Presentation in flash player

presentation in flash player

Flash, cS4 and earlier security updates

Duration, returns the total time duration of the active video, in seconds. Notice: any other term queried through this function will return an error message. The return value of getValue is an array of two elements. The first element is a boolean value indicating if the function has been executed successfully; the second element will be the result of query or an error message. Notice: the parameter passed to the getValue function is an array, even when it only has one element. It is an anticipation of future versions where the video player will have more functionalities. SendAction The sendAction function executes actions over the video player from a code external to the player itself.

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The external interface pdf of tsvideo is enquired with javascript code executed on the web page where the video player is inserted. The video player includes two functions that can be executed via javascript, getValue and sendAction, to obtain the information related to the video player and to execute actions over the video player, respectively. GetValue the getValue function, accesible from the code external to the video player, allows to obtain information about the video player. It can be general information, or specific data of the video file being played. GetValue accepts as parameter an array that includes the term to be queried. The possible terms are: status, the actual player's status: loading, playing, paused, stopped. Volume, gets the volume of video player. Playing, returns the url of the active video. Caption, returns the url of the subtitle file associated to the active video. Elapsed, returns the time in seconds that has lapsed since the video started playing.

The repeat parameter can have any of write the values: 0 if the videos are not repeated; 1 if the active video should be played over and over again; 2 if the entire playlist is played over and over again. Screencolor, defines the color of the background behind the video. The acceptable values are: transparent (screen is not shown or a valid color code in the format rrggbb. Tone, introduces a code in the format rrggbb; it changes the color of tsvideo controls. Alpha, accepts an integer value between 0 and 100. This variable in combination with the tone parameter, defines the color of controls. The alpha value determine the color intensity to use. Load, it is the most important parameter and contain the url of video to be player, or the url of the playlist. This url must be relative to the webpage where the player is inserted or an absolute url (http.) go to submenu describing the external interface of tsvideo through the external interface of the tsvideo player, is possible to obtain information about the video player,.

presentation in flash player

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The next button allows to select following video in the year playlist. Volumecontrols, determines the visibility of volume controls. Both the mute button and the volume bar are included in the "Volume controls". The option value can be 0. Autoplay, the video player should to start automatically the playback or wait for a user action. Volume, initiates the video player with a pre-set volume value. It can be any integer between 0 and 100. Repeat, determines whether the videos in the playlist are repeated.

If the control bar is hidden, all the controls are hidden too. Usually the control bar is set to "0" when a external interface of tsvideo is used. Playlistbutton, determines the visibility of playlist button. Accepts the values 0. Fullscreenbutton, determines the visibility of fullscreen button. Captionbutton, defines the visibility of subtitles button. Previousbutton, defines the visibility of previous button. The prevoius button allows to select a preceding video in the playlist. Nextbutton, determines the visibility of next button.

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presentation in flash player

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Xml file and in the xml folder. Xml file is the playlist used in demo. The playlist format is described in the "Playlist and Resources" system tab. Go to submenu configuring tsvideo the controls of tsvideo may be modified through the configuration's variables. These variables are passed to tsvideo via the flashvars attribute or as parameters in the video player's url. Example 1: Use of flashvars to define the configuration variables object id"videoplayer1" " codebase"bversion9,0,0,0" width"356" height"300" param name"movie" value"tsvideo/tsvideo.

Swf" / param name"quality" value"high" / param name"wmode" value"window" / param name"allowFullScreen" value"true" / param name"allowScriptAccess" value"always" / param name"swliveconnect" value"true" / param name"FlashVars" / embed name"videoplayer1" src"tsvideo/tsvideo. Swf" quality"high" wmode"window" allowfullscreen"true" allowscriptaccess"always" swliveconnect"true" width"356" height"300" /embed /object Example 2: Use of the url of video player to define the configuration variables object id"videoplayer1" " codebase"bversion9,0,0,0" width"356" height"300" param name"movie" value"tsvideo/tsvideo. param name"quality" value"high" / param name"wmode" value"window" / param name"allowFullScreen" value"true" / param name"allowScriptAccess" value"always" / param name"swliveconnect" value"true" / embed name"videoplayer1" src"tsvideo/tsvideo. quality"high" wmode"window" allowfullscreen"true" allowscriptaccess"always" swliveconnect"true" width"356" height"300" /embed /object The configuration variables are described below: controlbar, which determines whether the control bar is shown or not. Possible values 1.

In this case the ac_RunActivecontent. Js file must be uploaded to the web server too. Go to submenu Using tsvideo directly without Dreamweaver to insert the video player manually in the website require a little more of work, but following the next instructions the process is facilitates: 1 Unzip the distribution package and upload the content of directory "Samples". In our tutorial the directory content was uploaded to the "tsvideo" folder in the root of website, if you are using another location, the paths of files must be corrected. 2 Copy the piece of code below and paste it into the web page.

Get code object " codebase"bversion9,0,0,0" width"356" height"300" id"tsvideo" align"middle" param name"allowScriptAccess" value"always" / param name"allowFullScreen" value"true" / param name"movie" value"tsvideo/tsvideo. Swf" / param name"quality" value"high" / param name"bgcolor" value ffffff" / param name"flashvars" embed src"tsvideo/tsvideo. Swf" quality"high" bgcolor ffffff" width"356" height"300" name"tsvideo" align"middle" allowScriptAccess"always" allowFullScreen"true" / /object 3 Adjust the video player through the wide number of configuration variables. Tsplayer is a versatile product, modifying the configuration variables it can be adapted to all websites design and situations. If you need aditional assistance configuring the video player, then read the next epigraph. 4 Create your own playlist modifying the xspf.

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Alpha accepts an integer between 0 and 100. Alpha, accepts integer between 0 and 100. After complete the tsvideo setup, press the ok button. The insertion process generates a new folder titled "tsvideo" in the website's root. The "tsvideo" directory includes: the tsvideo. Swf plan file and the playlist. Xml file(in xspf format). Notice: Depending Dreamweaver's configuration, the object tag is inserted through a wrapper in javascript code.

presentation in flash player

Volume (1.100 option to set the initial value for the player's volume. Autoplay, defines whether the first playlist unilever video should be played automatically once the player is loaded. Repeat, tells the video player to either: repeat the same video over and over again, value 1, or to repeat the whole playlist over and over, value. Value 0 tells the player to stop and await for user's action once the playlist is completed. Screen color, accepts values: "transparent" or a valid color code in rrggbb format. The background behind the video is shon in the selected color, or simply hides. Tone, accepts a valid color code in rrggbb format; it, combined with the configuration parameter alpha, is used to apply a color to the video player's controls.

defines whether to show the button that allows to switch the video player to full Screen mode. Notice: for display the video player in full mode the tsvideo must be inserted in a webpage and the attribute "allowFullScreen in the object tag, must be set to true. Show Caption Button, responsible to control the subtitles. Show Previous Item Button, this button allows to select (from the playlist) a video that precedes the one being played. Show Next Item Button, this button that allows to select (from the playlist) a video that follows the one being played. Show Volume control, defines whether the volume control elements will be shown. Both the volume bar and the mute button are considered "volume control elements.".

Then press the option menu: "Commands/Insert tsvideo" to display the insertion book setup. The interface (Fig.) is described below:. Button to add a new element in the playlist. Button to delete an element from the playlist. Shows the videos inserted in the playlist. The fields to enter for each element are: Title, title of the video in the playlist; Location, path of video file; Creator, the name of video's author; Information, url to a webpage with information associated to the video. It can be accessed through a button in the playlist elements; Associated Image, image associated to the video, it is shown as a thumbnail in the playlist elements; Caption, url to a file with the video's subtitles. Notice: From previous fields, only the location is mandatory. Button to edit a playlist item.

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Tsvideo may be inserted manually in the website or using a the Adobe Dreamweaver apple extension. The last way is the recommended because the process is very straightforward and intuitive. Insert tsvideo as an Dreamweaver extension. Using tsvideo directly without Dreamweaver, configuring tsvideo, describing the external interface of tsvideo. A javascript wrapper for tsvideo, tSVideo as an Adobe Dreamweaver extension. Tsvideo as Dreamweaver extension allows to the users the publication of videos in their pages with great facility and hardly any web development skills. First, open the page where the video player will be inserted, in Adobe Dreamweaver. Notice: the webpage must be previously saved and the website correctly defined.

Presentation in flash player
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  2. Flash Player software for your Windows, mac os, and Unix-based devices to enjoy stunning audio/video playback, and exciting gameplay. Flash plugin is not enabled or installed. Copyright 2017 deere company. Site map Privacy and Data.

  3. ComCoach Video tutorial, the, comCoachVideo tutorial is an online learning environment designed to help students improve their oral presentation skills. Tsvideo is a, flash based video player. This technology makes tsvideo a multi-platform video player, supported by the large majority of web browsers. Moyea official site offers mutiple software, such. Moyea, web, player for customize web player, moyea, sWF to video converter for converting swf, moyea, pPT to dvd ppt to video for buring ppt to dvd and converting ppt to video.

  4. Macromedia flash and saved as a shockwave file with. Swf extension, you can play the file in a powerPoint presentation. You add a, flash file to a presentation in PowerPoint 2010 and later by embedding or linking the file on a slide. Wink, a tutorial and presentation authoring software. If you have trouble playing a video, use this step-by-step guide to help troubleshoot. Adobe Flash Player playback issues.

  5. Adobe flash player is a lightweight browser plug-in and rich Internet application runtime that delivers consistent and engaging user experiences, stunning audio/video playback, and exciting gameplay. In a world where most digital experiences fall flat, the macromedia. Flash, platform offers something different. It's a lightweight, cross-platform runtime that can be used not just for rich media, but also for enterprise applications, communications, and mobile applications. No matter how it's used. If you have an animated graphic that was created by using Adobe.

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