Oral presentation notes

oral presentation notes

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Preferably, organize the notes in a way that makes sense to him/her. The added benefits of graphic organizers: condenses information that is easier to remember, helps to visualize relationships, gives practice in decision making (Kanar 211-12). Taking Notes capturing Ideas, taking notes in class and while reading is the process of capturing ideas. Once the ideas are captured, a student has to do something with those ideas! Capturing ideas relies on sensory memory, which is retained for just a few seconds, which is why a student has to write the idea down to push the idea into their short term memory, which is retained for just under a minute (Kanar 248). Memory, information must be received retained for it to be recalled. Recollection, long Term Memory, result of Memory ltm is permanent when you have practiced over over Short Term Memory push info into ltm by using memory aids stm captures significant idea. Write it down (under a minute) Sensory memory selective attention Sorts Significant from insignificant information 5 senses receives information (retained few seconds) Whats all the fuss About?

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Recognize the Ideas, one skill a student will practice by taking (generating) notes in class and typewriter while reading is capturing ideas. In order to capture those ideas, the student must recognize the ideas as pertinent, significant, as something he/she needs to know, and write the ideas down immediately! No notes Blank Slate, if students do not take notes to capture ideas, then within an hour of hearing/reading new information, the information will begin to fade away from memory (Kanar 247). Another Benefit connect, not only are notes important to help a student remember the information, but to also connect ideas discussed throughout the weeks within the semester. A teacher builds on ideas, concepts, and the like within the semester, so a student needs to understand how all those ideas fit together. Students can fit (connect) the ideas together when they use some organization methods. Students need to do more than just take notes. They need to do something with those notes once the notes are generated. Creating graphic organizers can help students study and retain information. So, thesis once a student takes the notes. He/She has to do something with the notes.

Managing Notes PowerPoint Presentation, download Presentation. Managing Notes 1 / 17, managing Notes. Making Sense out of Information in your Notes to Increase Understanding By: Alicia. Mitchell rscc community college january 13, 2009. Presentation Transcript, managing Notes, making Sense out of Information in your Notes to Increase Understanding. Mitchell, rscc community college, january 13, 2009. Definition, notes are a group of words that must be generated by a person, who is usually referred to as a student, and who is listening to or is reading some form of information. The group of words must show relationships between ideas. Generate to produce, to perform, to do, business in order to generate those notes, a student must listen/read for ideas, concepts, substance, and the like, and write down those ideas.

oral presentation notes

Guidelines for, oral, presentations

News to govt officials. Sung dynasty, ti pao, disseminated among intellectuals Ming period. Wider distribution of ti pao j200 - week hnson 2003 movable type 1450: all essential ingredients for mass production of printed thoughts at hand: Paper has replaced vellum in manuscripts Codex has replaced the scroll as preferred form for books Experiments in metalographic printing underway. Columbuss report before he returned to Spain. J200 - week hnson 2003 Post-invention of moveable type Printing ends monopoly of church-produced books Histories geographies biographies Observations of physical world; beginning of science J200 - week hnson 2003 Post-invention of moveable type Growth of literacy widespread availability of cheaper literature Clear glass windows. Then prints them for distribution Luther and evangelical associates become first true mass communicators J200 - week hnson 2003 Post-invention of moveable type cost of printing still dropping Reformers start printing Bible in common languages Catholic church attempts to keep faithful from reading 1564: Catholic. Includes works of Galileo and Kepler Index exists until 1966. J200 - week hnson 2003 English news ballad. 1586 But now beholde my great decay; Which on a sodaine come; my sumptuous buildings burned beby force of fires flame: A careless wretch, most rude in life, his chymney set on fire, the instrument, i must confess, Of Gods most heavie ire J200.

papermaking to korea and Japan 751. paper mills in Baghdad, damascus and Egypt 11th/12 Cent. technology to europe via spain J200 - week hnson 2003 Chinese Writing Early on, discovered block printing. Same basics as today reverse image Press Paper Ink 1045: pi shang, metalworker, invents press with movable characters of metal clay and wood. J200 - week hnson 2003 Chinese news Gathering 206. han dynasty sets up postal network throughout empire Used only to provide info to the imperials courts, not masses 618-907. handwritten official news paper, ti pao, published.

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oral presentation notes

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On large tablets, writing ran from let to plato right. J200 - week hnson 2003 Clay and Social Organization Commercial activity required many scribes Same as the digital revolution required code jockeys ( programmers ) Hard to learn so that meant schools necessary Used temple accounts and sign lists by priests as first schoolbooks Schools. J200 - week hnson 2003 Papyrus and Crocks Perlman: Ancient Egyptians Wrapped Crocodiles in good reading The contents of The tebtunis Papyri ml The media history Project Connections Pages: Oral scribal Cultureml duke papyrus Archiveb. Duke.edu/papyrus/ J200 - week hnson 2003 Papyrus Technology made from Cyperus papyrus only found in Nile delta Extremely light (significance?) Brushes, also from plant Black and red inks (same colors as maya) Wrote from right to left, kept rolling papyrus scroll in left hand. J200 - week hnson 2003 Organization of Scribes Writing had been restricted to govt., fiscal, magical and religious purposes Papyrus and simpler hieroglyphic script into characters leads to more efficient administration Scribes/officials respon. For collecting and spending organized as a civil service. J200 - week hnson 2003 Organization of Scribes After 2,000 bce, new class of scribes Literacy becomes stepping store to prosperity and social rank.

The scribe essay comes to sit among the member of the assemblies no scribe fails to eat the victuals of the kings house. Put writing in your heart that you may protect yourself from hard labor of any kind and be a magistrate of high repute. The scribe is released from manual tasks. J200 - week hnson 2003 Effects of Writing and Equality redistribution of Power King gains from revolution as incarnation of the king gods Ritual enables king to appoint proxy as prophet Power delegated to professional priests J200 - week hnson 2003 Chinese literacy 4,000 years. Of weapons factory, invesnts in 105. Cooked mush of plant fibers, bark, hemp, rags and water poured onto screens of bamboo strips. J200 - week hnson 2003 Chinese Writing 600.

Tell me of the news J200 - week hnson 2003 News in Preliterate societies China. 3500 bce horse become first technology to speed the flow of news Lack of organized, systematic dissemination. Was the public without news? J200 - week hnson 2003 News in Preliterate societies Ibo (Nigeria drums of death Toradja (Celebes Islands fire a gun; close village to hear drum Zulu: Tell me the news of the country notk (Vancouver Island visitors at feast expected to recount all the latest. 1960s higglers who bought food from farmers shared news of the city. J200 - week hnson 2003 so why this thing for news?

Stephens: the furious itch of novelty Why do we care? Anthropologist view biologists evolutionary view Survival and. J200 - week hnson 2003 Maslows hierarchy of needs source: f J200 - week hnson 2003 From Stone to papyrus (c. Bce) Egypt: shift from absolute monarch to more democratic organization Shift from stone/clay as medium of communication (or prestige) to Emphasis on papyrus ( bce) J200 - week hnson 2003 Cuneiform ml J200 - week hnson 2003 Cuneiform Cylinder source: J200 - week hnson 2003. Rules that would be commonly understood by those other than the creator of the communication Growth of knowledge worker class education and skills become valued Society supports those who do more than just provide for the base levels of Maslows needs Expected and Shared communication. Of words in logical position in sentences. Communication over long distances emphasized uniformity in writing.

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Mayan hieroglyphic Writing 1, source: ml 10/02, j200 - week hnson 2003. Pre-industrial communication, dead Media projectml, pre-industrial-age communicationmlpi, j200 - week hnson 2003. Definition of News, new data about a with subject of some public interest that is shared with some portion of the public. News/publishing does not equal journalism Definition/purpose of journalism: The central purpose of journalism is to provide citizens with accurate and reliable data/information they need to function in a free society. bill kovach J200 - week hnson 2003 Early news Enlighten me now, o muses Tenants of Olympian homes, for you are goddesses, inside on everything, know everything. But we mortals hear only the news, and know nothing at all. the Illiad J200 - week hnson 2003 Early news Humanity does not pass through phases as a train passes through stations.-. The coffeehouse flourishes in England after the development of newspapers Some media more likely to leave behind record (e.g. No archive for word-of mouth news) J200 - week hnson 2003 News in Preliterate societies Market places: Verbal exchange relationship btwn news and economy welcome traveler.

oral presentation notes

Nyt-crime Of Editing, armies of Consumers: 1776s Secret weapon. J200 - week hnson 2003. News in Preliterate societies, source: ml, j200 - week hnson 2003. Data/info timeline 75,000: Estimated date of geometric carvings found on rocks in south African cave. 45,000: neanderthal carvings on wooly mammoth tooth, discovered near johnson Tata, hungary 30,000: ivory horse, oldest known animal carving, from mammoth ivory, discovered near Vogelherd, germany. Source: ml, j200 - week hnson 2003. Data/info timeline 28,000: Cro-magnon notation, possibly of phases of the moon, carved onto bone, discovered at Blanchard, France 10,000: Engraved antler baton, with seal, salmon and plants portrayed, discovered at Montgaudier, France 8, bce: In Mesopotamia, tokens used for accounting and record-keeping. News in Preliterate societies, newspaper Rock, utah, j200 - week hnson 2003.

the copyrighted work described. Download Presentation, an Image/Link below is provided (as is) to download presentation. Download Policy: Content on the website is provided to you as is for your information and personal use and may not be sold / licensed / shared on other websites without getting consent from its author. While downloading, if for some reason you are not able to download a presentation, the publisher may have deleted the file from their server. Presentation Transcript, notes, return to slide, j200 - week hnson 2003.

Work-in-Progress papers and posters, for regular and Work-in-Progress papers accepted for poster sessions, authors have to make and bring in the printed posters. The online board area for a poster presentation is an A0 portrait (max. Size of w: 841mm x h: 1189mm) size. The authors are also requested to present the posters and answer the questions during the assinged times in the program. Download, skip this Video, loading SlideShow in 5 Seconds. Notes PowerPoint Presentation, download Presentation. Notes 1 / 46, notes. J200: journalism and Mass Communications - week.

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Presentation Formats, oral presentation, the oral presentations have to fit 23 minute slots which include 4-5 minutes question and answers. We recommend you to prepare the slides for about an 18 minute presentation. The presentation rooms will be equipped with video projectors with analog vga connectors and Windows laptops with. PowerPoint and, adobe Acrobat reader software. You can literature bring in to use your own laptop which exports the vga (15-pin) video output, too. When you use the conference laptop, please confirm that all the required fonts are embedded in your presentation file, and you load the file into the conference laptop during the break time preceding your presentation session. Presentations on competition will be aligned in the special session on Competition, september 21st. Time duration for presentation will be decided soon by the competioton Chairs and the Track Chairs.

Oral presentation notes
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  1. For the authors - notes on presentation formats The oral presentations have to fit 23 minute slots which include 4-5 minutes question. il vous reste un peu de temps, essayez de préparer quelques arguments pour la discussion avec le jury qui va suivre votre résumé oral).

  2. of the oral presentation as the Cliffs notes version of the written h p it includes all the details you need to understand the. case without presentation of oral argument, rendering their judgment entirely based on the arguments set forth in the parties' briefs. Oral Presentation draft notes (7) 17 Oral Presentation (7 draft notes, 10 oral performance for oral presentations, i grade on two. American Society for Radiation Oncology 2013 Annual meeting, Atlanta, georgia september 2013 Notes : Oral Presentation. each slide must have some minimal PowerPoint text, your notes will form what would otherwise be the oral element of your presentation.

  3. L-dopa as Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in Mineral Acid MediumH. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Schedule. Complete 22 days of lce for a total of 30 Months of omfs rotations and 4 Months. J200: journalism and Mass Communications - week. News in Preliterate societies. News of the day.

  4. Students practice posture, eye contact, gestures, and voice. Presentation, example Essay security Plus, notes. Essay example goffman, The Presentation of Self in everyday life, 1-4 When two. the graphical presentation on the stand, the field notes and the oral presentation as well as the respect for the social conventions. Please mark abstract for oral (or poster) presentation in the note form or e-mail to for confirmation.

  5. presentation, skills, oral, presentation. Milind malshe professor department of humanities amp; social sciences iit-bombay. Description of the different types of presentation : oral, presentationeach, rN/RS/JS session will have the duration of 1,5 hrs. audit of Asymptomatic Screening in uk genitourinary medicine Clinics: Case notes audit. Joint Bhiva/Bashh Conference, manchester, 2010. The best esl oral presentation activities topics!

  6. Making Sense out of Information in your. Notes to Increase Understanding By: Alicia. Mitchell rscc community college. Oral presentation of scientific research article/paper. Designed, written and presented by: saeed zarein-dolab phd e-mail: sdolab@.

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