but then again, they tend to look perplexed most of the time).

  2. Web writing tips writing for an internet audience. Coffee is good for you, medical fact The study tracked 129,000 men and women over two decades. There are generally three types of writing you will perform in a business setting: letters, memos, and formal reports.a short list of suggestions that will help improve your writing. Since i have no dependents and plan on having all my belonging incinerated on my funeral pyre, i have yet to get around to the will- writing process. Writing like no ones going to read it puts no accountability on the writer. You re probably writing on these mediums any way; treat them as your writing exercise.

  3. And sometimes students cannot say what they mean, and thus make mistakes of writing rather than of knowledge.than one draft would surely help to make your writing as good. What s a, good, act, writing, score? After all, strong writing skills are an essential part of college success. Thus, that 17 you received on the act, writing exam simply seems preposterous. Web readers want information, and unless the page is information about said dog, they really won t care, even if it is a good metaphor for what you re trying to say.

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