Napoleon biography

napoleon biography

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He could never be at peace with Britain; with Russia he let his need for diplomatic prestige overcome his military judgment. Austerlitz, 1805 The battle of Austerlitz on 2 December 1805 is celebrated as Napoleon's greatest victory. The collapse of the peace of Amiens led Britain to assemble the "Third coalition" in April 1805, including Austria, russia, and Sweden. After threatening to invade Britain, napoleon sent 200,000 soldiers marching east. He used six army corps, each a self-contained, all-arms combat force. The corps was a napoleonic invention, and each was strong enough to operate independently, allowing the army to advance along a broad front, which facilitated logistics (each army seized supplies in its region and increased the speed of the advance. Napoleon commanded in person in Germany; relying on the support of most of the south German states, he advanced to meet the austrians who had invaded bavaria. On the upper Danube he concentrated his 200,000 men, reinforced by bernadotte, and by allied from bavaria, württemberg, baden, hesse, nassau.

Napoleon, bonaparte, biography, biography

9 Military action to 1812 Napoleon Crossing The Alps by jacques louis david -napoleon actually rode a epilepsy sure-footed mule over the Alps Napoleon's basic military strategy was to identify and defeat the enemy's main force. The goal was to break the enemy's will to resist so that favorable negotiations followed; the conquest of territory was won in negotiations. "I see only one thing napoleon explained in 1797, "namely the enemy's main body. I try to crush it, confident that secondary matters will then settle themselves." 10 Less flamboyant was his close attention to selecting his generals, and his calculations of the logistical needs of a campaign. He also pioneered the use of the division as a combined arms formation, bad although he did not standardize their organization. Napoleon also made much more routine use of maps and accurate watches, for synchronizing operations, than had previous military commanders. His spectacular failure in Russia in 1812 was due primarily to his bad logistical planning, a blunder historians have been unable to explain. In battle he paid close attention to the overall picture, but left the critical decisions to his marshals. He rarely issued detailed guidance on corps level tactical employment; instead he devised the overall battle plans, and directed the combined attacks of infantry, cavalry reserves, and massed batteries of guns. Since he was simultaneously head of the government, he integrated the military, political and diplomatic dimensions. He was an accurate judge of his opponents, except that is for Britain and Russia.

Napoleon wanted to preserve france's financial benefits from the colony's sugar and coffee crops; he then planned to establish a summary major base at New Orleans. He therefore reestablished slavery in haiti and guadeloupe, where it had been abolished after rebellions. Slaves and black freedmen fought the French for their freedom and independence. Revolutionary ideals played a central role in the fighting for it was the slaves and their comrades who were fighting for the revolutionary ideals of freedom and equality, while the French troops under General Charles Leclerc fought to restore the order of the ancien régime. The goal of reestablishing slavery - which explicitly contradicted the ideals of the French revolution - demoralized the French troops. The demoralized French soldiers were unable to cope with the tropical diseases, and most died of yellow fever. Slavery was reimposed in guadeloupe but not in haiti, which became an independent black republic. 8 Napoleon's vast colonial dreams for Egypt, India, the caribbean, louisiana, and even Australia were all doomed for lack of a fleet capable of matching Britain's royal navy. Realizing the fiasco napoleon liquidated the haiti project, brought home the survivors and sold off louisiana to the.

napoleon biography

Napoleon, iii - emperor, military leader

Coup d'état of the 18th Brumaire despite the failures in Egypt, napoleon returned to a hero's welcome. In alliance with the director Emmanuel sieyès and his brother, lucien Bonaparte, president of the council of five hundred, he forced the council of 500 into electing a consular government as the executive branch. Napoleon became "first consul" for ten years, with two consuls appointed by literature him who had consultative voices only. His power was confirmed by word the new constitution constitution of the year viii originally devised by sieyès to give napoleon a minor role, but rewritten by napoleon, and accepted by direct popular vote (3,000,000 in favor, 1,567 opposed). The constitution preserved the appearance of a republic but in reality established a military dictatorship. The days of Brumaire sounded the end of the short-lived republic: there was no longer an elected representative government. 6 Diplomacy The long string of wars was broken by the Treaty of Amiens (1802 which proved to be only a 14-month pause. 7 Napoleon used the interlude to make major territorial gains in Italy and Germany without firing a shot, an unexpected development that forced the British back to the battlefield. Slavery napoleon's major adventure into the caribbean—sending 30,000 troops in 1802 to retake saint Domingue (Haiti) from ex-slaves under toussaint l'ouverture who had revolted.

4, the British under Admiral, horatio nelson sank napoleon's entire fleet at the. Battle of the nile (August 1, 1798 trapping the French army as the turkish main army approached. Napoleon attacked first, invading Syria and defeating the turks in a bloody massacre. As he laid siege to Acre, plague broke out among his troops, forcing Napoleon to retreat back to Egypt. At the battle of Aboukir (July 25, 1799 his 6000 men defeated a turkish force three times as strong. Napoleon then slipped through the blockade and returned to France. 5 Although he won great victories in Egypt, disease and the heat decimated his ranks. He left most of his forces in Egypt under the command of jean-Baptiste Kleber, who continued to fight in Egypt for another two years.

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napoleon biography

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3, italy, in Italy, napoleon's rapid maneuvers proved brilliantly successful and had major long-term effects. Austria, france's most dangerous enemy. He established French hegemony in the Italian peninsula, put vienna in an impossible strategic situation, and solidified his reputation as a military genius beloved by the men in the ranks; he became a major national hero, and thus a political force in his own right. Egypt, the governing Directory was happy to send Napoleon to far-off Egypt. In July 1798, napoleon led the Armée dOrient an expeditionary force of oral 36,000 men to conquer Egypt from the Ottoman Empire, the opening move in his plan to acquire a new colony for France, block England's access to India, and export the values of French.

Aware that Europe was ignorant of cultural and religious Islam, napoleon brought along a hundred scholars and linguists. The scholars opened the field. Oriental studies; the third-ranking French general converted to Islam as Abdallah Menou. He easily defeated the 60,000-man army of the mamelukes (horsemen) at the. Battle of the pyramids (July 21, 1798). Intending to transplant French liberty to Egypt, napoleon encountered stiff resistance and reacted with the same barbarism and repression used by the Ottomans.

There was revolution in the air; Napoleon was an intellectual and an ardent disciple of Voltaire, rousseau and the philosophes; he saluted the people but hated mob violence. 1, during his 10 years as a junior officer made five extended trips to corsica, seeking a politico-military career, alongside paoli or against him. He took prolonged leaves, adding up to three years in seven, sometimes failing to report back on time. In June 1793 Napoleon in Corsica was defeated by the paolists; he and his family fled to France, joined the French revolutionary cause and forgot Corsica. 2, rise to power, italy and Corsica in 1799, once the revolution had begun, so many of the aristocratic officers turned against the revolutionary government, or were exiled or executed, that a vacuum of senior leadership resulted.

Promotions came very quickly now, and loyalty to the revolution was as important as technical skill; Napoleon had both. His demerits were overlooked as he was twice reinstated, promoted, and allowed to collect his back pay. Paris knew him as an intellectual soldier deeply involved in politics. His first test of military genius came at toulon in 1793, where the British had seized this key port. Napoleon, an acting lieutenant-Colonel, used his artillery to force the British to abandon the city. He was immediately promoted by the jacobin radicals under. Robespierre to brigadier-general, joining the ranks of several brilliant young generals. He played a major role in defending Paris itself from counter-revolutionaries, and became the operational planner for the Army of Italy and planned two successful attacks in April 1794. He married Josephine (Rose de beauharnais) in 1796, after falling violently in love with the older aristocratic widow.

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Carlo buonaparte essay had fought for Corsican independence under. Pasquale paoli ; he now switched and became a supporter of the French regime, which recognized his noble rank. When the king offered free education to impoverished noble families, napoleon and several siblings were educated at royal expense. In 1779, after a few months' schooling at Autun to improve his French—he always had a thick corsican accent—Napoleon entered the military academy at Brienne, which was run by a catholic religious order. He remained there for five years. Taunted by his schoolmates as being provincial from the wildest, newest and most violent part of France, and uncouth, he professed an intense corsican patriotism and hatred of the French "oppressors." In 1784 he was selected to attend the top-ranked Ecole militaire in Paris. Napoleon spent the year in luxury such as he had never known before, and graduated 42nd in a class of 130. Commissioned as second lieutenant of artillery, he was sent to valence in southern France.

napoleon biography

Refusing to compromise after his immense defeat in Russia in 1812, he was overwhelmed by a coalition of enemies, forced to abdicate in 1814 and sent into exile at Elba (an island near Rome). In 1815, after escaping from Elba, he took control of France again, raised a new army, and almost succeeded in defeating the isolated Prussian and British forces but was defeated at the. He was exiled. Helena—a remote island in the south Atlantic, where he died. Napoleon's image and memory are central to French national identity, but he is despised by the British and Russians and is a controversial figure in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. Contents, early history, he was born, napoleone di buonaparte in the town of Ajaccio, one year after the island. Corsica was transferred to France by the republic of Genoa. He was the second son of Carlo buonaparte, a lawyer of the minor nobility; his mother was Marie-letizia bonaparte. The buonopartes, essay proud members of the lower aristocracy, were destitute.

Emperor of the French, 1804 to 1814. He revolutionized the military applications of artillery, and routinely moved his troops faster and with fewer supplies than was then thought possible, allowing for amazingly large and rapid concentrations of force against his slower and less adaptable enemies. His most used tactic wat to lead a surge into the center of his enemy, dividing them and then bring his remaining forces into a flanking formation and give the opposing army no option but to surrender or retreat. As a civil leader he played a major role in the. French revolution, then ended democracy and became first Consul in 1799 and Emperor of France in 1804. He modernized the French military, fiscal, political legal and religious systems. The napoleonic civil Code is considered the first successful codification that strongly influenced the law of many other countries. Napoleon was constantly at war against Britain with a complex, ever-changing coalition of European nations on both sides.

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Over 300 entries cover significant events, people, and summary other topics such as the principal Napoleonic campaigns, all the major battles including Waterloo and Austerlitz, napoleon's most important generals and marshals, josephine de beauharnais, and the napoleonic Code. Napoleon also includes primary source documents, a handy chronology of key events, a bibliography, and an index. Biography news of Saratov university. Studies of Language and Literature. Skip to main content, the article considers the techniques of translating a biographical text into the language of the cinema which have been used by the director. Khrzhanovsky in the film a room and a half. Visual and textual"s from the poets essays, interviews and poems have been analyzed, as well as the contemporaries reminiscences. This article explores the image of London in the works of London artist-visionaries the subjects of Peter Ackroyds biographies.

Napoleon biography
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  4. Napoleon : a biographical Companion. Napoleon also includes primary source documents, a handy chronology of key events, a bibliography, and an index. By the age of 24, bonaparte considered himself the heir to the (presently non-existent) throne of the great. Biographies category of Art, history and Culture section, containing 9158 study papers. Popular subjects in the category: Hitler, beethoven, napoleon, biography, catherine, personality, columbus, luther, Cleopatra, cesar, leonardo da vinci.

  5. Napoleon bonaparte definition, king of Westphalia 1807 (brother. Pbs, napoleon - detailed biography of, napoleon. New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the wikipedia article in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards. Napoleon, i - emperor of France a brief biography on, napoleon, this page contains links to other pages on European monarchs. 2012 Gulliver quinn (tv movie) Gulliver quinn.

  6. In Italy, napoleon s rapid maneuvers proved brilliantly successful and had major long-term effects. Napoleon : The myth of the saviour (1985 influential French biography. A, biography of America s foremost success/motivation author, includes many"s by him plus a list of all his available books and audio cassettes.gurus on achieving success, napoleon, hill. The article is dedicated to eliciting genre characteristics. Ludwigs biography, «napoleon» through considering the features of its narrative structure.

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