My favourite book essay harry potter

my favourite book essay harry potter

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Professor: This is all for this time. The results of this lesson are not good but Im absolutely sure that youll manage. Are you playing cards? We are having an exam. Ask me what you want! What are the most important ingrediants of magic liquid for forgetfulness. Hermionna: And what wil you do when you catch this question at the exam? Ron: Ill write off.

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Ive overestimated your self-possession. So you reviews are very excited and youve forgotten the rules of your behavior. You are adult enough to control your emotions even if you are shocked by the news. Professor: Now, listen to me, please. You must remember the simpliest spell of transfiguration. Lumos, wingardium leviosa, rictusempra. Youll have some minutes to do transfiguration. Professor: Now Id like spoken to look at your results. Professor: Hermionnas result is the best one. Harry, i hope your result will be better and better.

Professor: take your seats, please. This year you are having many subjects. And one of them will be dark Arts. Pupil 1: Professor, but what is your opinion about this subject? Pupil 2: Is this subject compulsory to attend it? Pupil 3: Its not ethically! Such subjects provoke owl the birth of aggression.

my favourite book essay harry potter

Harry potter

Anyone messing around in my class will leave and not come back. You have been warned. Now we are going to make transfiguration in practice. Come up to me, please. but where is professor McGonagall? is this cat professor McGonagall? Professor McGonagall has turned into a cat!

Ann: I have heard that she had given students a huge pile of homework the day before. Betty: I wish professor McGonagall favored. My name is professor McGonagall. Youve been chosen to study here. Youll know a lot of new may-be strange things which youll be able to use in your life. But, first of all, you must remember that youll have to follow the rules of Hogwarts. We are going to have the lesson of Transfiguration. Yes, they are really moving! It is some of the complex and dangerous magic you will learn at Hogwarts.

Rowling Steps in Edinburgh

my favourite book essay harry potter

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Harry: It is very difficult to find it every time. Ron: asset Yes, you are right. Neville/Nickole: Next to that kid. Fred: wearing the glasses? Neville: Did you see his face?

Did you see his scar? Fred: do you know his name? Betty/Diana: What do we have got today? Ann/Julia: homework Now we are going to meet with professor McGonagall. Betty: She is the head of Gryffindor house.

 . Hermionna/Alice: Who is the teacher of it? Hanna: he is professor quirrell. Hermionna: Oh, i have heard about him. His lessons are full of jokes. Hanna: you are right.

His classroom smells strongly of garlic. Hermionna: They say he is afraid of a vampire. Harry/Harrold: I was surprised to know that lots of people had come from Muggle families. Ron/Rid: Yes, besides, lots of them didnt know they were witches and wizards. Harry: Im looking forward to Friday. Itll be an important day. Ron: Yes, well go to the Great Hall for breakfast.

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Harry potter-the only person Who survived a deadly spell «Avada kedavra». Now his lifes mission to kill the most powerful and terrible sorcerer-Lord Volan de mort. Win of Harry The seventh and final book- «Harry potter and the deathly hallows» the boy who lived defeats Dark lord. After that in the life of Harry and his friends, everything changes. Ronald weasley and Hermione Granger get married and they give birth to two children: rose and Hugo. Harrys life nineteen years later. Harry marries Ginny weasley and they had children: Alb us severus, james, lily. The en i advise everyone to read my favorite book is Harry potter. Topic: Harry potter is my favourite character.

my favourite book essay harry potter

It is my favourite film. I read the books 'harry potter' by idol wlinf and this film is like my dream about Hogwarth. I like it very much. When I saw it for the first time i thought that it is a true story not only a fantasy. I'd like to be there. I can see it again and again. The author of the novel:. The goal of the heros life.

in the hogwarth becasue in his opinion it is the real home for him. He wants to revenge and destroy the lord Voldemort. Harry is a good and Lord Voldemort is all evil. Harry must fight and win because it is the fight between good and evil. I saw this film at home on dvd.

The main part is played by daniel Radliffe. The main characters are rupert Grint and Emma watson. The film is a fantasy story. The story is set in a magical place called Hogwarth. It's a magic school for young wizards. The films with tells the story of young wizard Harry potter and his friends. Hermiona, granger and Ron Wasley.

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My favourite film is harry, potter'. It's a story about young wizard. The film is based on the novel by wling. 'harry potter' is a series of resumes six fantasy films. The two films are directed by Chris Columbus. He is the wizard of directing. He made a magic world in the films. There are a lot of special effects.

My favourite book essay harry potter
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  3. The goal of the heros life. Harry, ron and Hermione from my favourite book became my childhood friends. "The deathly hallows" is the finale of joanne rowlings fantasy story, and).

  4. The situation changes for the better, however, in the third book and further on, which impress with well-developed. Description: i've read every essay on my favourite book the holy quran essay on my favourite book the holy quran Harry potter book there. New topic ielts english at schools in short essay harry potter sep 12, i was how to steal a reflection of allah. Although my favourite book essay. My favorite book « Harry potter ». The author of the novel:.

  5. Potions proves. Harry s least favourite subject as the teacher, severus Snape, seems. My favourite film is harry, potter '. It's a story about young wizard. Critical, essay, samples, harry, potter.

  6. Every book is a specific world with its own inhabitants. The books about, harry, potter, the boy who lived, written. Rowling, are my favourite. Essay on, my favourite book. Reading has been an effective tool to discover the life for many centuries. Book essay : Harry, potter and the Philosophers Stone.

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